Mark Ingram: Best is still ahead, and I can’t wait

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens
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Mark Ingram remains under contract to the Ravens for now, but he won’t return for the 2021 season. The running back knows his future is elsewhere.

Ingram tweeted what reads like a good-bye letter to Baltimore.

“Thank you Mr. Bisciotti and the Ravens for being a first class organization,” Ingram wrote. “I love the real ones in flock nation that supported me and showed luv! My blood brothers, whats understood Ain gotta be explained. Best is still ahead, cant wait! Watch God work. #GodWins #BigTrussForever”

Ingram played his final game for the Ravens in Week 17. He was a healthy scratch in both playoff games.

The Ravens can (and will) save $5 million in cap space by releasing him.

In 2020, Ingram had a career-low 72 carries and a career-low 299 rushing yards.

7 responses to “Mark Ingram: Best is still ahead, and I can’t wait

  1. I think I speak for everyone in Baltimore, we loved Ingram here. Sadly,
    It appeared his injury last year took his burst. This guy was fun to watch and seemed to be a great team mate.

  2. What do they need RBs for anyway? They need more people to block for Jackson.

  3. Feel bad for Mark. He was the engine of the Ravens in 2019. His pass catching might have helped the Ravens at Buffalo

  4. As it comes down to for most older rbs the numbers wont be in his favor wherever he goes. He likely will be a #2 rb at the beginning of the yr with a younger or rookie rb behind him at 3rd string who will play special teams. When/if that younger rb passes him on the depth chart he will go from #2 to inactive again because the new team will want their 3rd string to play special teams.

  5. Buffalo will probably sign him. He brings toughness and leadership to the locker room. The Ravens are actually doing him a solid by giving him the opportunity to sign with a team still in the playoffs for an opportunity to get that ring. Mark is one of my favorite players. He plays with passion and always has a positive contagious attitude. However, the rise of Dobbins and Gus, the bus made it a no-brainer to release him and re-allocate the $5 million to resigning Judon. Mark lost a step and his explosiveness was not there this year. I am sure he can still contribute on a team that lacks running back depth. I am looking at you Buffalo. It will be a great fit for him. I hope he gets that ring.

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