Nick Chubb plans to hold onto disappointment, using it as motivation for 2021

Divisional Round - Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs
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Browns running back Nick Chubb was in no mood to talk about his future or about the team’s success this season. He still was too upset with himself for dropping two passes early.

It was tough,’’ Chubb said Monday, via Mary Kay Cabot of “It didn’t go my way at all. I can only learn from it. It happened, and I’m just mad at myself because that’s something I worked so hard to improve on was catching the ball in the offseason and up until yesterday it’s been working for me. So I can only learn from it, get back to work and when the time comes again, be ready for it.’’

Chubb also lamented his two carries for minus-1 yard on the Browns’ final drive. Cleveland punted with 4:09 remaining after gaining only 12 yards following Karl Joseph‘s interception. They never got the ball back.

“Yeah, I am down,’’ said Chubb, who rushed for 69 yards on 13 carries. “But it’s just those close games when you lose like that, that hurt way more than when you get blown out and just knowing that one drive could’ve made a difference in us going home or playing next week, and just for me personally, I hold myself to a high standard of playing at a high level every game, and I didn’t do that yesterday. Had a couple of errors, so I’m down about that, too.’’

Chubb said he was taking coach Kevin Stefanski’s advice to sit with the disappointment for a while.

“That’s what I’m doing,’’ Chubb said. “I’m going to hold onto this feeling for awhile and get back to work later and see where we are.’’

Chubb finished the regular season with 1,067 yards despite missing four games with a sprained MCL. Heading into the final year of his rookie deal, Chubb is eligible for an extension.

12 responses to “Nick Chubb plans to hold onto disappointment, using it as motivation for 2021

  1. Chiefs fan here, glad to see small.l markets doing well. I like Chubb and Hunt a lot but I think CLE should trade one of them. It’s great to have two of the top backs in the league, and I suppose with Hunts issues he’s cheap, but I’d think you could get a 2nd rounder for Hunt or a 1st for Chubb. On top of losing one of them and gaining picks you let the other be “the man”.

  2. Should work on his skillsets. Audition year. Work hard now and get that big check from a fool later.

  3. Nick Chubb is a stud…..if the Colts hadn’t take Nelson, Leonard and Smith, I sure wish he would have been taken by the Colts!

  4. This guy is a professional inside and out, he just goes out and plays the game. You never see him taunt, argue with other players stretches his arm out to show he got a first down or spike the ball when he gets a touchdown. These type of players come along very rarely

  5. Nick is a no nonsense beast of a running back. He’ll be back next year better than ever.

  6. Nick Chubb is an absolute stud. The Browns probably wouldn’t have been playing this late in the season without him. This kid has more guts and courage than most of the players I’ve seen. I remember this youngster at Georgia. He was a freshman phenom. Then he blew out his knee. When he came back, he had lost some of his breakaway speed, but he had transformed himself into a tough between the tackles runner. Then, he kept working and started getting that speed back. Then he continued to work and seemed to get stronger and faster. Finally , he’s at the very top of the heap of all NFL backs. You don’t get to where he’s at without truly loving the game, and working your tail off. There are some really good RB’s in the league, but it would be tough to pass up Chubb if given the opportunity to take any RB. I have no doubt he’ll continue to work and continue to get better.

  7. Colts should have taken him instead of a perennial all pros? Chubb? I’d rather have Taylor by far. Chubb done in a couple years. Browns probably don’t even resign him.

  8. Nick Chubb is a great running back and flat out gets it that so many professional athletes don’t. The Great ones always use and focus on their failures and use it as motivation. Too bad he has a clueless Head Coach that would rather try to win with an average QB than use the elite RBs on the team. Frankly the Browns organization is and will always be a clownshow. Nick Chubb deserves better. Hopefully he stiffs them like they have stiffed him and failed him his 1st 3 seasons.

  9. Chubb will wear out just like all overused backs. He only had 18 yds in the first half, and that set the stage for having Faker pass more – a recipe for disaster. The Clowns will go 8-8 next yr.

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