Patrick Mahomes in concussion protocol, Chiefs will “just follow that”

Divisional Round - Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs
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When Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes left Sunday’s game, the team said he was being evaluated for a concussion and then said that he’d been ruled out for the rest of the game.

Head coach Andy Reid didn’t say Mahomes had a concussion when giving a brief update on the quarterback’s condition after the win over Cleveland, but he did confirm it when he spoke to reporters on Monday.

“He’s in the protocol, and we’ll just follow that and see how he does here in the next couple days,” Reid said, via Matt McMullen of the team’s website.

Reid noted that decisions about Mahomes’ practice availability will be made by the medical staff. Mahomes would have to make progress through the protocol to be cleared for limited practice and then get through that without any problems in order to take on a larger workload.

Mahomes also hurt his toe on Sunday, but Reid said he does not think that will be an obstacle to playing against the Bills. The concussion is a major one, though, and all eyes will be on Mahomes this week.

48 responses to “Patrick Mahomes in concussion protocol, Chiefs will “just follow that”

  1. He’ll play, whether he is ready or not. Andy Reid is not going into this game with his backup QB… mark it down.

  2. Hope he’s okay – he looked like he had no clue what was going on and could hardly stand when he got up.

    No need to be a doc to see he was rung up good.

  3. Reid has himself to blame as it was a stupid play call, 3rd and 1 and they have Mahomes run it. Use your RB or pass.

  4. i think andy will sit him if hes not right.
    they have his entire career ahead of him, i doubt they want to risk his future now.
    hope so anyway

  5. Chiefs fans are okay with Henne playing if Mahomes isn’t 100%. Henne doesn’t need to be Mahomes. He just needs to be better than Josh Allen, like he was in college: Henne 87 TDs/37 picks, Allen 44/21. And, Henne playing doesn’t make Hill slower or Chris Jones easier to block. And, in the first game against the Bills we rushed for 245 yards and outgained the Bills 466/206.

  6. I would be more worried about Mahomes following the Andrew Luck route in a few years -or less. He looked like a boxer trying to pick himself up off the canvas at the 8 count. A few of those episodes and you really start to think about the long term effects to your health.

  7. From the look in his eyes, I would think he is shut down for the season. Anything different tells me that the organization doesn’t care about his long-term health.

  8. “ Has any player with a concussion ever made it back in 1 week for a game?”. Yes. Josh Allen suffered a concussion against the Patriots in 2019 and played the next week against the Titans.

  9. Better start preparing for the draft now then Kansas. Not winning with Henne at qb.

  10. I’m surprised the question in the organization is whether he “could” play, rather than whether he “should.” Wait, no I’m not

  11. What, exactly, is the concussion protocol? Is it-we think you may have a concussion protocol? Are players evaluated by a neurologist, diagnosed, and then ruled out? I have no clue.

  12. Not up to Reid. Up to doctors who would be putting their asses on the line if he goes in when he still has symptoms.

    I bet he doesn’t play.

  13. Lots of commenters here are clueless how the concussion protocol works. It’s not up to Reid or the NFL Neurologists will determine if his brain is ready (enough) to play.

    For people saying if he’s back next week it’ll be rushed. Well, Josh Allen was knocked out cold last season and he played the following week, so no whining from Bills fans if it happens, please.

  14. “He’s in the protocol, and we’ll just follow that” said Reid.

    Of course you will. It’s out of your hands.

  15. The Chiefs by 3 line assumes Henne starts. If it’s Mahomes the line is Chiefs by 9 to match the recent Chiefs victory over the Bill’s, plus 7 because that game was in Buffalo while the AFC championship is in KC, so chiefs by 16. It’s common sense.

  16. It’s not up to any chiefs staff or nfl staff if he plays or not. The doctors evaluating him won’t put themselves in harms way to get him out there. A lot of guys have had concussions and have come back a week later. It’s not unusual. I don’t think Mahomes would be stupid enough to go out there and put himself at risk at 25. Even so, it’s not up to him.

  17. Bill’s only gaining 206 yards against the Chiefs in the first game seems, meager. Not sure what the minimum is. Any Broncos/Drew Lock fans here? A little help please.

  18. As a longtime Bills fan I can say I hope he is going to be ok. Football on Sunday would be much more fun if he plays whether we win or not. If the Bills are going to be the best, then we want to beat the best.

  19. Still can’t figure out how he was concussed. He didn’t hit his head on the ground or anywhere for that matter. Looked like he was choked out with the sleeper hold more than anything.

  20. Just sayin’… Saw a clip of Mahomes running thru the tunnel to the locker room after that hit, he didn’t look to be having any trouble, stumbling or anything. Is it really a concussion? Or is it “gamesmanship” pretending he has a concussion to make the Bills prepare for 2 QBs?

  21. I hope he’s back full strength. Allen was clocked last year and was out- back the next week. He doesn’t have a history of head injuries as far as I know, so hoping for the best. Allen/Mahomes full strength. -Bills fan

  22. Mahomes had a concussion in college, five years ago. Hopefully both teams will be at full strength and the winner goes the distance.

  23. If he does not clear protocol then the Chiefs will be in danger of losing, obviously.

  24. Like Tom Brady before him Mahomes is soft, and always looking around for an official when anyone has gotten near him. He wouldn’t last a game if he played football in the 1960’s – for that matter, neither would many other of today’s players.

  25. It looks like he was blacked out from the neck shot and not concussed. He should be good to go.

  26. Mahomes is not going to miss the AFCCG,even if he should. Watching him trying to get up after that hit was scary. I hope that he’s okay. When it’s 3rd and 1,hand the ball off. Don’t put him in that situation.

  27. a Marine frien said he watched the replays real close and could not see anything that would have caused a concussion. He thought Patrick got “carotid artery choked” when 51 was dragging him by his neck. They taught them these “blood chokes” in the Marines and it can make you pass out in about a second. He kinda thinks that’s what happened by looking at it several times and if that’s the case he’s fine to play.

  28. I don’t think that the NFL is crazy enough to push the neurologists to clear Mahomes for play if he’s not 100% able. What would happen if he’s not and the Buffalo defense gets to him and causes another concussion…?? Two of those in a week’s time can cut his career very short…I imagine the uproar if that’s the case , never mind the lawsuits…

  29. January 18, 2021 at 1:55 pm
    Chiefs fans are okay with Henne playing if Mahomes isn’t 100%. Henne doesn’t need to be Mahomes. He just needs to be better than Josh Allen, like he was in college: Henne 87 TDs/37 picks, Allen 44/21. And, Henne playing doesn’t make Hill slower or Chris Jones easier to block. And, in the first game against the Bills we rushed for 245 yards and outgained the Bills 466/206.

    Henne’s college stats vs Allen’s college stats are completely irrelevant

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