Ravens waive Robert Griffin III

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Robert Griffin III is no longer with the Ravens.

The Ravens announced today that Griffin has been waived. It’s not a particularly meaningful move, as Griffin was on injured reserve and was slated to become a free agent in March anyway.

But it does indicate that Griffin’s tenure in Baltimore has ended. The 2012 offensive rookie of the year with Washington, Griffin has been a backup for most of his career and spent the last three seasons in Baltimore.

The Ravens also signed 11 players to reserve/future deals, including quarterback Tyler Huntley, who replaced Lamar Jackson in Saturday’s playoff loss to the Bills.

Baltimore also signed LB Aaron Adeoye, DT Aaron Crawford, DT Braxton Hoyett, WR Jaylon Moore, LS Nick Moore, DE Chauncey Rivers, DB Nigel Warrior, DB Chris Westry, RB Ty'Son Williams and TE Eli Wolf to reserve/future deals. And the Ravens also waived defensive back Davontae Harris, wide receiver De’Anthony Harris (COVID opt-out) and defensive back Tramon Williams.

22 responses to “Ravens waive Robert Griffin III

  1. I’m a believer that he would fit into the Seahawks’ Offensive scheme well enough to be a backup to Russell Wilson. His recent injuries & IR status would keep me away, until clarification on his health was solidified, regardless.

  2. Is there an NFL player who flew higher and fell harder? Can’t think of one.

    Carson Wentz ??

  3. If not for Russell Wilson, the 2012 QB class would be the biggest bust since the classes of 1999 and 2006.

  4. He looked pretty bad when I saw him play just before he got injured.
    I’d rather have a developmental QB than RG3.

  5. Yes he was only a shell what he used to be,after Huntley showed a little spark I see maybe McSorley gone to. RG3 best day is by him he ought to think about hanging up his cleats and become a quarterback coach

  6. I remember like yesterday watching him his rookie year and having his way with us both games and thinking, crap we got to deal with him the next 12-15 years…

    Still hard to believe how far he fell after the injury, All things being equal and if he was his old healthy self I would take him over Jackson

  7. This only proves (as if we didn’t already know) that a great college QB doesn’t always make a great NFL QB.

  8. Once agin the best throwers end up going the furthest into the playoffs with one ultimately winning the Super Bowl. True Allen and Mahomes can run as well but both are primarily throwers.

  9. Although he was a diva for most of his time in Washington, I just can’t help but root for him now. Hope he finds another team and finds a way to stay healthy.

  10. It’s amazing i not extremely predictable that we sports-fans seem to forget this kid was deliberately and strategically placed in harms way by papa Shanny years ago, sacrificed to make the point about Captain Kirk – Shanny’s preferred boy . . . I know – we can’t talk about that, for some reason. . ..

  11. he was like lamar if lamar could throw a football….his only problem was those throws would be 10 yards off target

  12. RGIII’s arrogance and unwillingness to study and learn is the primary cause of his downfall. Instead of taking the time to learn the art and craft of being an NFL QB, he went over Coach Shanahan’s head and convinced Dan Snyder, easily one of the worst owners in the league, to order Shanahan to play RGIII. When he got hurt in that final game, the doctors cleared him when RGII lied to them and said he was all right. What was Shanahan to do, get a medical degree and do the examination himself? His clueless fan(s) aside, everyone else gets it. RGIII, in his 5th year still reads NFL defenses about as well as Ray Charles, and he is blind and deaf. When even Clueless Hue Jackson, Mr. 1-32, gives up on you as a starter, it’s over. Meanwhile on Shanahan’s coaching tree, Kubiak has won a SB ring, Sean McVay got the Rams to the SB, and Matt LeFleur is playing in the NFC championship game.

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