Reports: Ravens releasing Mark Ingram on Tuesday

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Ravens running back Mark Ingram broke his own news, though it was expected.

Ingram tweeted a good-bye letter to Baltimore minutes before multiple reports broke that the Ravens have informed the running back they are releasing him Tuesday.

Ingram played his final game for the Ravens in Week 17. He was a healthy scratch in both playoff games.

The Ravens save $5 million in cap space by releasing him.

In 2020, Ingram had a career-low 72 carries and a career-low 299 rushing yards.

Ingram, 31, has 7,324 rushing yards in 10 NFL seasons, eight with the Saints. He has 9,219 yards from scrimmage in his career and 72 total touchdowns.

32 responses to “Reports: Ravens releasing Mark Ingram on Tuesday

  1. Appreciate his contribution and the way he handled being demoted…now released. Good luck to Mark wherever he goes.

  2. If Ingram wants to continue playing, there could be a few suitors for his services. He averaged 4.9, 4.7, and 5.0 yards per carry in 2017,2018,and 2019. He also split carries for years and he has the heart of a champion not to mention a great personality! I may be in the minority but I think he could be another Gore, playing at least 3-4 more years with a small workload of course. Bigtrusss!

  3. Bon voyage Big Truss the Ravens should of had you active for the playoffs with all the experience you had thanks for the years

  4. He wasn’t as good as hoped when drafted, but he had a solid career. It should end now, in my opinion.

  5. The sad thing is, the Ravens never ran the backs enough. Jackson has the ball in his too much and tries to do too much.

  6. Ravens fans: do you really want to commit $30-40mm+ per year to Lamar? You’ve continued to make excuses for his inability to throw the ball, in particular blaming the O line and WRs and TEs and basically everyone else except the guy who can’t throw the ball to them. You have the #20 ranked offense. In the playoffs Lamar is 1-3 with more turnovers than TDs and an absymal QB rating.
    But, if you’re so convinced he’s the man, then spend the money… but what happens when you end up in salary cap dogdoo and can’t afford good O linemen or receivers or worse, you have to start shedding defensive talent? Defense has been what’s carried this team for years, not play at the QB position.
    Which road do you want to go down? You can’t pay Lamar and pay everyone else. Personally I’d trade Lamar and get a bunch of capital and rebuild the team. Yes, I know this will be an unpopular choice but as Lamar’s star continues to fade and the team moves more and more towards .500, you’ll look back at this and realize you had all the facts you needed to make the wise, objective, and unemotional decision. You will never win a Super Bowl with Lamar at QB.

  7. He is the ultimate pro for not getting upset over his lack of involvement this season especially after being a Pro Bowler the previous season.

  8. so is the life of every nfl running back. baltimore’s other two running backs play on special teams, ingram does not.

  9. Thanks for coming to Baltimore, Ingram! You were a great team leader and we loved having you – hoping for the all the best!

  10. Honest question: Does that mean that a team still in the playoffs that needs RB help, like the Bills since Moss is hurt, could sign him once he passes through waivers? I know the odds of it happening are low, but just want clarification on the rules. Thanks.

  11. While he continued to be a great influence in the locker room and with the younger players on the practice field, he had clearly lost a step this season. He should get another chance somewhere and could be effective as a 1-2 down back in a system. He handled his demotion with a lot of class which is refreshing in today’s world. Thanks for what you did in Baltimore Mark!

  12. This was no surprise given how well JK Dobbins played. Great teammate. I wish him well.

  13. That’s a shame, but you can’t pay your third or fourth best RB $5M even if he’s a great lockerroom guy. Appreciate what he added to this team.

  14. The ravens screwed him over. The Young guys really did not accomplish much compared to what message that sent to the team.

    The moves like that one did not happen in the past management and will have an impact on future free agents

  15. olfenite says:
    January 19, 2021 at 1:56 am
    Honest question: Does that mean that a team still in the playoffs that needs RB help, like the Bills since Moss is hurt, could sign him once he passes through waivers? I know the odds of it happening are low, but just want clarification on the rules. Thanks.

    That only works with practice squad players. If they were on the active roster then they cannot play for another team.

  16. Big Truss must actually mean you aren’t good enough to play here anymore.

    Big Truss Mark!

  17. For clarity: You can sign someone from an eliminated team if they’re on the practice squad and were used as a call-up. Ingram was on the active roster and cannot be signed by anyone from the final four.

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