Saints won 49 games in four years without reaching a Super Bowl

Divisional Round - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints
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The Saints have had a great run over the last four years. At least in the regular season.

But the contrast between the Saints’ regular-season success and their postseason lack of success has been noteworthy: The Saints have won 49 regular-season games in the last four years, the most wins in a four-year span by a team that failed to reach a Super Bowl, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

In 2017 the Saints went 11-5 but lost in the divisional round of the playoffs. In 2018 the Saints went 13-3 but lost in the NFC Championship Game. In 2019 the Saints went 13-3 but lost in the wild card round. And in 2020 the Saints went 12-4 but lost yesterday in the divisional round.

If Drew Brees is retiring, he’s retiring as a first ballot Hall of Famer and the greatest player in Saints franchise history. But he’s also retiring after having played in only one Super Bowl, and having won only five playoff games in 11 seasons after that Super Bowl. The Saints had plenty of success with Brees, but not as much postseason success as they would hope.

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  1. And some people want to put emphasis on being the one seed. Saints have lost at home three straight years in the postseason. Maybe if they stop losing games to inferior teams they can get a first round bye they need.

  2. Like I said before, these were wasted years. In the years Brees played great, his defense didn’t. And, in the games he didn’t play well, his defense did.

  3. Drew is certainly a HOF guy. No one doubts that.

    BUT – this exact article is why I struggle with the idea that Peyton is coaching elite or HOF.

    If Peyton is – then so is McCarthy and I don’t know many that are quick to say McCarthy belongs in Canton.

    Lots of wins, little SB to show for it with a HOF QB. Might even wonder/say – McCarthy went to more NFCCGs than Peyton…

  4. This really isn’t a “fair” evaluation of the Saints post season success or lack thereof considering the totally inexplicable missed PI call in 2019. No question that the Saints should’ve been playing in the Super Bowl that year.

  5. That’s called Karma…Sean Payton is the epitome of smug. I actually like Drew Brees and it sucked to see him go out like that…but I thoroughly enjoyed watching Payton fail again…

  6. 2 turnovers on Brees, 2 on Jared Cook. In addition to his fumble, on the sideline interception the ball went through and deflected off cook’s hands and possibly his helmet. A catchable pass. Thats on cook, not brees.

  7. This is always a dumb argument. Dan Marino is regarded by some as the best QB of all time, but he won 0 Super Bowls and never got back there after his 2nd season. Brees is a 1st ballot HOFer, period.

  8. Yesterday was on Brees. The other games weren’t so much. You have to wonder what keeps going wrong.

  9. Sean Payton is the Bobby Cox of the NFL…he’ll win a bunch of games for you in the regular season but forgets how to coach in the post season…

  10. The problem is that they did not have a good defense when brees was lighting it up 2010-2015, but now they have the defense, but Brees has not been himself the last 3 seasons. That razzle dazzle play they did yesterday with Winston was an awesome call, but that was it. The bucs were able to focus on Kamara since they were not afraid of Brees. Plus what happened to Michael Thomas?

  11. While it can be said that it’s a necessity to have a great QB to be top level team, it can not be said that its the only thing. Dan Marino was an unfortunate illustration of that as well.

  12. Of the four postseason losses, the only one that Brees played well enough to win was lost by the defense on the Diggs catch.

  13. As a Saint, Drew Brees averaged over 400 attempts per year for 15 years. Sean Payton did to Brees’ arm what Bum Phillips did to Earl Campbell’s legs.

  14. This article doesn’t consider the issues at hand. Brees hasn’t played like Brees in the last 3 seasons. This year not only was his arm strength diminished but his accuracy isn’t what it was. Brees played 3 years too long. His lack of size and his diminishing abilities was evident for all to see. And when the playoffs came they knew where to attack him. Straight up the middle. Brees was in his prime during those years that were squandered 2011-16. Too little too late. He never ha da legit defense even the year of the SB they led the league in takeaways but were still a 25 ranked defense.

  15. Being a Saint fan living in Tampa I saw the writing on the wall. I had been telling my co-workers that I feared playing the Bucs a third time. Tampa was having it all come together for them at the right time while the Saints seem to be going in a different direction after the loss to Philly. The Bucs were better prepared. Bree’s inability to get the ball upfield had nothing to do with his lack of arm strength, the Buc D took that away. Why did Michael Thomas have such a hard time getting separation? He became a non factor. The Saints 49 wins over the last 4 yrs and not getting back to the SB can be dissected over and over to search for the reasons why. Aside from how the team played in the post season you also have to consider some poor playcalling, and just sheer bad luck e.g. the worst non call in NFL history and a rookie whiffing on a tackle. Drew did everything he could to bring anothe SB to the city but he can’t do it by himself. You win and lose as a team. I’d gladly take another 4 years like we had than 4 years of losing seasons.

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