Sean McVay stops short of guaranteeing Jared Goff a roster spot in 2021


If you think that Rams coach Sean McVay’s recent comments about the starting quarterback job aren’t good for Jared Goff, it gets worse. Much worse.

Asked on Sunday whether McVay envisions any scenario in which Goff isn’t on the roster in 2021, McVay didn’t scoff or make a face or roll his eyes or question the sanity of the reporter or say that Goff absolutely will be on the roster and it’s ludicrous to even suggest otherwise. Instead, McVay answered the question in a way that legitimized the subject.

“[W]e’re in a situation that we’re in evaluation mode,” McVay said. “All those things are things that we’re moving forward, we’re looking forward. I can’t answer any of those questions until, like I said, I take a step back and evaluate everything that is in the best interest of the Rams.”

Imagine Matt LaFleur getting that question about Aaron Rodgers, or Andy Reid getting it about Patrick Mahomes. Imagine John Harbaugh getting that question about Lamar Jackson, or Sean McDermott getting it about Josh Allen.

Goff’s best argument for remaining on the team isn’t his skill level but his cap situation. It will be very difficult if not impossible to trade Goff, primarily because there’s no other team that will clamor to absorb the player or his contract. Cutting Goff would cripple the Rams. At this point, their only way out would be a Brock Osweiler-style hot potato trade, where the Rams send someone a draft pick or two to take Goff’s remaining fully guaranteed compensation ($43.25 million) off the Rams’ books.

Two years ago, before the Rams gave Goff a market-value contract, I raised the question of whether the Rams should instead look for someone else. The argument was dismissed by some, and the Rams eventually forked over huge money for Goff.

Fast forward to McVay’s latest comments. Does he sound like a guy who is happy to have his hands tied by Goff’s massive contract? Or does he sound like someone who wishes he’d done what the Rams also should have done with running back Todd Gurley: Let the player finish his rookie contract and his option year, and then move on.

35 responses to “Sean McVay stops short of guaranteeing Jared Goff a roster spot in 2021

  1. John Harbaugh should answer it the same way on Lamar Jackson before offering him his 2nd contract.

  2. They need a good run game again. Goff looks like a backup that hasn’t run with the first team. I’d tell him it is open competition next year. Gotta keep it in house though. Now his fragile ego is going to want out. To many guarantees given to many of these young ultra paid QBs.

  3. In other words, we owe the guy about 100 million and we just don’t know what the hell we are going to do.

  4. If we look at the quarterbacks left in the playoffs it proves one thing you need a franchise quarterback to win in this league! Goff seems like a nice kid but like just like Tannehill, Bridgewater and Cousins you are not going to win the big game with a good game manager type QB anymore. Sure once in a while you will get a Nick Foles but I wouldn’t count on that with the likes of players like Mahomes around!

  5. Pause for a second. You write “imagine Matt LaFleur getting that question about Aaron Rodgers”…well, we don’t have to imagine it, as that has been happening since late April when the Packers spent a FIRST ROUND PICK on a QB, a pick that offers no return on investment (barring a lucky trade with a big return, unlikely if the young QB has no chance to play and prove himself) other than to replace Rodgers sooner or later. And therein lies why we shouldn’t read too much into these words of McVay’s: as this is a league in which wise teams are always looking ahead and taking little for granted, and franchise icons who have yet to noticeably fall off have their potential successors brought on, anything can happen and all is in play. The more a coach or GM rolls eyes at even the consideration of a move that is unlikely, the more likely that coach or GM is underthinking some angles and will eventually be caught unprepared. We just saw a fairly young head coach dismissed only three full seasons after bringing in a championship, after all.

  6. Don’t do what the Bears did and pay Jay Cutler like $100 million to produce nothing but that dopey look on his face.

  7. Goff at 1 and Wentz at 2 are sure making the top of that 2016 draft look great right about now, no?

  8. McVay is botching this big time – just apply the coach speak. “Yes, Jared is our QB next year and the foreseeable future”. Then have your little evaluations behind closed doors.

    Now you’re driving a wedge between yourself and the high paid QB WHILE ALSO devaluing him as an asset. Why would the Texans be willing to trade you Watson if youre openly trashing your $35m QB?

  9. Goff is one of those QBs you keep until something better comes along. Off season is just starting so what is the rush on proclamations? He isn’t going anywhere and they probably won’t find anyone better.

  10. You all forget how great he looked for a couple years. Every team would have extended him.

  11. Umm, somebody please explain to Boy Genius how the salary cap works. Your stuck for now, like it or not! You don’t have to play him but he will be, and I repeat, will be on the roster, period.
    Your best bet is to start keeping all your draft choices, building a better roster and then in 2 or 3 years get rid of him and what’s left of his contract. Unfortunately, about then you will have the big part of Donald and Ramsey’s contracts coming due.
    Welcome to the QB controversy you have created.

  12. News Flash. News Flash. News Flash

    Patriots and Rams have the exact same record since 2017.

    Rams probably would have won the super bowl if cooper Cupp played in the game.

  13. Made it to the playoffs. Played with recently surgically repaired broken finger. He did what he could to help his team. He isn’t a bum QB & when extended, had a high ceiling. Off year; sure…but he has the ability to come back next year & perform at a high level.

    I’m hoping most of you are right. That he isn’t going to ever be that SB QB, again. That the Rams will need to start over. That the Rams can’t win the Division with a top Defensive Unit & Goff. I just don’t think that you all are right.

  14. My guess is, there are about 16 Teams in the NFL that would LOVE to have Jared Goff as their QB of the future! Otherwise, they can all keep their Mark Glennon’s!

  15. Goff is a winner. Get him some help. He’s proved he’s not too small for the playoffs multiple times now which is more than you can say for alot of NFL qbs. He’d also have a $65million dead cap number next year. McVay is just trying to motivate

  16. One other point worth noting, of ALL the QB’s taken in the last 10 drafts, something like 5 of them have end up being All Pro…..Approximately 108 taken, five ultra successful. Just saying…grass isn’t always greener on the other side!

  17. In a sport with unguaranteed contracts, why would anyone guarantee any player a spot on the roster? Who knows what will happen in the next few months. His money is high, but if you could trade him before June 1st, you could save 12 million in cap space. Easier said than done, of course, since there are a lot of interesting names on the QB trade market (Wentz, Watson), but not out of the question.

  18. why do these teams give these QB’s big money before they prove they can play and win big games in the NFL…unreal….bad General managers!

  19. Who knows, maybe McVay figures that if doesn’t over-hype Goff and makes it sounds like he is open to other options that it will motivate Goff to work a bit harder? Everyone talked about the negative message that Green Bay sent to Rogers by drafting Love. Rogers’ response was to have a monster year and now they are hosting the NFC Championship. Maybe McVay is hoping for the same sort of thing with Goff.

  20. Just like with Wentz and Pederson, something else is going on here. McVey has seemed to be outright mad at Goff this year. Maybe he’s tired of having training wheels on him as was often cited to his success when they first got together when he makes so much money, but it’s becoming a situation.

  21. Note to fans, McVay held the team hostage and demanded that they sign Goff to this extension. Looks like he’s having second thoughts now.

  22. Next summer expect a QB competition between Goff and Wolford. That’s what McVay just set up.

  23. When they signed Goff to that contract, his elevator was rising. It was thought better to sign him now or wait and he’ll cost more money later. They didn’t expect him to regress back to Jeff Fisher level play.

  24. Can someone, anyone, give me one single attribute that indicated Goff should be anywhere close to the #1 overall pick? I can understand a team getting hoodwinked by a JaMarcus Russell (physical specimen, ungodly arm) or a Mike Vick (crazy escapability and speed), etc. but there’s just nothing special about Goff at all.

  25. Here are some more facts….QB RTG for the Divisional Round: Goff came in at 105.9 behind only Rogers at 108.1 and Mahomes at 106.9 and Goff was throwing in 30 degree weather 2 weeks from a surgically repaired thumb on his throwing hand…He has over 40 wins and several road playoff wins, has been in the Super Bowl….unfortunately QB’s, franchise QB’s , don’t grow on trees…as far as his contract goes, I think Philly set the market when they gave Wentz his deal…As someone who has watched every game he’s played, he has his issues but he’s plenty good enough…

  26. Do they currently have a QB on the roster that’s better then Goff ? I think the answer is no.

  27. The problem of the contract is not the money; its the duration. These five year deals pretty much do not allow you to cut a QB that is HIGHLY paid before the last year. Makes these deals two years and you are put of the problem quickly. Do not allow prorating bonus money beyond the contract either. The Pats salary cap still had Brady money on it this year even though his contract finished last year. If Brees retires the Saints have a problem too.

  28. Goff was a disaster before McVay. McVay crafted an offense for Goff to be successful. I know Fisher was on the main reasons Goff, Keenum and Foles had horrible seasons as starters. Goff probably has a ceiling that has been reached. It’s not his fault the market for a QB that that throw more TD than INT is incredibly inflated. I think McVay can find another capable QB that is more efficient financially but I do not know if he will be better than JG. I mean NE got Newton for 4 million and that buys you 8 passing scores in 15 starts. Goff isn’t horrible, and of course it’s really hard to find an elite quarterback. It’s also hard to find a QB of Goff’s caliber. He like all non elite quarterbacks are over paid, but that tier between average and elite is difficult to scout also. I would take him on my team that game vs Seattle was a gutsy gutsy game by a QB. Goff is stuck in LA at the moment, but not for the foreseeable future. I am sure McVay will select his own guy to draft and see if he can win while that signal caller is on his rookie contract.

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