Texans complete interviews with four head coaching candidates

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
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The Texans announced they have completed four interviews with head coaching candidates.

Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus, Ravens assistant head coach/receivers coach David Culley, Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier and Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy talked to the Texans as they search for a replacement for Bill O’Brien.

The Texans hired Nick Caserio to replace O’Brien as General Manager.

Panthers offensive coordinator Joe Brady, former Lions head coach Jim Caldwell and former Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis also are under consideration. Brandon Staley, who was on the Texans’ list, accepted the Chargers’ head coaching job Sunday.

Bieniemy has drawn the most attention because of Deshaun Watson‘s recommendation the team talk to the Chiefs’ assistant coach.

7 responses to “Texans complete interviews with four head coaching candidates

  1. Let Caserio hire who he wants. McNair is a idiot for asking a football player on his input regarding a General Manager and Head Coach. Most HC cant be GMs because they cannot be unbias, this is same with players. It’s not like Watson is a veteran. I would be spiteful and give him the Palmer treatment.

  2. As a completely neutral observer I think pairing Watson with Joe Brady would be a very interesting and deadly pairing. But after the chaotic reign of Bill O’Brien they might be better off going with a veteran coach like Leslie Frazier or the guy they should choose Jim Caldwell.

    Caldwell probably wouldn’t excite Watson (or the Texans fans) but he spent a lot of years working with Peyton Manning, and he’s an underrated Head Coach. He coached the Lions for 4 years and had a winning season in 3 of those seasons (the losing season was 7-9) and coached the team to the playoffs twice. In fact the Lions fired him after back to back 9-7 seasons and a 36-28 record overall because they wanted to “upgrade” with Matt Patricia.

  3. The Texans might be the worst run franchise in a league full of bad teams. If they had any intention at all to hire Bieniemy, it would be done by now. I don’t blame Watson at all for wanting out.

  4. Honestly I think as EB is concerned one of the problems is there are a lot of owners in this league that like to think they are the smartest person in the room when it comes to football, though obviously they are not. So essentially they are looking for GMs and coaches who are yes men. Or at least toe the line. Based on what I know about EB he tells it like it is, doesn’t care if you are the league MVP, the owner, someone as accomplished as Andy Reid. And thats why he is so loved and effective. Theres only a few owners in the league whose egos don’t get in the way and are happy to admit they don’t know much about football. They tend to be the franchises who are successful year after year…

  5. I guess the next step is for the Texans to ask Watson which candidate they are “allowed” to hire.

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