Will Patrick Mahomes play on Sunday?

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When the NFL first implemented specific procedures for allowing players with concussions to return to action more than a decade ago, a loose presumption emerged that a player who suffered a concussion would miss at least one game. Eventually, the presumption flipped, with most players making it back to action in the next game after suffering the head injury.

For Chiefs quarterback Patriots Mahomes, the question becomes whether he’ll receive appropriate clearance from an independent neurologist before Sunday night’s game against the Bills.

According to the NFL, 29 quarterbacks suffered concussions from 2015 through 2019. The median numbers of days missed by those 29 quarterbacks was seven.

“Keep in mind as doctors will say, if you’ve seen one concussion, you’ve seen one concussion,” the NFL added in its email to PFT. “Every case is different based on the severity and the person.”

Mahomes will be monitored and checked and either cleared, or not cleared, to practice and eventually to play by an independent neurologist. Beyond the concussion, Mahomes also struggled with a toe injury before exiting the game. So even if he’s able to play after the concussion, Mahomes could be impaired by the toe problem.

The injury reports generated on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will shed plenty of light on the question of whether Mahomes will be able to play. If he’s not, Chad Henne will get the assignment. Whoever plays will have to find a way to outduel Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

22 responses to “Will Patrick Mahomes play on Sunday?

  1. My hope is that Patrick Mahomes uses his head, so to speak. He needs to be upfront with the docs. His football-brain is more important than his arm. As a Chiefs fan, I’d prefer, while he is off the field, that he be enveloped in bubble wrap wearing a Col. Bleep helmet. With guys deploying futons around him should he stumble.

  2. Face of the NFL now. There is a different set of rules for him. He will be playing. No doubt.

  3. I hope Mahomes is able to play. 2 heavy weight fighters are going to go at it, I want no excuses.

  4. I’d say 90% of players who get a concussion don’t play the following week. With how woozy he was I’d say there is little chance he would normally play, but in this situation I wouldn’t be surprised if he does — whether he should or not.

  5. It has been reported that Mahomes has already passed concussion protocol. He has a nerve problem.

  6. I saw several players with way less of obvious symptoms miss at least one week. On tv you could tell he was doneski. But it is the NFL and they didn’t get their wish of Brees. I think it is Henne.

  7. Josh Allen got a concussion last year against the Pats and played the next week. And that hit was a lot more violent.

  8. I hope he plays, but he also better be able to take a hit. This will be a physical game.

  9. If I had to bet on it I’d say he got the wind knocked out of him or something. I just didn’t see a hit to his head and he seemed fine after that initial dizziness.

  10. Please let me know as soon as possible. If Henne is playing the jills will only get beat by 21. If Mahommes is playing my bet will have a much bigger payoff.

  11. Money has changed hands; Promises & vows of silence have been made.
    Mahomes will be playing Sunday.

  12. Cody – please keep posting your track record of inaccuracy is astonishing. Watch this weekend – thats what 2 real good QB’s look like, I know you don’t see a lot of that

  13. Hopefully he is healthy enough to play so we can see the two best young QB’s go at it. I am a Bills fan and I would rather lose by 30 to Mahomes than 3 to Henne. Let’s see these two go out and sling it

  14. Agreed. While obviously we have a much better chance to win against Henne. I’d rather go against Mahomes and see what we got. These are the best 2 teams in the AFC so let’s get to it.

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