Arthur Smith will call offensive plays for Falcons


Arthur Smith’s work calling offensive plays for the Titans helped him land a head coaching job with the Falcons and he’s not going to hand that responsibility to somebody else in Atlanta.

Smith said at his introductory press conference on Tuesday that he is going to call the Falcons’ offensive plays during the 2021 season. He noted that others have done it at a “high level” and that he does not think that will interfere with his ability to coach the entire team.

Smith made a lot of references to adaptability during the press conference and that he won’t just import the scheme the Titans were running to this offense.

In an interview before the press conference, Smith said that the offense will cater to quarterback Matt Ryan‘s strengths. The overall look of the new offense will also be impacted by offseason moves that will leave Smith with a different roster than the one he has to work with right now.