How are Patriots fans feeling about Tom Brady’s success?


Tom Brady didn’t leave the Patriots for a division rival but for a team in the other conference. A team that the Patriots play once ever four years. A team that currently is making a Super Bowl run in a season that didn’t result in New England qualifying for the playoffs.

So what do Patriots fans think of Brady’s success with the Buccaneers? Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston joined Tuesday’s PFT PM to discuss that and other topics.

As Curran explained it, the question hinges on whether a given fan has primary loyalty to Brady or to Patriots coach Bill Belichick. But here’s what’s undeniable: As Curran noted, Brady has won two playoff games without Belichick, and Belichick has only ever won one playoff game without Brady.

Curran also addressed where Belichick falls on a spectrum that has Belichick in a a TB12 jersey at one end and poking a pin into a Brady voodoo doll at the other.

Spoiler: Belichick is far closer to witch doctor than fanboy.

51 responses to “How are Patriots fans feeling about Tom Brady’s success?

  1. Tom E Curran has always been in the TB12 camp…Tom Brady Sr has Curran on speed dial…Curran’s loyalty lies with the Brady Family and as such, he speaks for himself and not the New England fanbase..

  2. not only am I happy for Tom but I know that if Belichick were the coach of Tampa That team would go undefeated next year! Best Combo ever!

  3. Without Tom, Belichick is playing checkers like everyone else, go figure

  4. All of us honest patriots fans are rooting for Tommy and gronk. I WONT root for Arians though. When it’s good, it’s good, when it’s bad. He’s throwing you under a bus.

    Since I’m married to a Chicagoan and my wife is a bears fan, it’s evident who she’s rooting for this weekend…even if we had not been married 😂

  5. Belichick is still a great coach. Brady went to team who was only not making the playoffs because their QB was turning it over 20+ times each year. Bucs have tremendous playmakers on offense and a great defense. Brady was smart in where he went. He didn’t go to the Jets and take them to the AFC Championship game, he went to a loaded team.
    You can’t take this season and say Belichick was only successful because of Brady.

  6. Seeing Tom’s interaction with Drew Brees and his family after the game, that gesture was an act out of genuine respect and was one of the finest examples of friendship I’ve ever seen between two sports legends. Tom throwing the football to Drew’s son in the end zone for a TD should be a sports highlight for years to come.

  7. Curran may think he knows what Belichick’s opinion is, but I doubt he actually does. He’s also wrong to act as if a Patriots fan can be “loyal” only to Belichick or Brady. I’m a Patriots fan who thinks Belichick is a great coach and that the Patriots will be back, but I’m happy for Brady.

    Football is a business for players just as much as it is for coaches, so I don’t hold it against Brady for deciding that after two decades and with only a couple/few years left in his career he wanted to leave the Patriots and go to a team with more weapons. It’s rejuvenated him and allowed him to change up his game. With the Patriots done for the season, at my house we’re cheering for the Bucs to go all the way.

  8. Just my 2-cents. I grew up in the Boston area and I’m a lifetime fan, even though during much of my life I jokingly referred to them as the Patsies. I’m not sure what was harder to see this year, the bad play of the Pats or Brady in pewter in red. But I’ll always be a Tom Brady fan. And anyone who became a Colorado Avalanche fan for a year and a half to watch Ray Bourque win a cup understands just how I feel.

  9. Tom deserves to get what he wants. He needed receivers, the Patriots didn’t have any. So he left. The Patriots were in reload mode and didn’t mind him leaving. That’s ok. Tom is ok. IT’S ALL OK. Our year in the dumpster fire is done. The team will rebuild and move forward. I suspect TB will lose in GB but it would be great if they could beat KC in the SB in TB. I’d be happy for TB12.

  10. Belichick is a great coach, but he’s no different than Bill Walsh or any other successful coach that had a HOF QB. we call guys geniuses and GOATS, but their QBs were the reason they won Super Bowls. Just like Mike Shanahan, Jimmy Johnson or Chuck Noll. Bill Walsh was a great coach even when his team finished 2-14. Belichick didn’t suddenly forget how to coach. Bruce Arians didn’t just figure out how to coach. Andy Reid didn’t get smarter when he drafted Mahomes. The only coach I’ve ever seen that was an exception is Joe Gibbs. He won 3 Super Bowls with three different QBs, and none of them are HOFers. Most great coaches won everything with a HOFer. I watch a guy like Sean McDermott. He’s a great coach. As Josh Allen matures into one of the top QBs, McDermott is starting to get recognized, but he’s always been a great coach. So we don’t need to start pulling the curtain back on Bill Belichick. Just think of him like the jockey who rode Secretariat to the triple crown. I mean, he could have steered the horse into the rail.

  11. If Brady wins the SB with Tampa will the front runner pats fans throw a parade like they did when Ray Bourke won the Stanley Cup with Colorado?

  12. I’ll tell you how I’m feeling. Thanks Bill. Thanks for letting the greatest football player who ever lived walk out the door. All he wanted was an extra year in his deal and some decent help around him. Put some decent help around him and the dude can still ball. How bad would he have been at 44 Bill ? My God. The dude took below market his entire career. Played hurt often times. The best leader the game has ever seen. Covered up for bad roster decisions YOU made. Made you the most successful coach in the history of the game. Let’s see how well you do without him. Now We’ve seen what he’s capable of without YOU.

  13. I lived in New England for approx 9 years before COVID encouraged relocating. I was fully aware I lived in a sports mecca so I hardly ever watched a Patriots game alone. I realize it’s just a fun conversation between friends, but its not either / or for anyone I ever met. Pats fans knew it was on borrowed time the last few years and knew there would be down years following the run. No Pat’s playoffs probably makes it even easier. Patd Nation is cheering on Tom for everything he did for us

  14. As an NFL Fan, I’m happy to be right that it was mostly Brady. Belichick is a great coach for sure. But you still need players to win. Tom Brady has always been 100% class, even as the NFL smeared him for a fraudulent Deflategate circus.

  15. I’m wicked happy for Tom…. wish him all the success in the world….
    Always great fun for all he’s brought to New England…. AWESOME MEMORIES!!!!

  16. I obviously have no dog in this fight, but KC fans have never had a QB/Coach combo of that stature until now. It’s all how you leave I’d think. Go to another team outside of the division? Understandable. When Gonzalez left I understood where he was coming from. Sucks he didn’t get his ring, but he at least had a chance to have some post season success.

    Neil Smith going to the broncos to chase (and get) said ring? That’s about as Brutus as it gets. GB wasn’t to thrilled with Favre for vja last few years, despite all he’s done while playing for them.

    Basically, show a little respect and stay out of each other’s way.

  17. The fact Tampa has gotten to the championship game just shows how even a terrible coach like Arians can be made to look good by a player of Brady’s caliber.

  18. Rooting for Tom. I don’t think he’s gotten enough credit throughout his career and this season has opened a lot of eyes to his greatness. Hard to use the “system quarterback” argument after this season. Also this “stacked” bucs team was 7-9 last season so don’t give me that crappy excuse.

  19. Seeing Tom’s interaction with Drew Brees and his family after the game, that gesture was an act out of genuine respect and was one of the finest examples of friendship I’ve ever seen between two sports legends. Tom throwing the football to Drew’s son in the end zone for a TD should be a sports highlight for years to come.


    Brady is only a good sport when he wins. If he loses he pouts and doesn’t always congratulate the other QB.

    But I do wonder if Brady will be still playing and throwing passes to Brees son someday.

  20. Brady, now obviously the talent of this duo in their past success, is still continuing success while BB was out of playoff contention early in the season!

  21. There will be a lot of “free agent fans” when Brady retires and the Pats are back to being a sad franchise.

  22. I still love Brady,always will. I’ll be happy for him if he gets another ring. I’m ticked at Belichick for driving him out of NE,but I will always be a Patriots fan through the good,the bad,and the ugly. It’s both amazing and painful to see that Brady still has it at 43,but he’s a Buc. Ouch.

  23. After this season it is becoming apparent who the biggest driving force in the Patriots dynasty was. Belichick gets credit too but I doubt he wins more than one or two super bowls over a 20 year period without Brady. There isn’t a QB that is more clutch in the Playoffs especially at the end of the game.

  24. For those who think Belichick isn’t ticked about Brady’s success while he had the worst possible situation with Covid & Offense problems, you should know that BB’s girlfriend Linda Holliday threw some shade at Brady in a post in response to someone saying that Bill shouldn’t have let Tom go. Linda posted that “Tom didn’t score last night the defense won the game’.

    Defense did play lights out but Tom not only scored on a QB sneak but he also threw for 2 TDs

  25. As a longtime Pats fan, he has brought me countless celebrations. It’s ludicrous to think I am not rooting for him to add #7.
    A surprising amount of people really don’t understand the true significance of the salary cap. Pats this year will be like the Saints and Eagles next year. All of them have been pushing money forward for years. It always comes due.

  26. Bucs were 1-5 against teams with a winning record this year and then played a 7-9 Washington and a beat up Saints team with Drew Brees less than 100% and missing Tysom Hill and L. Murray. Lets see what happens this weekend…

  27. Ole Tom can still play for sure and good luck to him going forward. I honestly think he truly enjoys just playing. I see so many saying, they are tired of him and hope he just goes away. Quit hating. Most are hating because he probably whooped your team just like he whooped mine.

  28. Couldn’t be happier for him and Gronk. They are free and happy and after so many dark years having one or two championships would have been plenty. Brady brought us six.

  29. how can I be mad at a 43 yr old guy that wants to do his thing now?
    he was a key part of getting us 6 titles, so I’m not going to be an idiot, but Arians is a clown, an angry clown that holds his teams back more than he helps them
    if they win it,it will be despite Arians not because of

  30. gftirebiter says:
    January 19, 2021 at 8:54 pm
    Seeing Tom’s interaction with Drew Brees and his family after the game, that gesture was an act out of genuine respect and was one of the finest examples of friendship I’ve ever seen between two sports legends. Tom throwing the football to Drew’s son in the end zone for a TD should be a sports highlight for years to come.

    Bills fan here, I love your comment and fully agree.
    Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing but demons from Tommy Boy. But that was a class act move all the way. I hope we get him in the Superbowl cause I got demons to exercise!!!

  31. Look at all these fraud patriot fans whistling through the graveyard saying they’re happy for Tom Brady. Yeah they’re not upset Belichick blew it and let him go at all.

  32. I am a Brady fan and I want to see him do well in any team. I do think the accomplishment of 6 wins in 9 Super Bowl appearances is the combination of Brady and Belichick, albeit with my slight personal bias towards Brady. But I still believe Belichick is a great coach.

    What’s satisfying about Brady going to Tampa, for me really, is to shut down the “system QB” haters. If a QB is so replaceable in a “system”, why would Belichick even bother to pay Brady quarterback money. He could’ve easily plug Jimmy Garoppolo into his system if it was so magical. This “system quarterback” narrative needed to stop.

  33. Tampas success ! The media makes it all about brady like he wins games alone. It’s sad Pat’s fans will always love the skinny humble brady but anyone who thinks he hasn’t changed over the years is blind.

  34. TB’s continued success is more proof that Deflategate was a hoax. That’s another reason why Pat’s fans are rooting for him.

  35. 50 year Pats fan. Most of us are happy, and rooting for him. Having said that, he wouldn’t have done as well with the Pats as he did with the Bucs this year. Who would you want to throw to, Mike Evans or N’Keal Harry?

  36. 49er fans were happy for Joe Montana at the Chiefs. I went to a concert with my sisters, instead of watching the concert, I stayed at the bar to watch Joe Montana play with the Chiefs.

  37. As a Pats fan since ’86 you can still root for Brady and be loyal to the coach/team. Brady’s clearly the GOAT as is Bill, frankly it’s not even close. Both can still be true no matter how much the media is trying to tell you it can’t be.

  38. Brady’s clearly the GOAT as is Bill,


    Brady didn’t need top paid WR; didn’t need top paid O-line; took paycut.

    An above average coach would have no problem putting a stable average talented WR group around such QB, even after spending so much on defense like Belichick did.

    BTW, even with so much spent on defense, Belichick’s defense is not SB contender without top 10 offense, in other word, a PAPER TIGER. 1986 Giants had top 10 offense, 1990 Giants offense played 39 minutes against 49ers in NFCCG; and 40 minutes against Bills in SB.

  39. I certainly get rooting for him. And it’s kind of funny – now that he is no longer w/ the Patriots, I don’t mind seeing him do well at all.

    But, he does have 6 rings. Rooting for him to get another seems like hoping a billionaire wins the lottery. Another ring would mean much more for Rodgers or Andy Reid. And it would certainly mean a LOT more to the Bills.

  40. I won’t claim to know what all Pat’s fans are thinking. I personally would love to see TB win another SB with Tampa, just to shut up the “System QB”, “Bad Division”, “Cheater” BSers. Belicheck is still a great coach, but you cannot win in the NFL without a good QB. The Colts made the playoffs with a washed up Rivers because he is still a good QB. Better then most in the league.

  41. I’m a Pats fan and I’m happy Brady is doing well. I don’t see him beating the Packers, but I wish him well.

  42. 8 Rate This
    unbreakable02215021217 says:
    January 19, 2021 at 9:21 pm
    I’ll tell you how I’m feeling. Thanks Bill. Thanks for letting the greatest football player who ever lived walk out the door. All he wanted was an extra year in his deal and some decent help around him. Put some decent help around him and the dude can still ball.

    You seem to have forgotten last Spring the Patriots were in salary cap hell. They had no money to sign free agents. Why do you think they only paid Can like a million? They didn’t get salary cap relief until 8 players opted out.

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