Michael Thomas likely to have ankle ligament surgery

Wild Card Round - Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints
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Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas injured his ankle in the first week of the regular season and he may finally go for surgery to address the issue now that his season is over.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Thomas is likely to have surgery to repair a torn deltoid ligament and other ligament damage in the ankle. It’s not clear when a final decision will be made.

Thomas did not return until Week 9 after his initial injury and then missed the final three games of the regular season before returning for the team’s two playoff games. Thomas had five catches for 73 yards and a touchdown against the Bears, but got shut out in last Sunday’s loss to the Buccaneers.

Drew Brees has not made any official announcement yet about his future yet, but any Saints quarterback would benefit from having a healthy Thomas for the 2021 season.

2 responses to “Michael Thomas likely to have ankle ligament surgery

  1. Was this the initial ankle injury or due to trying to play after first damage? How long is recovery from surgical repair? Water under the bridge, but arouses curiosity of availability during
    the season if surgical repair would have been immediately after initial injury.

  2. Why did Sean Payton still have him in that game? The Saints were well in control and there were only a few minutes to go. They were just running out the clock on the Bucs when Thomas got his ankle rolled up on. First game of the season too, you’d think the Saints would want to keep him fresh for the other 15 games.

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