NFL had nine positive COVID-19 tests last week

Angeles World Airports onsite COVID-19 rapid testing facility
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With fewer teams still alive in the playoffs, the NFL has seen a drop in the number of COVID-19 tests being administered by teams each week.

That number dropped from 17,459 ahead of Wild Card weekend to 9,873 going into the divisional round of playoffs. The number of overall new positive tests dropped alongside that number.

The NFL and NFL Players Association announced that there were three positive tests for players for the second week in a row. There were also six positive tests for other team personnel. There had been 22 positives in that group the previous week.

With four teams left, the testing numbers will drop once again this week. If all goes well for the league, the same will be true of the positive results.

4 responses to “NFL had nine positive COVID-19 tests last week

  1. I think it is great to read about Covide new cases going down to 9. Are Teams not in the playoffs still testing players and employees? No? Oh, I get it.
    So 9 cases on 8 teams.
    What was the total number of cases on the 32 teams over the year?
    What was the average number of new cases per team per week?
    Next gen stats indeed.

  2. And if Apples are Green in June it is more than likely they will be Red in August or September

  3. Despite the media wanting to cancel the season, throughout the season, we move on. Good job reality, you won again!

  4. So where are all the “mark my words” guys guaranteeing that the season wouldn’t happen? Thought so…

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