Report: Eagles interested in interviewing John Fassel

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams
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The Eagles have cast a wide net in their coaching search and it may be getting wider.

Philadelphia is interested in interviewing Cowboys special teams coordinator John Fassel, according to a report from Marcus Hayes of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Fassel spent eight seasons as the Rams’ special teams coordinator under Jeff Fisher and Sean McVay before moving on to Dallas under Mike McCarthy in 2020. He served as Los Angeles’ interim head coach for the final three games of 2016, with the Rams going 0-3. He’s long been considered one of the league’s best special teams coordinators, coming up with creative fakes, returns, and blocks.

Fassel, 47, is the son of former Giants head coach Jim Fassel.

24 responses to “Report: Eagles interested in interviewing John Fassel

  1. Ummm that’s not a good move but I guess I doesn’t hurt to ask. Howie really is the one who has to go.

  2. Judge and Harbaugh were Special Teams Coordinators. Belichick was also. His dad was a HC. I would say he is worth an interview.

  3. The more I think about this, which I really don’t care that much about it, they already have their Head Coach picked. They are just sending out distraction interviews now to say they “thoroughly and thoughtfully went through the process of interviewing everybody to get the best fit for our football team.”

    Now if this interview is happening in Key West, I am going. If it is a Zoom call, I’m doing the interview while I am watching Netflix.

  4. Remember a couple years ago when this team lucked into a Super Bowl and almost everyone was calling them a “well run organization”? Lol!!

  5. The Eagles thought big name coaches like Lincoln Riley and Robert Saleh would be calling them begging to be hired. Instead it looks like nobody wants to be the next Doug Pederson and get fired a couple of years after winning the Super Bowl. Now they’re stuck talking to ST coordinators and Josh “I’ve almost interviewed with all 32 teams by now” McDaniels. Be careful what you wish for.

  6. I have it on good authority that for the right price Rich Kotite is available.

  7. cueghost says:
    January 19, 2021 at 11:51 am
    Remember a couple years ago when this team lucked into a Super Bowl and almost everyone was calling them a “well run organization”? Lol!!

    You don’t “luck” into a Super Bowl, especially by beating the Patriots with Belechik and Brady.

  8. I guess everyone looks better after interviewing New England’s McDaniels. Not unlike the effect George Costanza had when he drove women to lesbianism.

    GEORGE: “So … after me you … WENT THAT WAY.”
    SUSAN: “Yeah.”

  9. The NFL never gets tired of hiring family does it? How about giving others outside the circle a chance once in awhile?

  10. this is the guy who called the fake punt on a fourth and 10 from his own 24 yard line… in a four point game with over 12 minutes left in the game.

    if jeff lurie fires doug pederson to hire jr. fassell (or his father, who scapegoated sean payton) then he has lost me…..

  11. “You’ll be in cap hell. We have virtually no skill position players, our offensive line has fallen apart, and you have to start Carson Wentz”.

    Sounds like a great deal. Who could say no?

  12. I’m all for considering Special Teams coaches for the Head Coach position, but why don’t the Eagles interview their current Special Teams Coach, Dave Fipp, or a former Eagles Special Teams Coach, Dave Toub, who are two of the best in the business?

  13. Other than NFL coaching, is there any other field in the United States where nepotism is so widely and openly encouraged?

  14. SO they interviewed Dallas’ OC and now their STC, they may as well do that for the other two teams in the division as well to collect as much data as possible to the thinking of those guys since I honestly feel like none of them are the target… but really how can I know when it appears the Eagles don’t either.

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