Report: Jaguars hiring Trent Baalke as G.M.


The Jaguars did their General Manager hiring a little differently than other teams. The team hired is head coach first, before the G.M.

The Jaguars announced Urban Meyer as their head coach Thursday. They are nearing an announcement on their G.M.

NFL Media reports that Jacksonville has settled on Trent Baalke, giving him a promotion from director of player personnel.

Baalke joined the Jaguars in that role last February. He became interim G.M. when the team fired Dave Caldwell in November.

Baalke is a veteran of 20-plus years in the NFL. He spent 12 seasons with the 49ers, including six as the team’s General Manager.

The 49ers fired Baalke after the 2016 season.

San Francisco went 51-44-1 during Baalke’s time as G.M., with three consecutive NFC title game appearances and a Super Bowl appearance.

In 2011, Baalke earned NFL executive of the year, as selected by Pro Football Weekly and the Pro Football Writers of America, after helping transform a 6-10 team into a 13-3 team in his first season as G.M.

The 49ers produced 24 All-Pro selections and 35 Pro Bowl nods during Baalke’s time.

The Jaguars also interviewed former Browns General Manager Ray Farmer, former Giants General Manager Jerry Reese, ESPN analyst Louis Riddick and former Texans G.M. Rick Smith.

59 responses to “Report: Jaguars hiring Trent Baalke as G.M.

  1. How do you turn losers into winners? Draft Trevor Lawrence, then they’re all going to the HOF..

  2. Baalke is a horrible GM. I have no idea why anyone would ever him. He destroyed the Niners roster when he was here and drafts players coming off acl tears. Good luck, Jacksonville, he’s terrible.

  3. This guy single handedly ruined what could have been Andrew Luck’s generational hall of Fame career. Absolutely unbelievable that someone is still willing to give him a job in the league. Sorry Jags fans.

  4. This and the Eagles are gonna hire McDaniels, embrace the suck lololol

  5. Lol. Sweet. Sorry Lawrence. Good for my Colts. Now if we could get Houston to screw up more. And the titans should resign tannehill.

  6. He ran off Jim Harbaugh and replaced him with Jim Tomsula, then gutted the roster. After a single 8-8 season. Which followed 3 straight NFC Championship Game appearances and a Super Bowl appearance. Good Luck Jags, you will need it!

  7. Baalke’s last five or so 49ers drafts were horrendous.

    To the above poster, it was Grigson who ruined Andrew Luck.

  8. Y’all need to keep in mind what this hiring is all about. Urban is going to run the show here on all personnel. You don’t need to worry at all about who he is going to draft, because he won’t be doing that. This is likely much more about having someone to help manage team business, interacting with the unions, and the nfl, capp stuff etc etc. Now I’m not sure how I feel about Urban handling personnel but… another topic.

  9. Highly successful college coach who jumps around a lot makes leap to NFL to revive moribund franchise. Trent Baalke, who was already there as player personnel director, is promoted to GM.

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

    He doesn’t get to claim credit for Scot McCloughan’s work this time.

  10. Is this a Ohio State/Michigan rivalry thing going on? I wonder how Jim Harbaugh feel about this.

  11. I feel much more optimistic about Urban and Baalke then I would with Saleh and Douglas. Oh yeah how’s the 49ers do this year?

  12. Jags fans deserve better. Khan, Meyer, & Baalke, I’m speechless. How can one team be so clueless.

  13. Best remembered for running off Jim Harbaugh and driving a SB talent team into the ground. How does he keep getting jobs?

  14. Baalke’s predecessor Scott McCloughan drafted the core of those good 49er teams. Trent drafted the mess that followed. Why Jags why?

  15. My goodness Jacksonville must be committed to a legacy of failure…
    Baalke singlehandedly ruined the 49ers with his horrible drafts. Plus he somehow convinced Jed York that he was more important than having a good head coach. They couldn’t find anyone better than this retread??

  16. Whatever happened to Rick Smith? He just retire from Houston out of the blue? Bet they wish they had him now, guy is a solid GM.

  17. They get halfway across the river and the scorpion stings the frog directly in the back.

  18. Oh boy I remember him he was terrible for the 49ers. Thought they hired a GM before Meyer which would’ve been the proper way. Could have done much better after hiring Meyer

  19. Baalke the GM and Meyer the HC.

    I can only wonder what Jim Harbaugh has to say about all this??

  20. Meyer probably knew this already before the hire and agreed to take the job only if he stayed out of his way.

  21. “Settled on” is the right description of a Baalke hire. Him & Urban Meyer – I see 1-15 seasons back-to-back before they blow it all up again.

  22. LOL….of course they did. What else did you expect them to do? Of the four other guys they intereviewed Baalke was probably the tenth best guy they could have hired. I see many more 10-loss seasons in the Jags future until the clueless owners decides to clean house again and another incompetent GM. He just can’t help it.

  23. Our Jaguar fever was great while it lasted, all 18 days…from when the Jets beat the Browns until they hired Urban Meyer. What a great 18 days it was, let me tell ya.

  24. Deja vu! History repeats itself. Urban Meyer will go back to coach College as Harbaugh did. Jaguars will go on to rebuild again

  25. “Meyer is the real GM”
    That’s what Harbaugh thought too… and he took the 49ers to the Super Bowl. Baalke will not be able to sustain any measure of success.. sorry Jags fans… your owner took you two steps back,

  26. His last few years with Niners were full of dysfunction. Rumors and leaks caused so much problems. Once he left, we don’t hear of any leaks from the organization. This is the GM who would be on practice field trying to work with players. Advice to Meyer – run. – your years there will be wasted. Once the draft classes scouted/evaluated by Scot McCloughan had passed and there was no more McCloughan’s info left behind in SF, Baalke was left to scout/evaluate on his own and his drafts went south.

  27. niners816 says:
    January 19, 2021 at 8:07 pm
    Baalke is a horrible GM. I have no idea why anyone would ever him. He destroyed the Niners roster when he was here and drafts players coming off acl tears. Good luck, Jacksonville, he’s terrible.

    One thing Baalke has in his favor this time, there’s no way he can make the Jags any worse!

  28. Wow. Good job, Jags. Hire your GM after the rest of the league hired theirs. Welcome to sloppy seconds.

  29. Woof !

    This is bad… he was a Horrible GM in San Francisco…his drafts were notoriously bad.

    Its one thing to have busts because of Character (Alton Smith) or Injuries (many)…

    But he also had first round busts who flat out couldn’t play football. (A.J. Jenkins)..

    Thats even worse.

  30. That’s amazingly good news for any university seniors with blown up ACL. You are in luck for the next 2 years!

  31. Curious choice based on his resume especially with the Niners. Drama and a lot of unhappy players seem to follow in his wake with not a lot of wins to show for it.

  32. So Baalke couldn’t get along with Harbaugh but he’s going to get along with Meyer who’s at least but probably more uncompromising when it comes to the direction of their teams . Have a feeling Meyer will be googling a new mysterious illness by the end of the year that will force him to walk away for the third time .

  33. This guy ran the Niners into the ground. He consistently made the same mistakes in the draft year after year. This is a shocking hire and Meyer needs to watch his back.

  34. After what he did to the 49ers?? How is it possible he’s still even considered for front office positions?? The guy is HORRIBLE! I can’t believe how many teams hire these failed retreads over and over again and somehow expect different results. Hiring a college grad with literally no experience and zero football knowledge would’ve been a safer hire for the Jags.

  35. When I first heard about this one I thought, “Well he must have done pretty well in SF to get them to all those playoff wins and a Super Bowl appearance.” Then I began reading the comments. Geesh, now I’m wondering why they hired this guy. Hmmmm…. Clearly Meyer won’t put up with any crap from this guy and if Baalke is smart he’ll defer to whatever Meyer wants or it will be Baalke hitting the road real soon, not Meyer….

  36. Baalke was the beneficiary of Scot McGloughan’s draft selections (as were Schneider/Carroll). The only good Baalke draft was his first. The rest were mid-grade D-backs and ACL’s – none of whom worked out. He was the director of player personnel in Denver. How are they doing?

    Now he’s going to the Jags?!?!?


  37. I wonder if they’ll also hire Ryan Grigson and Matt Millen to their front office. They might as well after hiring Baalke. Then they can pick first in the draft for the next ten years.

  38. Urban’s health will never be able to handle this. He may have to take a leave of absence before even starting.

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