Would Deshaun Watson play for the Jets?


When trying to list the teams that should be interested in Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, it becomes easier to list the teams that shouldn’t be: Bills, Ravens, Chiefs, Packers, Seahawks, Chargers, Bengals.

The Jets should be interested. The New York Post recently suggested that possibility, with a back page blaring “WATEVER IT TAKES.” Watson’s official Instagram account clicked “like” on the image, prompting plenty of Jets fans to clamor for the team to trade for Watson.

A social-media “like” on an Instagram image instigating for Watson’s exit doesn’t mean that Watson wants to play for the Jets; it means he wants to play for another team than the Texans. If/when the Texans agree to try to trade Watson, Watson landing with the Jets is unlikely.

As Chris Simms’ pointed out on Tuesday’s PFT Live, Watson would have a great season with the Jets — and the Jets quite possibly would be 4-12. The team has too many other needs. The draft picks that would go to Houston to get the deal done would make it even harder to address those needs.

That’s the broader problem Watson will face, wherever he goes. If a team gives up a trio of first-round picks to get him, Watson’s new team will have three fewer first-round picks, making it harder to put a quality team around him.

Still, if the Texans decide to try to trade Watson, the best move becomes getting a list of the teams for which Watson would play (his no-trade clause gives him veto power) and then holding an auction for Watson’s contract.

There’s persistent talk in league circles that Watson wants to play for the Dolphins. Given that the Dolphins could send Houston’s first-round pick (third overall) back to the Texans as part of a trade, Miami could make the trade without undermining its ability to put a competitive team on the field.

So, basically, as Jets fans jostle for Watson to be traded from Houston, the bad news could be that he’s traded to a team the Jets play twice every year.

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  1. you have to add jacksonville to that list. cant give up trevor lawrence and other draft capital.

  2. As a long time Jets fan, I hope the Jets don’t trade for Watson. The Jets just got rid of one cry baby (J. Adams) we don’t need another whiny player.

  3. Imagine if the Packers brass let Rodgers pick his superiors?? At first he didnt like the Lafluer choice. Now look…match made in heaven.

    Its a real bad look for Watson sneaking around. Leaking tidbits. If you want out, be a man and put some thing real on the record. Be up front. He is handling this awful. Such a bad look for him. What other team would want him if he uses outside lip service to get what he wants. Smh.

  4. First round picks lower than about 15 are not as valuable as some might think. A lot of really good teams pick every year between 20 and 32. Where they really succeed is grabbing up the guys that should have been first round picks in rounds 2, 3, and even 4 or later.

  5. Under no circumstances can a QB start 16 games, lose 12 of them and have a great season.

  6. I’m a Broncos fan and would love to see Watson in Denver, but the more I think about it, the more Miami makes the most sense for both Watson and the Texans. Miami could offer Houston the 3rd and 18th pick in this draft plus a QB with a good pedigree and who has 4 years of cheap contracts left. That’s immediate help that the Texans could desperately use. And for Watson, and Miami, it allows them to rip off the bandaid immediately, leaving them picks this year and all future first round picks intact.

  7. Why would the Texans trade Deshaun Watson? He’s the face of the franchise. If they did, the fans would revolt and invade the Texans’ front office like it’s the Capitol building. The team can and must find a way to make things right with Deshaun.

  8. There’s another possibility, and that’s a team that is in a situation similar to what Tampa was in. Solid pieces, some cap space, and a glaring hole at QB.

    If you think your team has the pieces and a three year window, it *can* make sense to trade for Watson, if you think he’s that quarterback.

  9. Texans can tell Watson which teams are offering the best compensation, if he doesn’t like it, too bad. He is the one who signed the contract, no one forced him too. It’s not like the Texans had great leadership in the front office then.

  10. While Deshaun is way better than Tua, and likely will be, they’d be lucky to salvage that for Deshaun with him likely to blow things up. If they could get back their 1st and Tua, consider it a win and move on. That pick and cheap contract will be huge on the rebuild.

  11. Yes… if the Jets offered him a Patrick Mahomes type of contract , if would without a doubt play for the Jets.

  12. Why would a team with the 2nd overall pick trade away that and multiple other picks when they can just use that 2nd pick to get a younger, potentially just as skilled player?

  13. Why would the Jets trade for Watson and his $156 million dollar contract,
    When they could have Trevor Lawrence on a Rookie Contract.

  14. The Ravens should be looking at Watson. Jackson’s initial contract is almost up, and if you’re going to give a big money deal to a quarterback you should prefer one who’s actually credible as a passer. Baltimore is in a win now mode, and Watson is light years ahead of Jackson while in the pocket. Expecting/hoping that Jackson progresses to that level is exceedingly optimistic given his sluggish development in that area.
    And the Dolphins makes no sense. To give up on Tua after one year, in a year in which he had the least amount of time to prepare for his rookie season compared to the other QBs drafted because he was coming off a major injury, is simply nonsensical. They’d be better off sticking with Tua and using their draft assets to fill out their still shaky roster rather than trading for an expensive QB.

  15. Houston needs to get both of Miami’s 2021 1st round picks plus Tua.
    Nick Caserio will not panic. He’ll just sit back and let this stew a while.
    Now if this drags on past the draft and Deshaun wants to withhold his services he certainly has the right. But he eventually won’t get paid. And that’s money he can’t get back. Everyone’s digging in.
    Miami’s 2 1st rounders plus Tua. That’s my guess. Sooner than later.

  16. Miami has become the worst team in the league at evaluating talent, especially at quarterback. Herbert was there and our leadership decided on Tua. If we spend our Capitol on Watson we may make the playoffs for a year but we won’t be competitive year after year or going deep into the playoffs until we get someone that can better evaluate talent. If I was Watson Miami, taking Tua over Herbert would be a sign not to go there. It would tell me they aren’t going to be able to get talent around me. Miami has been fixing the offensive line for twenty years. Finally get an anchor at left tackle then trade him away. How much do you want to bet every player we draft with those picks will be out of the league before Tunsil is.

  17. Tua and the 3rd pick

    Or tua the 18th and the first second round pick.

    Take it or leave it…

    That would be my offer…

  18. Financially Deshaun is much better off in tax free Florida than in over taxed NY/NJ. The smart players know the difference. Plus in Miami Deshaun would play the Jets twice each year for 2 easy wins and would be playing in good weather.

  19. If Desaun Watson went to the Jets he would be back to square one in 5 years or less demanding a trade.

  20. “Watson would have a great season with the Jets — and the Jets quite possibly would be 4-12.” ROFL!!!

  21. Am I the only one who thinks Darnold isn’t actually as bad as he looks on the Jets, and that they have about 40 other positions that are a higher priority?

  22. A team like the Jets won’t improve much because they don’t have a lot of talent. Watson mike make them a little better (primarily because of his running ability) but the Jets have no #1 receiver and no running game. If they trade for Watson they won’t have the draft picks to address their lack of talent. That goes for a lot of teams.
    Teams that could maybe swing it are Falcons (Ryan/Ridley/draft picks), Saints (Winston/Thomas draft picks), 49ers (draft picks/Samuel/Mostert, Washington (Young/draft picks), Detroit (Stafford/Swift/draft picks). He’s not getting traded to Colts or Jaguars. I’m sure Caserio is open to trading him because he can get a boatload. It also depends on the HC/OC
    If you give Darnold some talent he might play like the QB they drafted.
    Darnold had more talent at USC (JuJu & Ronald Jones) than with the Jets. He’s never had a WR/TE that commands double coverage. Bell could have helped a bit but Gase hated him and didn’t want him to succeed.

  23. I hope Miami is smart enough to stay away from my way or good by. Miami needs player who are team players. I don’t think Watson is a team player. If he goes to Miami’ and after a few years its I want to play for what ever team. Bad news. Bill

  24. I’m okay with him going to the Dolphins because there isn’t much for them to offer as far as players so they will have to give up a boatload of draft picks. Watson will soon realize he had better Receivers and as good RBs as Dolphins. Dolphins won’t have the high draftpicks to surround Watson with talent.

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