Bears interview Mike Singletary for defensive coordinator

Birmingham Iron v Memphis Express
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One of the best defensive players in the history of the Chicago Bears is a candidate to be their defensive coordinator.

Hall of Fame linebacker Mike Singletary was interviewed for the Bears’ defensive coordinator vacancy, according to

The Bears need a new defensive coordinator after Chuck Pagano retired, but Singletary is a surprising name to see surface. The 62-year-old Singletary has never been an NFL defensive coordinator, and he hasn’t been on an NFL staff since he worked for the Rams in 2016.

He was head coach of the Memphis Express of the Alliance of American Football in 2019. He was head coach of the 49ers in 2009 and 2010 and had been a linebackers coach and assistant head coach before that.

22 responses to “Bears interview Mike Singletary for defensive coordinator

  1. YES YES YES! Give this man an NFL job again!

    Every forgets that Singletary laid the foundation for Jim Harbaugh’s 49ers.

  2. This would be a good hire. This guy reminds me of a Samurai. Big and Bold, stopping people cold. If you give him a chance he is going to show them how to rock someone good. I don’t think he is going to go to Chicago looking for trouble either.

  3. He is back on TV doing commercials and he was a great player. They could probably do worse. Just not sure all good players also make good coaches.

  4. Wait, what? I love Mike Singletary. Great player, great man but he is definitely not the answer for the the Bears.

  5. I’m from the old school. I believe this. I would rather play with 10 people until we have to do something else. Can’t do it..

  6. I legit got excited when I read this. With his passion surely it could awake this Bears team. As someone mentioned above, he really did start it up for Harbaugh in San Fran. I hope he gets the job.

  7. godkingskovald says:
    January 20, 2021 at 6:53 pm
    YES YES YES! Give this man an NFL job again!

    Every forgets that Singletary laid the foundation for Jim Harbaugh’s 49ers.


    Yep by losing and giving the team lots of high 1st round picks.

  8. I don’t understand how Singletary hasn’t gotten a second chance at a head coaching job. I thought he was a great leader of men. Coaches are pretty much as good as their players. Belichick, Pete Carroll, and Andy Reid all won their super bowls as retreads. The won on the second try. Singletary should get a second try, too.

  9. So maybe this is the “bold move” Pace sold to George McMediocre that helped Pace/Nagy them retain their jobs. Still no QB. Not hating on Singletary but he isn’t going to fix all the problems with this team…..

  10. He was around .500 as a 49er head coach while he was still learning to coach. Not bad. I bet he learned a lot since than. He’s a little too intense. I hope he calmed down. It’s not the military or the 1980’s!!!

  11. Why not? He could bring some needed fire to a team that could use all the help it can get. Pagano was a great guy, but just couldn’t get it done. I’m guessing that Nagy really wouldn’t want this to happen. He would be like looking over his shoulder at ever decision.

  12. If you ran an auto repair shop and needed a supervisor, would you automatically pick the best mechanic? That’s the argument I see in many of these discussions about coaching hires, including the Bieniemy issue.

    Or would you prefer someone who has demonstrated the ability to plan, organize, analyze trends, and problem-solve – in ADDITION to understanding how an engine works?

    I remember Singletary as a linebacker, a damn good one. He may have the other characteristics mentioned above, in which case he would likely be a good hire. Without them, failure is almost assured.

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