Brad Holmes says Lions will retool, not rebuild

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Brad Holmes was hired as the Lions’ new General Manager this month and organizations rarely make changes in that role when things have been going well. Getty Images…

The Lions are no exception. They went 14-33-1 over the last three seasons and the lack of success under former G.M. Bob Quinn would seem to leave Holmes with a lot of work to do in order to push the team in the right direction.

Holmes didn’t focus on long-term plans at his introductory press conference, however. Holmes said his “approach is to make sure that we can put the most competitive team possible team out there on the field in 2021” and that is why he’s talking about retooling rather than rebuilding.

“Please don’t get mad at me if like I don’t use the word rebuild, if I just continue to pivot towards retool,” Holmes said, via Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press. “But I do think that there are some building blocks on this defense currently. Obviously we will address that side of the ball just like we’ll address the offensive side of the ball. There’s no area we won’t work to improve in. But I do think that there are some good, young, talented pieces that are still in their phase of developing. I do think that there’s some veterans that have brought good production to the table. So I would definitely say definitely going to retool in some areas. But there are some building blocks there.”

Whatever words Holmes and the Lions want to use, their actions will do more to define the plan in Detroit. If their moves skew toward piling up young players and draft assets, the horizon will be further away than if they hold onto veterans at the core of the roster.

11 responses to “Brad Holmes says Lions will retool, not rebuild

  1. As a Lions follower, I like the hire. With the Ford family you hope they give him COMPLETE CONTROL, but it seems like a family friend is always in a position to meddle and keep the family in the know.

  2. Sounds good…. but it’s been the same token talk for decades.

    It’s actually a RE-RE-RE-RE-RE-RE….. infinity RE TOOL…hidden within a REBUILD.

    Just please get the job done. Just do it.

  3. He sounds like a lying politician, spinning BS.
    The Lions need to rebuild, they aren’t close to being good.

  4. Retool, rebuild, it does not matter what you call it as long as you make the team better for the LONG term. I hope he’s able to build a real defense thst keeps the Lions in games. Trying to hold serve does not work.

  5. As a Browns fan I wish the Lions good luck moving forward as that fan base has been through a lot. As we know too well from doing it wrong since 1999 (until this year), having a competent staff from top to bottom who are in alignment with each other is the first step of righting the ship.

  6. Anyone with eyes open should be able to see there are indeed some quality players on the team. The problem is getting in coaches that will properly use them. Oh, and getting far more to go along with them. There’s no doubt there’s a lot of room for improving the roster too.

    If you can’t name 4-5 quality starters on each side of the ball you aren’t paying attention.

  7. How many times has this team retooled since their last trip to the playoffs? Call it what you want, it’s throwing out the old and ringing in the new.

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