Buccaneers try to set aside Week Six blowout of Green Bay

Green Bay Packers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Last Sunday, the Buccaneers beat a team that had beaten them twice during the 2020 regular season. That helps the Buccaneers realize that, despite blowing out the Packers in Week Six, a different outcome could happen in the NFC Championship rematch.

“It was the same thing as the Saints last week, having beaten us twice [and] pretty badly, once,” coach Bruce Arians told reporters on Wednesday. “We won that ballgame. You can’t fall into that trap of what happened last time. They’re a much, much better football team [and] we’re a much better football team. Both [teams are] very different right now, so you better take care of today’s work each and every day.”

As a result, the Buccaneers won’t be underestimating the Packers.

“We put that in people’s ears already,” linebacker Lavonte David told reporters. “This is a whole different football team that we’re about to face and we’re a different team in our own right. At the same time, this is a different stage and a different level. That was like . . . in October or whatever it was — that was a long time ago. We’ve got to put that past us. They’ve got a lot of weapons back. It’s going to be a different ballgame. A lot is at stake right here, so we’ve definitely got to forget about what happened that game the last time we played them and focus on the right now – that’s us getting better at practice today. When Sunday comes, we’ve just got to be able to execute at a very high level.”

The Buccaneers are confident that they can.

“I think we’re better offensively,” receiver Mike Evans told reporters. “Our defense has been really good all year. I just think we’re better offensively. We’ve been getting more time in — that was our sixth game together with no preseason, [shorter] training camp [and] no OTAs. We’re just getting better and better each week as the season goes on. I just feel like we’re better offensively. Our defense has been strong all year.”

The defense has been strong, and it found an even higher level against the Saints. Defensive back Antoine Winfield Jr., who helped turn the game around with a strip of New Orleans tight end Jared Cook, realizes it won’t be easy.

“They still have a great offense,” Winfield said of the Packers. “It’s the same offense. . . . It is difficult to beat the same team twice, so we know going in that we really have to prepare well, practice well [and] make sure we’re still studying these guys extremely well because they have a great offense. Going into this game, that game before doesn’t matter anymore. The game last week [does not] matter anymore. We’ve just got to know to move forward and get ready to prepare to go out there and play these guys.”

The other big difference between Week Six and Championship Week is that the rematch happens in Green Bay, where it definitely will be cold and quite possibly will be snowing.

“I don’t really consider 28 degrees cold,” Arians told reporters. “I grew up in the north [and] we’ve got a lot of guys that [have] played in Green Bay and played in colleges up north. The weather won’t affect the ballgame — I don’t think — at all.”

We’ll find out in four days. And, however it turns out, hopefully it will be a great game.

22 responses to “Buccaneers try to set aside Week Six blowout of Green Bay

  1. You can split hairs all you want. The Rams beat the Bucs earlier too, don’t forget…….at Tampa. Those same Rams had the No.1 rated defense in the entire NFL. You saw what happened.

  2. Packers fan here. I really think GB is the underdog for this game. This coach has beaten them while in AZ and in TB.

  3. We are seeing some of the greatest to ever play, all with a couple future greats, playing this weekend. I really can’t wait

  4. I loved Ariens qoute about the cold. Sounds like a guy trying to convince himself. I grew up in Wisconsin. I’ve lived in warmer climates for a while now, and when I go back for Christmas it’s just brutal. They’ll feel it the second the step of the plane into the jetway and it get’s in your head. Say all you want. But it’s an advantage for a team that regularly practices and play in that.

  5. I’d love to see Brady have the chance to own the Bills like he did for so many years past. Whatever happens though it’ll be a great Super Bowl as long as Packers lose in their legendary fashion when it comes to NFC Championship games.

  6. To add to everything else, Brady is the best bad weather QB in history. He won some playoff gms up here in horrendous conditions.

  7. While the Packers are playing with authority now, I can’t forget the thrashing Tampa Bay gave them.

    Green Bay rarely does well against a team that is very physical. Look for the Bucs to blitz Rodgers like crazy like they did last time. He started to hear footsteps and really looked bad. The Packers defense has improved, but the Bucs ran over them like they were twigs in front of a truck.

    If the Packers defense can put a rush on Brady it might be close, but Green Bay has a recent history of coming up small in big games.

    From a Packers fan since 1961.

  8. UH…you know Green Bay KNEW they would be meeting Tampa in the playoff, right? The first time they met was a shame game, so Green Bay didn’t give Tampa anything on tape.

    Go Pack Go — smarter than your average team.

  9. The Packers just hung 30 points and nearly 500 yards of offense on the number 1 defense in the league. I think they’ll be fine.

  10. “UH…you know Green Bay KNEW they would be meeting Tampa in the playoff, right? The first time they met was a shame game, so Green Bay didn’t give Tampa anything on tape.”

    That’s hilarious thinking that GB knew in October who they would be facing in the conference championship much less that they would even be in it.

    Here’s a hint – teams don’t intentionally lose games in the regular season just to avoid “giving tape” to a potential playoff opponent.

  11. The Packers know they are the underdog even though they are -3 in Vegas.AR isnt as good a qb as Brady by any means,the offensive line proved last time they cant keep AR safe in the pocket against a Bucs defense that is great,the GB running game will be non existant once again against the Bucs,and the Packers defense isnt good enough to stop both the Bucs running and passing game so they will have to chose which to concentrate on.the weather will be +28,a damn heat wave in Wi,the apple blossums will be sprouting.the Pack dont have a chance against Bradys Buccaneers from Florida.no sir,not a chance.

  12. The Packers just hung 30 points and nearly 500 yards of offense on the number 1 defense in the league. I think they’ll be fine.

    They left points and yards on the field (the MVS drop)

  13. You all can pontificate all you want but fact of the matter is you don’t know. I hear all this talk about the weather, ahem, there’s been plenty of warm weather teams that have won in the cold weather. Brady has played in the cold, ya know that’s how he got some of his rings. It could be a bombs away shoot out. This game is going to be a lot closer than you all think it may come down to who has the ball last, if that happens you can never count out Capt. Cool.

    The Bucs are a very physical team, Jones gets on a roll with Fournette it could be a replay of last years NFCCG where the 9ers destroyed Green Bay on the ground. If the Packers cannot stop the running game it could be a banner day for both RBs. Packers are used to playing with a lead, their three losses where all to very physical teams and in close games.

    Tampa Tommy wins on a late FG

    TB 30
    GB 27

    The rebellion will be crushed and soon Old Rodgers will leave GB.

  14. Heard the same story the year the bucs won the title. They went into philly 20 degrees and snow and beat philly win it all. Feels similar to that team

  15. Brady will retire as the GOAT because of his SB wins but right now today AR is the better QB,Not even close.Mahomes and Allen are better as well.
    Jones is the better RB and Adams is the best WR on the field Sunday.Packers have the best OL in the league.
    TB may have a small edge on Defense but it isn’t much as GB has the best CB on either side maybe in the NFL.
    Analyze this position by position objectively and the Packers should win this game.
    You are kidding yourself if you think cold doesn’t matter because it does.Listen to Arians trying to coach the fear out of his team.Brady is trying the same thing.
    GB37 TB 24

  16. our pack will stomp all over the buckies and win another super bowl. you can take that to the banks, and i can speak for all of pack nation

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