Doug Pederson “leaning toward taking the next year off”

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The Eagles are reportedly searching far and wide for their next head coach.

Their previous one is apparently going to take some time away from the spotlight.

Doug Pederson said Tuesday night that he’s “leaning toward taking the next year off and preparing for [the] next season,” via Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Though Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said after firing Pederson that the coach may have another job within a week, Pederson has not been reportedly connected to Houston — the only remaining head coaching opening aside from Philadelphia.

Pederson did, however, speak with the Seahawks about potentially becoming their offensive coordinator. Nothing has materialized from the team on that front.

If Pederson does choose to sit out 2021, he’s likely to be a hot candidate for the 2022 coaching cycle. It wasn’t that long ago he was hoisting the Lombardi Trophy after winning Super Bowl LII.

24 responses to “Doug Pederson “leaning toward taking the next year off”

  1. Lurie/Roseman have outsmarted themselves numerous times during their self-promoted cultural superiority complex of the past five years.

    Got Philly a Super Bowl but the front office reeks of hubris and dysfunction.

  2. I think it’s a wise decision for Doug to sit out a year & get the batteries recharged. The Texans are a dumpster fire right now, he doesn’t need a dramatic QB & all that dysfunction. And he’s too good to immediately take a step down to become an OC. Take a year off & get ready for 2022 Doug.

  3. Doug, take a year off and religiously watch Cowboys’ game film from 2020 to learn how NOT to take a year off and watch game film (ala McCarthy).

  4. I was really rooting for him to come to Seattle as the OC. I realize it would likely be a one-and-done sort of season but if he could establish a more diverse offensive scheme and one of the other assistants could be groomed to fill his shoes, it would be fantastic.

  5. He’s done a great job with the terrible tools Roseman has brought.

    Top QB dolars for someone Who had never finished a season before. High contracts to old players like Jackson or Jeffrey and role players like Curry. A horrible OL and great drafts…

    With Pederson we were well served.

    I am always going to remember taking Reagor over Jefferson.

  6. I think a year off will give him time to reflect on what worked during his time at the Eagles and what didn’t.

    Despite the way it ended he accomplished more with the Eagles in 5 years than Andy Reid did in 10 and look how that worked out for Andy.

    Definitely update your offensive scheme and assemble your own staff next time.

    Freaking Press Taylor, which was forced on you by Wentz and management, was part of the Eagles downfall. Carson didn’t need his Xbox buddy telling him he’s the greatest, he needs someone who will hold him accountable.

  7. As an Eagles fan, I used to have steady confidence in the front office of the organization. Even through the Chip Kelly era, you could count on them getting things back on track sooner than later (and they did).

    Until now. Pederson made a number of questionable calls this season, but the fact that he may have been driven out due to ownership’s love affair with Wentz (who played like one of the worst QBs in the league this year) is absurd.

  8. It’s pretty clear that most of the blame falls on Howie and Lurie for the roster. There’s also just a bad luck component (Wentz’s health, massive amount of other injuries) and then I think a component with Doug himself. The SB really went to his head a bit. You could see it in the beginning of the 2018 season, how he talked to press, his body language, etc. Doug is headstrong too, and he ended up clashing with Wentz (who is also headstrong). I think a year off will be great for him. Thanks for everything, Doug!

  9. He lead the Eagles to a Superbowl with Nick Foles just 3 years ago. NICK FOLES! How does this man not have a job?

    The Bears need to get rid of Nagy.

  10. I think everyone is pulling for Pederson. He got shived by Lurie. Take a deep breath and a year off. You will be back!

  11. “Being aggressive” and going for it on 4th down is great when your team is on a roll and your offense is dominating.

    But it’s not great when your offense has performed poorly all year, you’re lucky to be in the red zone and only down by 3, and have an opportunity to put points on the board to tie the game, but decide to “be aggressive,” and “pin their ears back” or “keep them on their heels” by going for it on 4th down in that situation.

    Doug couldn’t seem to tell the difference this year or last year.

    And we Eagles fans had to live with those momentum-killing decisions over and over again. It was truly maddening.

    Hopefully a year off will give Doug some perspective. I’ll always love him for bringing a Lombardi to Philly. He did a lot of good things and deserves to work in the NFL.

  12. Doug pederson lead the eagles to the luckiest sb win in the history of the NFL.

    2011 Giants were the worst Super Bowl team in its history. By far. 25th in scoring D, 27th in yards allowed.

  13. Think it is wise to take a year off. He is still getting paid by Lurie, who gave Doug a raw deal. Always grateful for Super Bowl LII. God bless Doug Pederson and best of luck in your future endeavors.

  14. That’s what ex-coaches always say when they nobody else wants them. Given how Wentz went down the toilet under his tutelage why would anyone hire him now?

  15. Doug > BB. Prove me wrong!
    8 > 1. That was too easy. But doug should take a gig in NE for a year. He’d learn a lot of football and BB would be glad to have him.

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