Drew Brees’ wife says he played the entire year with shoulder, foot injuries

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Drew Brees‘ wife says he was playing hurt all season, with multiple injuries.

Brittany Brees posted a social media message that said Drew Brees had serious foot and shoulder injuries, and not just the cracked ribs and punctured lung that caused him to miss four games during the season.

“The fact that you played this entire year with a torn rotator cuff, torn fascia in your foot,” she wrote, via NoLa.com.

The torn rotator cuff was never reported during the season, although Brees did appear on the Saints’ official injury report with a right shoulder injury in Weeks 8-10. Brees appeared to be struggling to put a lot of zip on his passes as the season went on, and a rotator cuff injury could be to blame.

The Saints never disclosed any foot injury for Brees on any of the team’s injury reports.

Brees is reportedly planning to retire this offseason, although he hasn’t announced his plans. Playing through injuries may have hastened his desire to walk away.

42 responses to “Drew Brees’ wife says he played the entire year with shoulder, foot injuries

  1. Boo hoo… Pretty much every NFL starter plays the season with some sort of injuries. Maybe Brees can apologize five times for being injured…..

  2. Look at what they make you give. Broken ribs and shoulder injuries are very painful and its obvious he came back before they healed. Get well brother.

  3. This explains the lack of deep passes and the noodle-arm throws.
    So are the Saints going to get punished by the NFL for not disclosing this?

  4. Then he should not have played. I don’t think she is going to generate the sympathy for him that she thinks she is.

  5. Kinda hard to say he played the whole season while injured, when he missed about a month.

  6. Had Sean Payton stuck with Winston after he threw that beautiful TD pass, Saints would have torched Bucs.

    All Bucs TDs were from shortfields from turnovers.

  7. Guna miss him but the fear of the saints being anywhere close to the same threat is gone. Now you can tell the world why you stand for the flag again.

  8. He has had a gr8 career. To bad that he couldn’t be healthy but it’s time for him to go. Not sure when he was actually healthy for most of the season but writing is on the wall.

  9. The Saints just seemed a bit off this year. Although they did manage to win a bunch of games.

  10. Well he should’ve stepped aside for Hill or Winston until he healed up. He literally gifted the Bucs a playoff victory out of pride.

  11. A torn rotator cuff wouldn’t explain why for the past few seasons Brees’ passes have looked wimpier and wimpier as the season progressed. I think it’s been pretty well known he isn’t considered a deep ball threat anymore. His arm just isn’t what it used to be. It’s time for him to hang ’em up.

  12. San Diego fans love Drew & Family. He continued to be charitable here even after he got injured & became a Saint. I remember Breakfast with Brees on SD radio. Bests Brees family!

  13. Whether or not his obvious lack of arm strength was the result of an injury or not, it’s time. Great career though. Not a Saints fan, just a football fan.

  14. Thank you Mrs. Brees. Drew wasn’t going to use any excuses, but I totally understand why his wife wasn’t going to keep quiet about it.
    I, for one, appreciate the honest insight. He hasn’t looked right, and now I know why. I hope he retires before he gets hurt worse. You can’t keep beating your body up forever, and when you get older, you don’t recover as quickly. The same goes for Brady. I don’t want to see him get hurt either.

  15. Love the hate from people who never played the game. One of the best ever to actually play it. You’re right – players play through injury all the time. Wish Coach would have pulled him for Winston as it was obvious Brees wasn’t going to help them win. But as a fan of the game, not of the team (I don’t hate the team, just not a fan), he gets my respect no matter how he went out. And yes, I do hope that was his last game.

  16. Add broken ribs to the list of undisclosed injuries. He did not break 8 ribs on one sack vs SF. No knock on Brees for playing through it all. He earned the right to lead the last charge. But the injury situation reeks of manipulating the injury report.

  17. I am not convinced he intends to retire. I think he asked Brittany to trial-balloon this rash of undisclosed injuries to see what kind of response it generates. I’m sure Brees does not want to end his career this way — losing to a rival legend by throwing 3 INTs after having soundly beaten him in 2 previous regular season matchups. This is also the latest in a series of 4 heartbreakers. The Saints under Brees leadership were expected to return to the SB for many years now for one more shot at glory for the franchise.

    Brees also does not want to cede all these records to Brady. He had taken the lead on TDs and passing yards and seemed like he was going to be uncatchable until the injuries allowed Tom to notch 16 more TDs this season (and then 2 more in this postseason contest).

    Don’t be surprised if Brees returns for one more year.

  18. Why do these players wives feel compelled to whine about their very- well paid husbands? Stafford, Brees, etc. Giselle saying poor Tommy was injured. These women seem to have too much time on their hands.

  19. Many players do play through injuries, however if the injury causes your performance to negatively effect the team in a large way…..don’t play. Sit out and get well.

  20. Was the team aware? If so, it’s on them. If not, it’s on him for playing when he knew or at least should have known he couldn’t throw more than ten yards. Lately, any pass longer than 15 yards was just up for grabs. If the team didn’t know, the playoff loss is all on him. Turnovers gave the Bucs a short field to work on, and his inability to throw made a late comeback impossible.

  21. icouldcareless says:
    January 20, 2021 at 8:32 pm
    “Hey wait a minute I’m the king of excuses” – Aaron Rodgers
    No that would be Ben Roethlisberger

  22. Dude needs to ask the wife to politely avoid making news on social media. Sounds like excuses and reveals rule breaking by the team.

  23. Brees Shoulder injury was reported on this site November 4, 2020, so i don’t understand people saying “Undisclosed injury.
    part of the 11 rib fractures happened against Tampa Bay, then the rest of them happened the next week against San Francisco. Again, all of this previously reported.

  24. Maybe he was hurt… or maybe his pride got in the way of the fact that the Saints went 8-1 in games he missed…As far as records, Brady is so far ahead, it’s not worth throwing yourself out there anymore.

  25. darthhelmut says:
    January 21, 2021 at 8:19 am
    icouldcareless says:
    January 20, 2021 at 8:32 pm
    “Hey wait a minute I’m the king of excuses” – Aaron Rodgers
    No that would be Ben Roethlisberger


    Big Ben will not be denied! He will not take no for an answer!

  26. That is what I like about him tough as nails. But, for his health’s sake he should just retire.

  27. Well if that is the case he should of been honest with the coaching staff and let Jamis or Taysom get more reps. Brees could not thrown the ball downfield at least those guys could.

  28. Most of the keyboard warriors posting here would be in the hospital if they were living with the list of ailments that Brees played with in 2020, played NFL QB with in 2020

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