Dysfunction drives Lions to give Dan Campbell six-year deal

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Many seem stunned by the decision of the Detroit Lions to give coach Dan Campbell a six-year deal. But the duration of the contract is less about Campbell and more about the circumstances.

The Lions continue to be mired in dysfunction. It’s been 30 years since they won a playoff game. They’ve never played in a Super Bowl. Only once have they been within a game of playing for a Lombardi Trophy.

Thus, in order to make the job attractive, the Lions needed to send a message to Campbell and anyone else who may be paying attention that they’re committed to giving the next coach a chance to turn things around, without the kind of quick hook that former coach Matt Patricia received during his third year on the job.

Of course, the six-year deal doesn’t keep the Lions from moving on prematurely. But it gives Campbell security, and it makes the job more attractive. Whether Campbell is the coach the Lions should have been trying to attract will become obvious in time.

As Charean Williams explained it during Wednesday’s PFT PM, Campbell represents in many respects the exact opposite of Patricia. The challenge now becomes achieving results that will be the exact opposite of what the franchise has endured for decades.

28 responses to “Dysfunction drives Lions to give Dan Campbell six-year deal

  1. Did you say it was dysfunction when Carolina gave Matt Rhule a 7 year, $62m contract with one year of NFL experience?

  2. That’s one amazingly generous deal for the new Head Coach; please make the most out of the opportunity. Go Lions!

  3. hope it’s 6 years fully guaranteed. although he might need about 60 years to get this ship righted.

  4. It’s kind of like Washington – guys would rather not go there if they have other options so they have to pay more. But Dan Campbell will be a turning point for Detroit, and the presence is really going to help.

  5. What exactly is so wrong with a Dan Campbell? He’s a Parcells guy. If Parcells likes you then you are doing something right. I think Dan represents a way of thinking that isnt very popular right now, and that’s the actual problem.

  6. He wasn’t the first choice, but he IS a good choice. He’s a rah-rah leader, more about Jimmy’s and Joe’s than X’s and O’s. And that could work.

    But it will take at least two years to undo the Quintricia Era, and claw our way back to “stable mediocrity” that we had under Caldwell. We have to restock our depth, as we have missed on at least half of our 1st round picks the last ten years. Unless he is absolutely horrible as a leader, I’m okay with giving him a longer deal.

  7. Zac Taylor gonna be the next Matt Patrica to get canned after 3 seasons. And both teams have incompetent owners.

  8. It’s a QB league. Haven’t you heard that before? The elite QB’s win. I like Stafford, but guys like Stafford, Matt Ryan, Derek Carr, Kurt Cousins, and Deshaun Watson have been in the league long enough. They’re not getting any better. I’m not saying these guys suck, but unless you’re a top 5 or 6 QB, you have to have the rest of your roster significantly better than the teams with the top QB’s. Are you going to tell me Bill Belichick just all of the sudden forgot how to coach football? How’d Matt Patricia do away from Brady? This is getting old, but we haven’t learned a thing. Now, suddenly Josh Allen’s offensive coordinator is a hot name. Hey, they’re all good coaches. It’s just that the coaches with the best QB’s win most of the big games. If you give a coach a six year deal, you might be planning to draft a QB.

  9. amaf21 says:
    January 20, 2021 at 9:00 pm

    hope it’s 6 years fully guaranteed. although he might need about 60 years to get this ship righted.

    All NFL HC contracts are fully guaranteed.

  10. Good luck lions. Your fans deserve a winner on the field. But, you have to trade Stafford while you can for picks. Need to rebuild the team. Would be good for Stafford to get a chance to win somewhere else in his last decade. Just an outsiders view. Lions fans, you may think I’m crazy suggesting to trade Stafford, but it’s best for the team in long run.

  11. I’m a born/raised Kansas Citian and am living a lifelong dream right now. That said, I’m a closet Lions fan because I sympathize with fan-bases that have suffered an excruciating existence. I hope Dan Campbell can help turn this thing around.
    Go Lions!

  12. Get this guy a QB or its not going to matter. Yeah, yeah, spare me the Matt Stafford spiel. Once, I watched Matt Stafford slide for a 9 yard gain on 4th and 10. That told me right there that he does not understand the game of football or know how to win.

  13. After posting back to back 9-7 Seasons you would think that Jim Caldwell would have DESERVED/EARNED this type of Job security.

  14. From all appearances, it looks to be another foolish move by the Lions. 6 year deals are not the norm – even for established head coaches with a track record of winning. Campbell has done nothing to warrant such a deal. 5-7 record as interim coach in Miami is not stuff legends are made of.

  15. The owners in Washington D.C. and Detroit make Mike Brown look like Albert Einstein!!
    There’s 2 names I NEVER thought I’d use in the same sentence!!! WOW! haha

  16. It stings, but it’s the truth. The Lions are maybe the worst organization in all of sports. They haven’t earned the right to do things on their own terms.

  17. 3 years is a quick hook?? Shouldn’t you be showing some improvement and overall direction by that point?

  18. Said it before and will say it again — this new coaching staff can’t be worse than the last 3 years.

  19. When I fell in love with football in the early 80s, and this could be selective memory, but I don’t recall the “quick hook” being in play as it related to coaches being canned. A lot of the NFL head coaches back then were given a very long rope and its good to see that a great guy like Campbell may be given a shot to turn that franchise around. It’s been a place where careers go to die for many, many years. It’s be nice to see them become an elite franchise.

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