Philip Rivers is retiring from the NFL

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Philip Rivers has decided to call it a career.

Colts General Manager Chris Ballard said last week that he expected to meet with Rivers in a month to discuss the quarterback’s plans for the future. That meeting won’t be necessary because Rivers told Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune that he is retiring from the NFL after 17 seasons.

Rivers said that he’d considered retirement in recent years, but that “this is the first year I felt like the ending was real.”

“It’s just time,” Rivers said. “It’s just right. . . . I can sit here and say, ‘I can still throw it. I love to play.’ But that’s always going to be there. I’m excited to go coach high school football.”

Rivers ends his career with 63,440 passing yards and 421 passing touchdowns. He’s fifth in NFL history in both categories and ranks high in several other metrics. He was never able to make it to a Super Bowl with the Chargers or Colts, which is the biggest missing piece of an otherwise standout career that came to an end on Wednesday.

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  1. It’s too bad he didn’t do this last year. I like when guys play for one team their whole career.

  2. Never forget the time he played the entire 2008 AFC title game with a torn ACL. He will be missed. An above average QB and a solid person.

  3. Walk off with your health. Congratulations on your 1st ballot Hall Of Fame induction to come. JOB VERY WELL DONE. Enjoy your family and friends.

  4. Being a life long raiders fan it was fun playing against u rivers good luck on the next journey and enjoy all those kids

  5. Good for him! He had a good year but the Colts need to get younger at QB to compete in the AFC. It will be interesting to see what they do.

  6. What a class act this guy has been from day 1. He’s like Dan Marino, only not quite as prolific. His longevity and upper-echelon performance made him an asset to every team he lead. Thanks, Phillip Rivers.

    Enjoy retirement. Any high school would be fortunate to have you.

  7. Perfect day for this announcement since today is such a slow news day (He said sarcastically while rolling his eyes)

  8. Philip Rivers was extremely overrated due to the fact he was your quintessential STAT BANDIT, Because when push comes to shove and the lights got bright in meaningful games he folded like your Lawnchair. This guy has played in this league for 17yrs and yet I couldn’t give you a Philip Rivers moment.

  9. I’m not surprised. Yes, he may still be playing at a level higher than a lot of other starting QBs, but he only made it to the AFC Championship game once in his career. He’ll turn 40 next season, and he’s unlikely to make it to a Super Bowl. The Hall of Fame will still gladly accept him in a few years.

  10. Hall of very good. Good career though to tough it out for so many years. Wish he won the big one. Good luck in retirement Philip Rivers

  11. Great career, went out on a good note too with a solid season.

    I remember when he played against the Pats in the playoffs earlier in his career with a blown knee, didn’t win the game but dude is a gamer and has always been tough as nails.

    Hearing him ‘trash talk’ is pretty funny too as I’m not sure I’ve read about a professional athlete in his position to not swear one bit, hilarious audio.

  12. Incredible career for Philip. He played at a high level up until the end and is going out on his own terms. While he is overshadowed by Brady and Brees, his durability, longevity, and productivity will be matched by few.

  13. This Raider fan wishes Philip Rivers a peaceful and successful retirement. He hated us and we hated him. That’s football. But now his family and friends get to enjoy the fruits of his career which he has earned. Good luck Philip … and thanks for the memories.

  14. Enjoy your family time! Good for him to be able to leave in decent health physically and great health financially!

  15. Rivers put up huge Hall of Fame numbers that would make him a shoe…..except he never won a Superbowl much less played in one. If you compared how he play led QB with Eli Manning he in my opinion was the better QB. But Eli won 2 superbowls and played in NY so he is seen as an automatic hall of famer while Rivers didn’t and played in San Diego.

    I personally think he’s a hall of famer.

  16. I always liked him.
    Having to go agaisnt Murderer’s Row of Brady,Manning and Ben all those years is what kept him out of the SB.
    Probably would have gotten their once or twice if he was in the NFC.
    Rodgers,Eli and McNabb were good, but more beatable if that is a word

  17. Good Luck, you’ll be missed. Ever thought about joining a dart league? You have the perfect form for tossing darts.

  18. No QB I ever saw made more costly mistakes or had more garbage time stats than this guy.

  19. So weird how I’d mock him for 15 years as a pick factory. Then joins my team.

    He grew on me. Sad to see him go!

    Good luck in all endeavours PR!

  20. As a chiefs fan I always enjoyed watching Rivers throw hissy fits during the game. Nobody doesn’t cuss like that guy.

  21. Fast Philly Rivers is a HOFer but if Brees and Roethlisberger also retire this off season, he won’t be first ballot.

  22. Yes, the detractors will be out in full force (Shame on them). But he was a big reason the Chargers were in the mix for many of the 16 years he was there. The 2004 QB class was arguably one of the best to play in the NFL.

  23. Nice guy, great QB. Enjoy your retirement. Maybe give your wife a break though. 9 kids?!?!? I think she’s earned one.

  24. Better now than too late. The cliffs of time come fast and the dropoff is huge. What do the Colts do now? Brissett? Lots of teams need a QB.

  25. Ol’ Philip “Cry me a” Rivers was always known to lose it by the end of the games he wasn’t winning. That was always funny to watch, but it just shows his fight and tenacity. He was a gamer and the league will miss having him around.

  26. He’s like Dan Marino, only not quite as prolific
    First time Rivers has ever been accused of not being prolific. The Bible told him to “go forth and multiply” and he took it literally.

  27. Hats off to a great career. No championship, but not everyone gets one of those. Hope he enjoys whatever is next.

  28. I wonder who the next QB will be. Lurie wants to keep Wentz soo it’s not going to be him.

  29. I still remember the upset he had over the Colts and laughing for at least an hour after it happened.

  30. Still remember one of his many losses in KC when he was caught on camera saying “Worst day ever” after fumbling away a possibility of kicking a FG for the win. Then afterwards he completely denied it.

    LOL. Good times!

  31. Going from getting drilled by 300lb lineman to dealing with 9 kids full time. That’s going from physical pain to mental pain.

  32. I’ll always salute Philly for his passionate defense of Manning. Calling the Giants pathetic which at that moment they were.

  33. he’s not a hof he was a stat compiler, surrounded by talent his entire career and could not once bring them to the SB let alone win one.. .well above average, not a hof

  34. Good QB, for sure. However in this game what happens AFTER the regular season ends is the most important measurement of success. In that Rivers was less than great. Yet another regular season excellent QB. Are his stats enough for the Hall of Fame? Probably, but doubtful first ballot Hall of Famer. Good guy, though… obviously a great family man…fun to watch, and he’ll be missed….

  35. Make no mistake he was the best in his draft class !!! Most talent too bad they kept trading away his weapons

  36. Great QB. Great career. All-time great trash talker. Not a Chargers or Colts fan, but I loved watching him play. I hope he enjoys his retirement and gets fitted for his well-earned HoF jacket in a few years.


  38. I’ll miss Phillip Rivers. Love to see when old ballers like him have enough class and humility to know when it’s time to hang em up! I hope a couple other QB’s take his cue and do the same.

  39. The colts need to swing a deal for a QB if Jacob Eason isn’t ready to take the reins. Or its back to middle of the pack.

  40. As a Raiders fan he infuriated me, but he was one tough dude and maddening to watch. Much respect on a stellar career

  41. IMO this should have happened two years ago. This guy really did nothing in his career other then set a lot of passing records but nothing as far as playoffs, big victories that meant something. He should immediately call Stafford and tell him what its like leaving the game with nothing to show for it but a sore arm and old age.

  42. He went out on a high note, great year in Indy. But all those years, piles of statistics, and never sniffed a championship. Shame.

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