Philip Rivers: “The next chapter begins”

AFC Championship: San Diego Chargers v New England Patriots
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Former Chargers and Colts quarterback Philip Rivers has issued a statement regarding his decision to retire.

“Every year, January 20th is a special and emotional day,” Rivers said. “It is St. Sebastian’s Feast day, the day I played in the AFC Championship without an ACL, and now the day that after 17 seasons, I’m announcing my retirement from the National Football League. Thank you God for allowing me to live out my childhood dream of playing quarterback in the NFL.

“I am grateful to the Chargers for 16 seasons, and the Colts for the 17th season.

“Thank you to all my coaches that helped me grow as a player and person.

“Thanks to the support staff.

“I appreciate the opposing defenses making it challenging physically and mentally every week . . . I also enjoyed the banter.

“I appreciate the referees for putting up with all my fussing. I think I was right most of the time dadgummit!

“Thanks to the fans in San Diego and around the nation that both cheered and booed.

“Special thanks to my teammates. Without a doubt my favorite part of the game, being a teammate. Thank you for being mine.

“Lastly, thank you to my wife and best friend Tiffany, and our children Halle, Caroline, Grace, Gunner, Sarah, Peter, Rebecca, Clare, and Anna. Could not have don’t it without y’all’s unwavering support.

“As my playing career comes to an end, the next chapter begins.”

The next chapter will include coaching high-school football. It also could include serving as a commentator for NFL football games. The latter will likely include a significant annual salary, making it an offer that Rivers will have a difficult time refusing.

40 responses to “Philip Rivers: “The next chapter begins”

  1. Fiery competitor, a little whiney at times (lol!), but always fun to watch! Enjoy the family and the important things in life and God Bless!!

  2. He had a great career. He was never able to win the big one, but he was always consistent. He’ll be a great coach in high school!

  3. Aw, that’s a shame, but all good things come to an end sometime. Goodbye, good luck and thanks for the memories.

  4. Loved this guy as a player, can’t wait to hear him as a commentator… “Dadgummit!”

  5. Good luck, Philip! Still remember watching you and TA McLendon take the Buckeyes in to triple overtime at The Shoe in Columbus.

  6. Class act through and through. Congrats on a heck of a career and, even more important, being a quality human being. We all could learn how to be better people from Mr. Rivers.

  7. And now lets put hour hands together and welcome another QB onto the island of QB’s with a bunch of meaningless STATS and NO RING. This guy had everything around him during his time in this league from Running Backs, Wide Receivers to defense you name it yet he couldn’t even trip himself into a Super Bowl Appearance.

  8. The the greater part of the last decade get made life as a Chiefs fan hell. “Worst day ever” was a fun memory. Thanks for giving the AFC West everything it could handle for all those years. Great person all around and deserves to enjoy retirement.

  9. A man with great character. The league needs more like him and he will be missed. Best of luck to him.

  10. One thing you can say about Rivers is that he gave 100% effort in trying to win the game. I am not a fan of either team that he played for, but I am/was a Rivers’ fan.

  11. Rivers has a ridiculous amount of kids. I’m sure he’ll be staying busy with coaching them up

  12. lukedunphysscienceproject says:
    January 20, 2021 at 10:20 am
    And the Jacoby Brissett era begins! Um….again!
    Wanna bet?

  13. 20th is also important because he’s always on the couch by then. Seriously though, great QB that I was thrilled to see leave the AFCW.

  14. This guy had everything around him during his time in this league from Running Backs, Wide Receivers to defense you name it yet he couldn’t even trip himself into a Super Bowl Appearance.


  15. 240 straight RS starts. Says two things. Tough as nails. And good enough that he was never replaced. Under appreciated.

  16. Great qb stuck with mediocre teams most of his career. Coaches weren’t much better. Proves just how hard it is just to get to a SB, much less win one.

  17. As an opposing fan, I couldn’t stand him, he was a whiner and trash talker that didn’t cuss. That said, he was tough, always played well and had a heck of a career. Good luck on your future!

  18. Everyone might not like him, but he was always a fiery competitor and made the game fun. It’s a shame he never made it to the big game, but he played the AFC championship with a torn ACL, how can you not respect his desire? I wish him all the best in the future and enjoyed watching his career.

  19. Joe Flacco. 1 ring
    Trent Dilfer. 1 ring.

    Phillip Rivers. 1 AFC Championship game. Lost. No SB appearances. If he goes into the Hall, you better open the doors for everyone.

  20. Great career. Wish he got a ring somewhere along the way. I think he’d make a terrific TV analyst if he decides to go that way.

  21. Him thanking each of his kids reminds me of that Simpsons episode when Cletus called his kids outside. Although Cletus had about 18. Rivers has time to catch up now he’s retired though.
    Good player, good career, tough guy too.

  22. As a Raiders fan I’ve always hated how he and LT had our number more often than not. But he was a great competitor and will miss watching him on Sundays.

  23. Great nod to the San Diego fans he never really left behind. Too bad he didn’t say anything that one Los Angeles Chargers fan.

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