What’s next for the Colts at quarterback?

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The Colts had planned to meet with quarterback Philip Rivers in roughly a month. They won’t need to.

Rivers has decided to retire, and the Colts now need to make a decision about the quarterback position.

Jacoby Brissett, the 2019 starter after Andrew Luck unexpectedly retired, becomes a free agent in March. The Colts have roughly two months to exclusively negotiate with him before he lands on the open market, able to sign with any team he chooses.

The Colts could draft someone, they could sign an impending free agent, or they could trade from someone. When it seemed that the Eagles were ready to move on from Carson Wentz, the Colts became a potential destination. Now that the Eagles seem to be intent on keeping Wentz, the Colts will have to look elsewhere.

If a reunion between Colts coach Frank Reich, the former Philadelphia offensive coordinator, and Wentz won’t work, Nick Foles becomes an option, potentially as a backup. At starter, the Colts have a blank slate — and that can be good or it can be bad.

One thing that remains highly unlikely: Luck deciding to return from retirement. Beyond that, the identity of the team’s 2021 starter is wide open.

26 responses to “What’s next for the Colts at quarterback?

  1. Wentz is not coming. Definitely resign brissett. Not sure there is a free agent I’d want besides him. Maybe Eason? Maybe trade up if the draft falls right. I trust whatever Ballard decides with the rest of the team. Also need a LT.

  2. Think of what Stafford could do in that offense, with a running game and solid defense… that could be a fit

  3. What is it about the dolts that QBs keep running away from them. (Cry me a) Rivers was a little more understandable because he’s been in the NFL for so long but Luck jumped ship in his prime. And don’t give me injury history. If the dolts were ever relevant he would have stayed.

  4. Obviously the owner cant convince Luck to come back, so go for Stafford, Biscuit, Minshew, or Ryan. Wentz possibly, if Philly lets him go. Would they keep Brissett ?

  5. Colts should go after Jameis Winston and maybe they could get another participation trophy banner to hang in the Lucas Oil Stadium.

  6. Stafford WOULD be a great choice! What would the Colts have to offer the Lions for this opportunity? Why not try for Mahomes for that matter? Equally as possible.

  7. Stafford would be a good option if they can get him. Otherwise I would look to re-sign Brisset and sign Foles and let them battle for the starting job. Also, I would look at a mid round QB and see if they can develop a good starter. If this doesn’t work out they should have a high pick in 2022 draft to get a good prospect.

  8. Stop pushing Wentz on the Colts. Wentz will have to find a place on his merits.

    It was not a good sign for Rivers’ professional career when Rivers announced his future job before the season started.

  9. The Colts have many options and I’m seeing lots of names posted here. The name I dont see is Sam Darnold. If the Jets go QB, they could possibly steal Darnold who is still young with loads of talent to succeed under a great offensive mind like Reich.

  10. They should give up whatever it takes to get Deshaun Watson. Then that team would be dangerous!

  11. 1. Trade for Stafford or Darnold
    2. Eason
    3. Brissett
    4. Draft (Jones or Trask)
    5. Released bet (Winston, Goff, Bridgewater)

  12. If I’m Brissett I hit the open market as a free agent. Don’t let the Colts do that to you again.

  13. Colts first rounder for Sam Darnold. Heck, any team’s first rounder for Darnold and then the Jets convert their 3 first rounders for Deshaun Watson. Two NFL team’s problems solved.

  14. The Colts really are a great organization and Frank and Ballard are a good team. I would like to see Luck come back but I really think Winston or Stafford would be a great fit. I know I will get hammered on this but I think Winston would be an outstanding fit. He has learned, matured, and personally. I don’t think New Orleans wants to part with him.

  15. Trade for Darnold and draft either Kyle Trask or Mac Jones in the Second Round.

    Start there.

    Frank Reich would do a lot to help Darnold.

  16. Did Simms just say that Rivers is not a HOF QB? has to be kidding, maybe angry as he father is not in ….. you think he had a better career than Fran Tarkenton for example, I do, and he is in. He’s an absolute HOF’r

  17. Jim Irsay is probably trying to get in touch with Oscar Goldman to see if he can get phone number for the team of doctors that put Steve Austin back together and made him the Six Million Dollar Man and if Peyton Manning would be open to the idea of being the first “Bionic” QB in the league. (Probably should have done that a long time ago because the HGH didn’t seem to help him much!) :/

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