Andy Reid: Patrick Mahomes took the majority of snaps in Thursday’s practice

Atlanta Falcons v Kansas City Chiefs
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There was more positive news out of Kansas City on the Patrick Mahomes front Thursday afternoon.

Head coach Andy Reid said the quarterback was able to take the majority of snaps in the day’s practice as Mahomes works his way through the concussion protocol.

“Pat looked good out there,” Reid said, via Sam McDowell of the Kansas City Star. “He’s moving around well. He feels good. It’s just important we follow the protocol, and that’s what we’re doing.”

Mahomes was seen on the field during the portion of Chiefs practice open to media on Thursday. He was officially a limited participant in Wednesday’s session.

15 responses to “Andy Reid: Patrick Mahomes took the majority of snaps in Thursday’s practice

  1. Snapping the ball isn’t enough. Has he made it to the phase of the protocol that allows him to run and throw or are the Chiefs simply doing a walk thru with their offense? These are the questions that will determine where he is in the protocol and determine whether he plays or they are just messing with the Bills heads.

  2. It’s a christmas miracle!

    because its mahommes and the WWNFL would never let him sit out this game. They love money and ratings.

  3. It almost looked like a choke out more than a concussion. There is no helmet to helmet contact and his head barely touches the ground. He’s fine and will play Sunday.

  4. Translation: there’s no way that he’s not playing, even if he’s seeing triple. Why do people keep on saying it wasn’t a concussion when he’s been in the protocol? It looked like the crown of his helmet hit the ground to me. Not good for the vertebrae, or the brain.

  5. The Bills want it all…to get there we have to beat the best!!! Hoping for an awesome game!!!

  6. They’re banged up all over. Look beyond the woozy Mahomes who didn’t know up from down 4 days ago.

  7. He’ll play for the simple fact that it was more of a nerve/choke out than a concussion. He’s only in the protocol because if you look like you had a concussion, you are automatically entered into the protocol. He reportedly passed all the tests on Sunday and with the way he was running back to the locker room, it didn’t look like he had a concussion. The defender’s arm was around his Cortaid artery and it doesn’t take much to choke someone out.

  8. Was there any doubt he wouldn’t play??? If there is a way to cheat a system they will find a way to get him out there sunday

  9. Josh Allen is good but the experience of Mahomes will prevail. Bills need to get more playoff experience. Maybe next yr.

  10. The intimidated Bills fans disguised as medical experts saying he shouldn’t play are comical.

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