Dan Campbell: Lions roster isn’t as far away as some may think

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The Lions finished with a winning record in three of their four years under Jim Caldwell. But they were 14-33-1 in their last three seasons under Matt Patricia and interim head coach Darrell Bevell.

Still, the team’s new head coach Dan Campbell is apparently optimistic about the state of the roster he and new General Manager Brad Holmes have inherited.

“Certainly there are pieces here I like. There’s a number of pieces here I was excited about. Is there going to need to be a little retooling as Brad would say? Yeah, there is. Those are the facts of the matter,” Campbell said, via Tim Twentyman of the Lions’ website. “But I’m not so sure this is what some may think it is or as far away as some may think it is.”

Campbell also told Twentyman he’s excited to work with Holmes, who was the Rams director of college scouting before accepting the job in Detroit.

“We bounce everything off each other and he has been better than advertised,” Campbell said. “You talk about a fit. He and I see things very much alike. He’s no different than me. He has zero ego. He’s all about Dan, ‘What can I do to help you?'”

That partnership will be critical to getting the roster re-tooled and making Detroit a competitor quickly.

11 responses to “Dan Campbell: Lions roster isn’t as far away as some may think

  1. You have a QB which is big and you have WRs which anyone can find. Just need everything else cause you OL is awful and you have nothing on D.

  2. I think everyone knows that we’re better than an 0-16 teams here, but that doesn’t mean we’re close to being anything close to relevant. I just hope this “re-tooling” Campbell and Holmes keep pushing include getting Stafford to a winner for a least a first rounder, and drafting a QB for the future.

  3. Roster can’t be that bad. They get a top 10 draft pick every single year for 30 years.

  4. The forger regime were clueless Patriot cult followers who thought scheme and not the players won all those rings in New England. One of the first things Bob Quinn did was gift Kyle Van Noy to his old boss for a 6th round pick where KVN became a stud. Dan Campbell just spoke about knowing what a player can do and finding a way to get him into position to do it. That’s the complete opposite of shipping a good 3-4 rush basket out of town because you run the 4-3 now. I have no doubt this guy can get the most out of his roster where Quinn and Patricia failed miserably.

  5. He definitely has a big job ahead of him. If I had a six year contract I would start by trading Stafford to a possible contender (Indianapolis, San Francisco, New orleans) get a young QB (either thru free agency or draft) and start building thru the draft. Since there previous draft have been luke warm at best you may have to change the entire scouting staff. Best of luck to him and Detroit. Do not have a horse in this race but would love to see them relevant again!

  6. who does he think they are,Mike Holmgren and Ron Wolf? that combination of success doesnt happen often and its never happened in Detroit.the road to continual success starts at the top as every long suffering Lions fan knows and they now say after so many years just say,show us,dont just talk about it,we heard it all before for thirty years.

  7. You are what your record is, Coach Parcells. The roster is horrible it is very far off but im not trying to get a head coaching job so i can tell the truth.

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