Dwayne Haskins visiting Steelers

Carolina Panthers v Washington Football Team
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Former Washington Football Team quarterback Dwayne Haskins‘ bid for a new team has taken him to Pittsburgh.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Haskins is visiting with the Steelers on Tuesday. Haskins also met with the Panthers recently.

Haskins was a 2019 first-round pick, but his time in Washington came to an end before the final week of the 2020 season. Haskins had not played well, but his exit was accelerated by an incident that saw him fined and stripped of his captaincy for being out at a party without a mask.

Steelers backup quarterback Devlin Hodges said farewell to Pittsburgh this week and Josh Dobbs is set for free agency. Mason Rudolph remains under contract behind Ben Roethlisberger.

15 responses to “Dwayne Haskins visiting Steelers

  1. He should get a tour of the city and a nice meal … before he leaves without a contract.

  2. I know they’re just doing their due diligence, and I hope Haskins lands somewhere and does great, but I don’t think this is a good fit.

  3. I agree that the small town of Pittsburgh is a bad fit, but totally different reasons. First and foremost, Pittsburgh is too racist to have a BLACK quarterback. The citizens of the city have the morality of the devil…I don’t recall this type of negativity when BEN was raping women in the bathroom! Crickets…..Just like I thought….Go burn some crosses, you hicks are very good at that….YEAH I SAID IT…WHAT WHAT….

  4. Enjoy his 100 mile an hour non accurate screen passes and throwing into double coverage with wide open men right in front of him 8 times a game.

    Signed, The WFT

  5. I had no idea the Steelers were looking for a serious downgrade at QB once Roethlisberger eventually retires. Haskins isn’t even good enough to be 2nd-string.

  6. I’m definitely in the minority on this, but I think it would be beneficial to both the Steelers and Haskins to get a contract signed. Haskins has some skills, but his poor mechanics and immaturity overshadow that. He won’t cost much to sign and the team can find out pretty quickly whether getting released by the WFT has forced Haskins to grow up. If so, with some solid coaching Haskins can clean up his mechanics and become a much better passer. Low risk, high reward situation for the Steelers.

  7. No self discipline, disregards the rules, does whatever he wants, screw anyone who doesn’t like it. The Steelers need some more of those, ie Juju, Bell, Brown…Perfect Fit.

  8. Signed by the Steelers, reportedly. Don’t love the move for character reasons (and my entrenched hatred of OSU). But assuming there is little or no guaranteed money involved, let him come into camp and show whether he’s capable of improving as a player and a person. If not, he won’t last until September.

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