Eric Bieniemy: Obviously, yes I do want to be a head coach

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It’s looked for a while like Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy would not get a head coaching job in the 2021 hiring cycle. With just the Texans job available after the Eagles picked Nick Sirianni on Thursday, that’s very close to fruition.

But Bieniemy isn’t letting the fact that he’s become a symbol of this coaching cycle distract him from doing his job.

“It’s always good to be mentioned and have an opportunity to pursue your dreams. And obviously, yes, I do want to be a head coach,” Bieniemy said in his press conference. “But when it’s all said and done with, my job is to make sure everything that we’re doing right now is not to take away from the goals we’re trying to accomplish. The only thing that matters [is] today we got better. Today, we had an opportunity to make sure we can take care of situational football, as far as short yardage, goal line, and our third-down situations. So now it’s time for us to go back in and chop wood, watch this tape, and get ready for the next day. We want to make sure we’re getting our guys ready to make sure they can take care of business on Sunday.

“My own personal business, when all that’s time to take care of itself, that will take care of itself. But thanks for asking.”

Bieniemy has interviewed with the Texans and is reportedly still in consideration for their head coaching vacancy. But with Deshaun Watson unhappy and potentially on the verge of asking for a trade, sticking as Kansas City’s offensive coordinator for another year may be a more attractive option.

15 responses to “Eric Bieniemy: Obviously, yes I do want to be a head coach

  1. I don’t get it. If there was something really wrong with this guy’s background, he wouldn’t be a member of Andy Reid’s coaching staff.

  2. He may end up being the new “Norv Turner”. Turner spent years being the “hot” coordinator…being in the mix for every job opening for decades.
    When he finally got his chance, he never won anything in 15 years as head coach.

  3. Imagine a scenario where Beinemy takes the Texans job, and gets the hometown QB who wants to be there in Stafford along w the 7th overall pick. No Watson (he’s in Detroit now) but that’s not a bad start.

  4. i do like his…”were focussed on NOW” attitude
    he would have crushed it for the Chargers….

  5. Houston is really in a box now. Even if EB knocked the interview out of the park, arguments will be made they are trying to placate their QB and EB could wonder if he thinks he got the job because of the QB what internal message does that send. What a mess. He absolutely deserves a HC job and he will get there soon enough. I actually believe he deserves better than Houston.

  6. As a Chiefs fan, I don’t want him going anywhere but I can see him in Texas, partly as a D.Watson chill-out mechanism. Right or wrong, I believe him not calling the plays is being held against him.

  7. The knock on EB is that he doesn’t call the plays. That’s the only reason I can think of on why he doesn’t have a HC job yet.

  8. I don’t understand teams that are in such a hurry to hire coaches and don’t want to wait until the playoffs are over. That being said, the comment about Norv Turner is applicable here. How many coordinators have taken NFL coaching jobs only to have miserable records. I believe the biggest reason for that is they are taking over teams that are a total mess. Most of those jobs are open because they were terrible the year before. Is it really that bad to be the OC on the Chiefs? With Mahomes they are going to be good for many years. Why leave that and go into the pressure cooker of being a head coach with a terrible organization? I don’t know about you guys but I think I’d be happy being the OC. Just ask Norv Turner, Gus Bradley, Josh McDaniels, and a long list of others.

    I like EB and I would hate to see him go somewhere and end up being the next Matt Patricia–through no fault of his own but because the organization is a perennial loser.

  9. He shouldn’t sweat it. It took Tony Dungy way too long to get hired considering how good his defenses were in Minnesota, and when he finally got his shot, it worked out. Andy Reid endorsing him would be good enough for me, but these other people know better apparently.

  10. Tony Broome says:
    January 21, 2021 at 7:03 pm
    The knock on EB is that he doesn’t call the plays. That’s the only reason I can think of on why he doesn’t have a HC job yet.

    Well if he doesn’t call the plays he probably doesn’t have his own playbook either, or at least not one Reid feels worthy of using so that says a whole lot also! When an OC is hired as a HC he’s expected to bring his playbook with him and in this case he can’t take the Chiefs playbook anywhere since its not his to take.

    These people that just see Eric on the Chiefs sideline and know he’s the OC so they claim “he needs a chance at HC” have tunnel vision and they need to take the blinders off and look at the entire picture instead of just the part that Bieniemy is a OC on a high pctane offense, when you look at the big picture you see things in a brighter, clearer light and you notice things you didn’t see before!

  11. Head coaches that get hired earlier get a better pick pool for their coordinators, who then get a better pick pool for their assistants. But that doesn’t make an early hire necessarily better.

  12. He has already said that he is waiting on the perfect position…but hasn’t said what his definition of perfect is. I still think he his hoping Reid will retire. Which could very well happen if they get another Lombardi this year.

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