Gary Kubiak retires, again

Denver Broncos training camp
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Four years ago, Gary Kubiak retired as head coach of the Broncos. As expected, Kubiak has now retired as offensive coordinator of the Vikings.

The Vikings announced the decision on Thursday.

“It’s been the honor of my lifetime to work for 36 seasons as an NFL player and coach,” Kubiak, who served as head coach of the Texans and Broncos (winning Super Bowl 50), said in a statement. “I’ve been on a football field for most of my life, and now I look forward to stepping away from the game and enjoying more time with my family and friends.”

One member of his family could be too busy to spend time with him, proving yet again the final verse of Cat’s In The Cradle. Gary has been lobbying, we’re told, for his son Klint to take over the Minnesota offense.

If it’s not Klint Kubiak, the current quarterbacks coach in Minnesota, the Vikings will need to find someone else. And with the leadership of the team arguably moving toward the hot seat for 2021, it could be hard to get an offensive coordinator with options to opt to become the key member of the coaching staff who will, or won’t, save the day.

34 responses to “Gary Kubiak retires, again

  1. Variants of his offensive style is seen all around the NFL these days. Powerful zone-based running game complemented by heavy play action and bootlegs. Kyle Shanahan, Robert Saleh, Kevin Stefanski and Matt Lafleur owe a lot to this dude. One of the best coaching trees.

  2. With the current offensive line, no one can make the offense work. Bring Mike Tice back one more time……

  3. Constantly getting run over by a bus driven by Mike Zimmer would drive most sane people into retirement. That and fighting the Lions every year for 3rd place in the division.

  4. Sorry to hear that former Packer GM Ted Thompson passed away. His very first pick was Aaron Rodgers. Thompson always believed in taking the best player available on the draft board when he was on the clock…

  5. The Vikings 2021 season is going to lead to a Zimmer and Spielman firing and this ends one era and into a long rebuilding era that probably eliminates this team from playoff contention for the next 5 years.

  6. Whenever someone says they’re retiring to spend more time with their family, they should check with the family first.

  7. Ship is sinking viking fans, yet another slammed shut window, with nothing but an epic failure.

  8. Actually Kubiak was part of Mike Shanahan’s coaching tree and learned his run based offensive style when he was Shanahan’s OC during John Elway’s SB wins. Shanahan, may not have been a great HC but was one of the best OCs of his generation. Kubiak, who spent his playing career as Elway’s backup, called the plays, but it was Shanahan who created the offensive scheme around league MVP and SB MVP, RB Terrell Davis.Kyle Shanahan, Matt LeFleur and Sean Payton were all on Shanahan’s Redskins staff.

  9. Is this a re-run? Like Urban Meyer coming out of retirement. I’ve seen this episode before.

  10. How many offensive coordinators are out there with the 1970s mentality Zimmer wants? Not only that, the job is career suicide. Zimmer will be gone in a year, maybe two at most, until he’s finally fired.

  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if next year you writing this type of story again with headline Urban Myers retires again lol….

  12. As a Broncos fan, I’ll always have respect for Gary Kubiak. Just like Elway, Kubiak played a huge part in all 3 Super Bowl wins (2 rings as OC, 1 ring as HC) and is a Broncos legend. I think Gary finally realized that the NFL is different now and his 90’s style offense, with the QB almost always under center, doesn’t work anymore. I wish him good luck in retirement and thank him for his contribution to the Denver Broncos and the NFL.

  13. Ehh…the Vikings will be fine. They make the playoffs in odd-numbered years and bomb during even-numbered years. They do just well enough to keep Zimmer around long enough to let them down the following year.

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