Jaguars announce hiring of Trent Baalke as G.M.


What was reported is now official, as the Jaguars have announced the hiring of Trent Baalke as their General Manager.

Baalke served as the club’s interim G.M. after Dave Caldwell was fired in late November. He’d joined the team as director of player personnel in February 2020.

“Trent Baalke has had success at virtually every level of football, notably so as a General Manager who shrewdly and quickly built an NFL conference championship organization and team,” Jaguars owner Shad Khan said in a statement. “That experience inspired us to recruit Trent to Jacksonville a year ago to serve as our director of player personnel and is one of the many reasons why we are naming Trent as the new General Manager of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Trent thoroughly knows the NFL and the dynamics of today’s game, has an exceptional eye for talent, and I know will have excellent chemistry with head coach Urban Meyer as they begin their mission to bring a consistent winner to our fans in Jacksonville.”

Baalke was previously the 49ers General Manager from 2011-2016. San Francisco won the NFC in 2012, representing the conference in Super Bowl XLVII. The 49ers were 51-44-1 with Baalke as G.M.

“I would like to thank Shad Khan for the opportunity to continue with the Jacksonville Jaguars as the team’s General Manager,” Baalke said in a statement. “I look forward to getting to work with coach Meyer and giving Jaguars fans everywhere the winner they deserve. I am confident that our shared vision will lead our team to success in 2021 and beyond.”

29 responses to “Jaguars announce hiring of Trent Baalke as G.M.

  1. Baalke must have something on Meyer because there is no way you hire this dude. He gutted the Niners roster, ran off Harbaugh and hired Tomsula as his replacement. He also drafts guys coming off ACL tears. He’s a horrible GM. Good luck, Jags.

  2. ” … giving Jaguars fans everywhere the winner they deserve.” Reference to more games in London?

  3. Feel for the couple of Jaguar fans that have stuck with this team. Have a chance to start over as a franchise and become a winner but instead they hire a coach that will leave in a couple of years and a retread failure at GM. Such a wasted a opportunity.

  4. So Jim Harbaugh’s GM just got hired to be Urban Meyer’s new GM? You can’t script stranger storylines than this.

  5. Anyone who thinks the Jags are going to do anything but rack up double-digit loss seasons is delusional. Here you have a chance to start anew and hire a competent GM and they hire this clown. The only reason he had a job with the Jags is because nobody else wanted him after what he did with the Niners. I’m glad the city council voted down his proposal for Lot J. He doesn’t deserve it. Plus, if he’s clueless enough to hire Baalke as his GM he doesn’t deserve one penny of tax money from the citizens of Jacksonville.

  6. Fantastic!!! With a roster void of any talent how could this go wrong? I mean he can’t make it any worse, can he?

  7. I guess they will draft a bunch of players who are always injured and not that good even when they are playing.

  8. What on earth are they thinking? Baalke must be some kinda Svengali because anyone who looked at how he destroyed the 49ers would have run in the opposite direction. And just like that Urban Meyer began having heart murmurs.

  9. Wait for the leaks and rumors to start tearing the Jags down as it did with Niners. As a Niners fan, I wish the Seahawks, Rams, or Cardinals were the team to hire him.

  10. Baalke comes with baggage. Not sure why that wasn’t listed. There are reasons he didn’t make it in SF.

  11. My sympathies to all Jaguar fans. Baalke was GM in San Francisco and presided over the hiring of Mike Nolan, Mike Singletary, Chip Kelly, and Jiim Tomsula (none of which posted a winning season). In addition, Baalke had a habit of signing players coming off significant injuries (ACL/MCL). Among 49ers fandom it was a running joke that anyone who was injured (or soon to come back from injury) would be looked at by Baalke. Unless he’s changed a whole lot since his tenure in SF, fans in Jacksonville are in for a rough time.

  12. @supercharger

    I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought this. How much of a middle finger is this to Harbaugh I wonder.

  13. Baalke stabs Meyer in the back and hires the offensive line coach to put his “stamp” on the franchise.

  14. Meyer is in control, not Baalke. Baalke will give his input, but it’s up to Meyer as to who gets signed or drafted. Baalke will just write up the contracts. Urban has the ultimate control and decision making

  15. Baalke took a team that got to a SB and in two years turned it into the second worst,next to the Browns, team in the NFL. SF became a plague team that both good players and coaches refused to join. The good players and coaches they had, left as soon as their contracts were up, their replacements we’re end of the line guys like Reggie Bush, just after a last few pay checks before officially retiring. Baalke? Really?

  16. Maybe he can pair Trevor Lawrence with AJ Jenkins, Rashaun Woods, LaMichael James, Brandon Williams or any other of Baalke’s amazing draft selections.

  17. Poor Jags fans. It just never stops. This was a decision you will be a hot topic of conversation on your forums well after Baalke is gone. Take it from this 49ers fan. I am honestly shocked he’s gotten his opportunity again so quickly after the mess he created in SF.

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