K.J. Wright: Seahawks bringing me back would be a great investment

Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright finished his first decade in the NFL this season and he’s not ready to find something else to do just yet.

Wright started all 16 games for the second straight season and said “this season was everything that I hoped it would be” because he was “making plays all over the field.” He finished the year with 86 tackles, two sacks, two fumble recoveries, an interception, and a forced fumble.

Seattle has been Wright’s home for his entire professional career and he would like to return for an 11th year with the Seahawks, but his contract is up.

“That’s up to Pete and John,” Wright said, via Brady Henderson of ESPN.com. “They know how much I mean to this team. They know that I’m a baller, they know I’m a great teammate, a great leader and it would be a great investment — in my opinion — if they invest in K.J. and to bring him back into the building. You get what you pay for and I bring a lot to the table still.”

2020 first-round pick Jordyn Brooks could complicate a return to action. He played just under 32 percent of the snaps as a rookie while Wright was on the field for just over 86 percent of them. If the Seahawks want Brooks to see more time, it would likely come at Wright’s expense and that could complicate a return.

8 responses to “K.J. Wright: Seahawks bringing me back would be a great investment

  1. Seahawks cannot afford Wright after drafting Brooks and with a retooling of the offense he shouldn’t be back. Hawks need depth at RB and need to get younger on defense or they will have wasted Wilson’s prime. That being said Wright would be a good fit in Dallas for Quinn or the Jets with Saleh.

  2. 2 year deal.

    He and Wagner are best buds, and the most fearsome LB duo in the game, and have been for 8 years.

    Plus, he has actually earned it, possibly his best season yet this season, maybe the switch of sides helped, but he is as vital to that defence as anyone not named Bobby Wagner.

  3. It’s not Brooks’s playing time that is the issue. It’s Wright’s CAP hit that will be the issue. Brooks actually could help extend the career of Wright, if he will accept the shared playing time with reduced salary? That likely won’t happen, and the team will have to let him move on to make much more money in the next few years for a few other teams. Whatever he needs to do for himself & family, & no matter what ultimately happens; Great respect for his play, his person will remain.

  4. By definition, the “business” of football is not about winning, but about profit. Thus, it all depends upon whether management’s goal is profit or victory.

    For victory, I vote for K.J. Wright!

    I suggest that the evidence of a greater motive for profit is shown by the Seahawks neglect to establish a more healthy strength and conditioning program — for which there is no cap. Under Pete Carroll, the Seahawks have been one of the 8 most injured teams every year, and they have played in the #1 most injurious stadium in the league.

  5. They have to resign KJ. He had his best year yet, and is one of their best players on defense. Brooks may never get to KJ’s current level! There is risk because of his age, but a 2-3 year contract is warranted.

  6. Seahawkcritique is wrong. Players like to work out on their own. Treat them like the professionals they are. If they are lazy, show them the door. Football is tough, but fun too!

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