Patrick Mahomes practicing again on Thursday

Divisional Round - Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs
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Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is back on the practice field on Thursday.

Reporters at the open portion of Chiefs practiced shared word and images of Mahomes going through the session with his helmet on. Word from the team about his participation level will come later in the day.

There was some uncertainty about how much Mahomes practiced on Wednesday as the Chiefs changed his listing from full to limited participation, but he was on the field a few days after being forced out of a playoff win over the Browns. Mahomes is in the concussion protocol and has a toe injury as well.

Back-to-back days of on-field work is a good sign for Mahomes’ chances of clearing the protocol and playing against the Bills.

Nate Taylor of TheAthletic reports that linebacker Willie Gay (ankle) and running back Le’Veon Bell (knee) were not on the field. Gay was the only Chief listed as a non-participant on Wednesday.

14 responses to “Patrick Mahomes practicing again on Thursday

  1. It’s remarkable what a quick healer he is. Very, very remarkable. Nothing to see here at all.

  2. Even if he had a clear concussion, I highly doubt that he would sit out this game… to much on the line for his career and chief’s organization… I know the NFL is strict on it during regular season but postseason is far more on the line.. so this news isn’t unexpected!

  3. The league has no choice but to turn and look the other way. Television ratings have to stop slipping…

  4. In a lot of cocussion cases it has turned out to be a 2 to 3 week vacation, lets see how this plays out !!!

  5. The Hunt’s are the founding family of nearly half the NFL and have their name on a conference trophy.
    Mahomes is going to play even if he’s still seeing triple and doesn’t know what day of the week it is.

  6. When Players around league say the NFL cares more about money than there players this is example A

  7. Wow, all the internet neurologists, I mean trolls, come out of the woodwork to say “he definitely had a concussion” or “of coarse he shouldn’t but will play”. No one who watched on TV actually knows if it was truly a concussion or not. You can’t diagnose that over TV, sorry – not sorry. If he is cleared to play, that is that. No symptoms after initial wooziness (which could have been caused by lots of things besides a concussion too), and practicing two days in a row (following protocol). These facts lead to a strong possibility that it was not even a concussion. Move along, nothing to see unless he gets ruled out. And if you are betting one way or the other….tough, that is why it’s called gambling.

  8. I wonder if there was this much furvor in the comments back in 2019 when Josh Allen came back a week after being knocked out cold.

    Most players don’t miss a single game after going into concussion protocol, it’s a fact. If we were talking about someone like Mitch Morse (who’s had several concussions during his career) it would likely be weeks, but we’re not.

  9. LOL @ ChiefsKindom24

    I’m not a professional. But really…

    Dude – he got his bell RUNG on national television. You *can* totally get a mild concussion form the whiplash motion his head went through on that play.

    All of the “he got choked” or “it was a nerve pinch” excuses are people looking for anything BUT the obvious. You don’t get the fencing response, get wobbly legs, and unfocused eyes from a “nerve pinch”…

    But whatever, it looks like he is doing fine. Awesome! I am legitimately glad for that. I like him as a player and hope he has a long and productive career.

    I’m not saying he can’t clear the concussion protocol in a week. Plenty of players do. Heck, Josh Allen did LAST season. I’m not even saying he shouldn’t play.

    (In fact – if he is medically cleared – I WANT him to play, so that if the Bills beat them, there won’t be that as an excuse.)

    But yeah – as they say – “if you hear pounding hooves, don’t expect zebras.” He had a(n apparently mild) concussion. You know it, I know it, and the NFL knows it, too. That’s why he’s in the concussion protocol.

    But, If he’s good to go – play on! See you in K.C. and may the best team win.

    Let’s go Buffalo!

  10. I like P Mahomes- I am a fan, but some of the comments here are certainly wishful thinking, bordering on denial. PM had a concussion- that much is certain. He displayed a classic concussion posture called ‘fencing’- that was the non-voluntary extended left arm and flexed left foot (in his case). The respnse occurs after trauma that impacts the brainstem. That trauma will momentarily reactivate the ATNR, a response in newborns that reappears as an involuntary response to the injury. Concerning is that the ‘fencing’ response generally indicates a moderate brain injury, not simply a mild one. Perhaps PM is an amazing healer and he will play well w/o any further issues. But risk is there. I would rather see him sit out, KC win with Henne, and then PM comes back for the SB.

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