Trent Baalke on No. 1 pick: There are no easy decisions in the NFL

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The Jaguars have the No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 draft and the heavy expectation is they’ll use it to select Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

But in his introductory press conference on Thursday, General Manager Trent Baalke pushed back against the notion that whoever Jacksonville picks will be an easy decision.

“I don’t know if that word exists in the National Football League,” Baalke said. “So it certainly puts you in the driver’s seat, but there are no easy decisions in the National Football League. You work through the process, you do the best job you can, and then you make the decision based on the knowledge you’ve acquired.”

Head coach Urban Meyer, who also attended the virtual press conference, said he and Baalke have talked a little about the first overall pick. But Meyer’s focus has been on crafting his coaching staff to this point.

Both men said they planned on working together on the draft to get it right. Meyer took a question about who has the ultimate authority to make selections, saying it will be a shared responsibility not only between him and Baalke but also owner Shad Khan.

But Baalke acknowledged what Meyer did last week — this upcoming pick at No. 1 overall will be hugely consequential for the franchise.

“Anytime you have the first pick in the draft and you’re making a decision that’s this impactful to the organization, there’s challenges with that,” Baalke said. “So it’s an extremely important decision and I’m looking forward to going through the process with coach and ownership to make that decision.”

25 responses to “Trent Baalke on No. 1 pick: There are no easy decisions in the NFL

  1. Working together is always a good move, unless your a draft Day genius like Ryan Pace then you don’t need any advice.

  2. This guy makes Ryan Grigson look like Bill Belichick. Sorry Jags fan, he was the worst thing to happen to the Niners since the Yorks took over. I want to believe people can change for the better but he’s too stubborn and arrogant for words. Good luck

  3. I’m still trying to overcome the shock of Khan giving this clown the GM job. This just guarantees the Jags will be in the running for the #1 pick every year.

  4. Trent also famously did not get along or able t worked to the head coach Harbaugh while in SF 49er. Then promote a line coach to be the head coach. Hope they don;t repeat in Jacksonville.

  5. He had to have meant to “there are no unimportant decisions,” because picking Lawrence is pretty easy.

  6. A.J. Jenkins, 1st round pick, 2012 draft for the Niners. Played in 3 games, 1 target, 0 receptions, 0 yards, 0 TD’s.

  7. “Shared responsibility” = incoming disaster. Jags fans must shudder every time they read/hear that the owner is going to be in on the draft day decisions.

  8. Let’s not pretend that Baalke has any say over who the Jaguars pick. If Urban tells him to go out and pick up Zaxby’s for the coaches during the draft, that’s exactly what he’ll do.

  9. It will be more difficult for you Trent since none of the top rated picks have torn ACLs they are rehabbing from. Good luck!

  10. Maybe not, but the easiest decision in the last 20 years is to take Trevor Lawrence #1. Actually this will not be a difficult decision for Baalke because he won’t be involved. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that Urban Meyer suddenly felt the urge to get back into coaching the year Lawrence was coming out, and there was a job opening with the team that has the #1 pick. Trevor Lawrence could be the best QB of all time. But anything is possible with the owner of the Jags. Hiring Baalke is not consistent with making good decisions, but was expected of this owner.

  11. Unless Trevor Lawrence tears at least one of his ACL’s riding his bike or something between now and the draft then there is no way that Baalke picks him.

  12. Baalke did have his moments, he could pick defense.
    However, when he started reaching and started picking promise (injured players) over known commodities, he started his downfall.
    If he can avoid this, he should have more success in Jax. Jury’s out, though.

  13. This is the PERFECT hire, because Urban needs a GM that will be satisfied with the title, and the paperwork and that will have no player control or power of a traditional GM. Urban needs someone to work with the Union, the NFL, contracts, and cap stuff. He is likely competent in that role. The idea that anyone thinks he is going to be making picks is beyond silly. If you think he will “run off” Urban like he did Harbaugh, you aren’t paying attention. We aren’t going to have the issue you niners fans are crying about. Don’t get me wrong, not positive Urban can do it well either, just saying Baalke is not a traditional GM.

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