With Philip Rivers retired, Russell Wilson has longest active QB starts streak

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In retiring yesterday, Philip Rivers brought to an end his streak of 240 consecutive games started, and 252 counting the playoffs. That was the longest active streak in the NFL, and the second-longest streak in NFL history.

With Rivers’ retirement, Russell Wilson now has the longest active streak of consecutive starts by a quarterback, at 144 games, and 160 counting the playoffs.

To give an idea of how unlikely it is that anyone will break Brett Favre’s all-time record, consider this: Wilson has the longest active streak, but he isn’t even halfway to Favre’s record of 297 consecutive starts (321 counting playoffs).

When Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady takes the field in the NFC Championship Game, it will be his 89th consecutive start. That’s the second-longest active streak in the NFL. Counting the playoffs, Brady has three of the 18 longest streaks of consecutive games started in NFL history. Brady started 128 consecutive games from his first start as Drew Bledsoe’s replacement until his 2008 knee injury. Then Brady started 126 consecutive games from his return from that knee injury until his 2016 Deflategate suspension. And now Brady is at 88 consecutive starts.

With the NFL planning to move to 17-game seasons, it will get a little easier for a quarterback to catch up to Favre. But even at 17 regular-season games a year, Wilson is nine years away from tying Favre.

9 responses to “With Philip Rivers retired, Russell Wilson has longest active QB starts streak

  1. Even with all of the new rules protecting quarterbacks, it’s very difficult to see anyone touching Favre’s record.

  2. Eli Manning 2 Superbowls and MVPS … Philip Rivers ZERO … great trade …thanks Chargers.

  3. I do wonder in this age of the mobile QB (that opens up scoring) that once a QB loses mobility due to age or loses a step due to injury that teams will become inclined to replace them with younger and inexpensive ones from the draft. Just like running backs, QBs could be on the way out once they hit 30 unless the team can transition to stay dominant with a pocket QB.

  4. redlikethepig says:
    January 21, 2021 at 9:44 am
    Eli Manning 2 Superbowls and MVPS … Philip Rivers ZERO … great trade …thanks Chargers.
    The Giants were a much better team than the Chargers and the Chargers failings were not really on Rivers. Had the Giants kept Rivers and the draft choices that they traded to the Chargers for Manning, the Giants would have been an even better team than they were, maybe winning three or four Super Bowls, while the Chargers with Manning would have had zero.

  5. Rivers may pull a Favre and decide to comeback. Who knows how he will feel in June ? The Colts need to decide on a replacement though Rivers could try to go somewhere else, if he is not hired as a broadcaster.

  6. Remarkable streak even where it is just now, given that only 1 season of 9 seasons has been sacked less than 40 times, whereas Rivers has had just 2 seasons of 17 where he had been sacked 40 or more times.

  7. Ya Brady hasnt been so good since they fixed his PSI…

    NFL should do the right thing and give the picks back.

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