Bears announce the promotion of Sean Desai to defensive coordinator

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The Bears announced the promotion of Sean Desai from safeties coach to defensive coordinator. Desai, 37, replaces Chuck Pagano, who announced his retirement Jan. 13 after 36 years in coaching.

Desai originally joined the Bears in 2013 and is the only remaining holdover from former coach Marc Trestman’s staff. Desai spent six seasons as a defensive quality control assistant from 2013-18 before the Bears promoted him to safeties coach in 2019.

“We are very fortunate and excited to promote from within and announce Sean Desai has been named defensive coordinator for our football team,” coach Matt Nagy said in a statement. “He is a person of high football intelligence, extremely detail-oriented, has a very strong work ethic and I cannot think of someone more deserving to lead our defense.

“Sean is a family man of high character and the respect he has within our building from coaches, players and staff is unparalleled.”

13 responses to “Bears announce the promotion of Sean Desai to defensive coordinator

  1. Bears (McCaskey) have one rule in filling slots. CHEAP. Thats why he kept the two halfwits Replacing pace and nagy would involve severanc buy outs and salaries for the new guys, We ar so screwed

  2. When Virginia McCaskey passes, I really hope her joke family cashes out. We need an owner who can solve the QB riddle and finally bring an end to getting pantsed by the Cheese Heads. I mean, how hard is it to be a fan of a team who has fallen bass ackwards into two HOF QBs in a row? If you can still stomach being a fan of a team who has NEVER had a franchise QB, you deserve a good owner who didn’t inherit the team. But please, new owner, don’t sell fake team stock as our friends to the North got fleeced and think they “own” a part of the team.

  3. idc anymore. I’ve thrown in the towel on this season. We have a ton of cap space next year and heads will role. After Nick Foles leads the Bears to a 0-16 season and Mack demands to be traded.

  4. Analysts are saying to watch for Eddie Jackson to come back in a big way with Desai in charge. That he was badly misused and basically relegated to a nonfactor in Pagano’s scheme. Bears fans would certainly welcome that and it would go a long way toward resolving the lack of turnovers forced and inability to get off the field in 3rd and longs this past season. If Desai can do that, along with restoring the pass rush and teaching how to tackle, the Bears D could rebound nicely in ’21.

  5. Well congrats to Coach Desai, and I’m sure he earned the opportunity, but this feels like a process (Nagy would love that word) of elimination. Last one in the building gets the gig.

  6. It’s bothersome that Desai worked under Pagano, whose defense didn’t work well with the personnel. But he also worked under Vic Fangio, and if he can bring the Fangio style defense back with this current roster, he should be rewarded with a long career as a DC.

  7. I’m a Vikings fan living in Chicago. Unfortunately, this is a really good choice. I was hoping they would hire Singletary.

  8. Many times I have read that some owners are more concerned with costs than with competitiveness. I do not understand or believe that. You buy a team for about a $Billion… and then being a high quality team is secondary? Just to invite your upper crust friends to watch them get whooped every week? Who would think like that? It seems more likely that the NFL is intensely competitive and some organizations are dysfunctional, while others have a great grasp for continued success.

  9. Already on the staff. Saves moving costs and a 3 month housing allowance. Easy to see why they kept Phillips.

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