Jerry Hughes: We like that the experts don’t give us credit

Wild Card Round - Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
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The Bills are underdogs against the Chiefs this weekend and that suits defensive end Jerry Hughes just fine.

Hughes said this week that he’s seen a lot of people picking the Chiefs to beat the Bills and advance to the Super Bowl. He acknowledged that the Chiefs have a number of great players “so you can pump them up,” but that the Bills will work to make sure that they are the team being talked about when the game is over.

“These guys, they don’t watch us,” Hughes said, via Matt Parrino of “They think Kansas City is the top dog and that’s fine. Let them have all that talk and the air waves. . . . We like that the experts don’t respect us and don’t want to acknowledge us or give us credit. That’s fine. We’ll just keep punching people in the mouth until we get that credit. And that’s just how it’s gonna be.”

Hughes had two sacks of Lamar Jackson in last Sunday’s win and finding a way to have that kind of success this weekend would go a long way toward sending the underdog to the Super Bowl.