Patrick Mahomes: It’s crazy Eric Bieniemy hasn’t gotten a head coaching job

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As the 2021 head coaching cycle is nearing its end, with only the Texans job remaining open.

There’s still a chance Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy gets that position — if he wants it. But on Friday, Patrick Mahomes still seemed confounded that Bieniemy hasn’t yet been hired to lead a franchise.

It’s crazy, would be the best word to describe it,” Mahomes said in his press conference. “To see the stuff that comes out and then knowing the man that he is and the coach that he is every single day, you don’t understand where the stuff comes from. You understand how great of a coach he is, how great of a person he his, how great of a leader he is. And so, it’s crazy that he hasn’t gotten his chance to become a head coach.

“But I promise you, he’ll keep grinding and keep getting better and better and keep helping us out — which is a positive at the end of the day. And, hopefully, help us continue to go to these AFC Championship Games and go to more Super Bowls.”

Mahomes reportedly recommended Bieniemy to Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, who in turn spoke to Texans leadership about interviewing the Chiefs offensive coordinator. Mahomes didn’t entirely confirm that report when asked about it on Friday, but did reiterate his stance that Bieniemy has earned an opportunity.

“I talked to [Watson] last offseason,” Mahomes said. “Kind of during the season, you don’t talk to guys as much, because obviously you’re trying to go out there and win football games. But maybe after the season, I might shoot him a text or something like that. But I kind of let that stuff kind of handle itself.

“I know coach Bieniemy has done everything the right way and prepared himself to take whatever opportunity that is. And if it happens, I’m very happy for him. If it doesn’t, he’ll continue to grind and be a great offensive coordinator for us. So I’m just happy that he’s getting these opportunities to go out there and interview. And hopefully one of these teams will be smart enough to take him to be the head coach of their football team.”

15 responses to “Patrick Mahomes: It’s crazy Eric Bieniemy hasn’t gotten a head coaching job

  1. Maybe he doesn’t interview well. Of course, how great of an interview could Dan Campbell be?

  2. So a player thinks its shocking his co-worker and friend hasn’t gotten a job? What is exactly news about this?

  3. Patrick – very nice of you advocating for your coach and would assume friend. But…you happen to take a peek into his past?

  4. I sort of wonder if the failures of Doug Pederson and Matt Nagy have made folks a little bit leery of the Andy Reid “coaching tree?”

  5. Not so crazy when EB has already said he is only taking a job when it is the perfect fit. Whatever that means.

  6. What if, rather than him not being offered a job, he’s not taking the jobs that are offered?

  7. When Matt Nagy was the OC for Andy Reid in KC he called the plays.
    Eric Bieniemy is the OC and Andy Reid went back to calling the plays.
    Why ? Andy Reid says he would like EB to have an opportunity to become a Head Coach.
    Last year we had the same issue, EB doesn’t call the plays.
    Why didn’t Andy phase him in as play caller ? Did he try ?

  8. It’s not crazy at all. He’s a glorified offensive assistant. Maybe he’s this hidden genius, but until he either calls the plays or goes somewhere else with a bigger role, he’s just gigantic question mark, who is obviously horrible at job interviews.

  9. tcarl48489 says:
    January 22, 2021 at 3:56 pm
    I sort of wonder if the failures of Doug Pederson and Matt Nagy have made folks a little bit leery of the Andy Reid “coaching tree?”


    Both coaches have winning records. One coach has a super bowl ring and another has taken his team to the playoffs 2 out of 3 years. Teams that are hiring head coaches want something else out of their head coach?

  10. I am not convinced he calls the plays. Everytime I see Reid, he is holding the play sheet.

  11. Bieniemy has the title but everybody knows he is just an assistant. He apparently does not have good people skills, there is something in his past and owners do not like people pushing this guy.

  12. I mean look at the geniuses doing the hiring. Not exactly George Halas and Paul Brown owning teams these days.

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