Report: Philip Rivers could end up in Monday Night Football booth

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Philip Rivers has retired from the NFL, but NFL fans may still see a lot of him.

Rivers would be a candidate for a Monday Night Football analyst job if he’s interested, according to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post. The current plan is to keep the trio of Steve Levy, Brian Griese and Louis Riddick in the booth, but if Rivers is interested that might change.

After a career in which Rivers was known for entertaining trash talk, many fans have thought he’d be a natural for a TV job. Rivers is reportedly planning to coach high school football this year, but coaching on Fridays wouldn’t necessarily preclude him calling games on Mondays.

Rivers could also be motivated to take a broadcasting job because it would enhance his chances of being selected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

It has long been reported that Peyton Manning is ESPN’s first choice for the Monday Night Football booth, but that Manning has turned the job down. Rivers might be the second choice, and it remains to be seen whether he’s interested.

21 responses to “Report: Philip Rivers could end up in Monday Night Football booth

  1. Even with his lack of experience this would be a significant improvement over the past few years for MNF

  2. For God’s sake, do it. And pair him with a pro announcer. That booth has been straight awful since Tirico and Gruden.

  3. Rivers could be the modern equivalent of Dandy Don Meredith. Griese is already as bland as Frank Gifford ever was.

  4. He’s got to be better than jason witten! Jason Witten is a good guy but he tanked hard in the booth! at least rivers is a good talker , hey we said Romo would suck last I remember romo’s cashing million dollar checks.

  5. Get Rivers and a whole new booth. Levy is a good SC anchor, but not so much on the play by play. Riddick and Griese are the same person – literally can’t tell which one of them is talking unless its a live shot of the booth.

  6. Don’t care for him but he does not need Monday night football to get into the hof

  7. Didn’t care what he had to say before. Certainly don’t care what he has to say now.

  8. Manning turned it down because ESPN wouldn’t cover the cost of the
    amount of Clinique Transparency 3 Powder to reduce the shine on his
    forehead would have been $500,000 a season!

  9. If bringing in Rivers means dumping the most embarrassing example of nepotism (Colinsworth’s spawn) this side of the Cowboys organization, then so be it.

  10. They should just edit in takes from some old 3 Stooges episodes and when
    a challenge to a call on the field happens they could argue sides about the
    replay and beat the hell out of each other and Moe could try to poke Curly’s eye out
    and get blocked then crack him over the head with an old cast iron skillet! That
    would beat the current lineup hands down and actually be more entertaining!

  11. Please put him in….booth went from one booger to three boogers…would like to watch mnf with the sound on for a change..way to much yacking….don’t need 3 in the booth that think the game is about them and have to dissect every single play like everyone watchin is watchin a game for the first time and knows nothing about football….shut up please

  12. For 2021, Yep, the broadcast booth is probably the best thing for Philip! He can’t move much anymore and although can still throw 50 yards, his arm strength is going bye-bye…..

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