Robert Saleh: I want players to know I’ll help them get paid as much as possible

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During his time as defensive coordinator of the 49ers, Robert Saleh was known as a coach who was popular with his players. Now that he’s head coach of the Jets, Saleh may be even more popular when his players hear what one of his top priorities is.

Saleh said he considers helping players earn big contracts to be one of his most important jobs as a coach.

“I believe coaches and players are in this thing together,” Saleh said, via the New York Post. “Players want two things from a coach. First: They want to know you care about their well-being. As a coach you make a personal investment in people. And two: Can you help them make enough plays on Sundays for them to get paid as much as possible.”

Saleh said he considers it a joy when a player he has helped to develop earns a big second contract.

“You have to put yourself in players’ shoes,” Saleh said. “They get drafted. They need a personal investment in them so they can get to that second contract and be rewarded. Players should expect that from their coaches and from their organizations. It’s no different in the business world: Come in at entry level, work your tail off and get rewarded. It’s the same mindset in football. Players are human. Make sure they understand that you want what they want: to get them where they want to go.”

That will be music to the ears of Jets players.

37 responses to “Robert Saleh: I want players to know I’ll help them get paid as much as possible

  1. Wish he was still in Seattle. He helped build the Legion of Boom and bring us a Super Bowl trophy. Hated to see him in SF. The results were obvious, though. What a D they had. I hope he can turn NYJ around. If he can’t do it, then it’s a lost cause. I’m sure he’ll have them relevant at least the year after next if not next year.

  2. The salary cap is still a factor, so his popularity will be limited. And as a head coach, you have to make the right decisions for the team and organization not win a popularity contest. We will see how Saleh works out in NY where few people remain popular for long.

  3. Not something any owner wants to hear.
    Attitude like that usually gets one fired eventually.

  4. Way to go Bobby, I’m sure management (who hired you) are happy to hear this. Btw their is a salary cap now.

  5. So winning games and getting a championship isn’t the top of the list? You hired a guy saying this over Eric Bienemy?

  6. Fun Fact: Robert Saleh played football against Matt Lafleur in collage. Two NFL head coaches from the D2 GLIAC conference.

  7. Seems like a bit of a dangerous game promising players the ball in the name of getting paid. Could lead to a lot of locker room quarrels.

  8. I suspect this guy is going to be a great head coach. And Sam Donald will either flourish under Saleh or he’ll become another wasted high draft pick. Time will tell….

  9. I am not really familiar with the coaches typical role in this matter. But it seems like a bad idea. If I guy can’t get paid what he wants, let the GM be the bad guy. The players will be asking you for a better contract all the time. Stay in your lane.

  10. After declaring publicly that he wanted to remain in NY, it’s like Darnold made sure that by winning that first game, the team was no longer in the driver’s seat for the first pick in the 2021 draft,
    Now that Lawrence is out of the picture, the decision to get rid of Darnold for Fields/Wilson is more risky. And the possibility of trading down or taking Sewell to give more protection to Darnold becomes more enticing.

  11. Double edged sword since as a coach he has no control over if that contract is with his team or somewhere else. As a DC what he said is fine. As a head coach it’s a head scratcher since agents can use that comment against your team when it’s negotiation time.

  12. I’ll be interested to see how this works out. If you’ve got two WR’s both lobbying for more targets how do you keep them both happy? Let’s say you go to the locker room at the half and one guy has 5 catches for 2 TDs and the other guy hasn’t even been targeted.

  13. Jets went from Trevor Lawrence and a potentially big name hire to this. The debacle of the Gase error leaving scars.

  14. I see the benefit to this from the players perspective, but it’s the owner who cuts your check. Players have agents to insure they get paid while the coach is management and should be working from that point of view imo. Fine line to walk right there.

  15. Easy for your mouth to write checks that you literally can’t cash in the future….

  16. The best scenario for the Jets:
    they keep Darnold, Saleh will be able to get the best out of Darnold (while Gase got the worst), and they get a trade down offer from Atlanta to grab Sewell before Cincinnati.

  17. Did you forget that you are now management? Not sure your boss likes you spending their moolah 💰

  18. theytrybuttheycantgetridofme says:
    January 22, 2021 at 6:42 am
    Way to go Bobby, I’m sure management (who hired you) are happy to hear this. Btw their is a salary cap now.

    That’s small thinking. The job of a coach is to get players playing to their highest possible potential. If someone works hard and succeeds, they deserve to be paid. Since there’s a salary cap, the solution is not to underpay deserving players – it’s to always have and develop talented young players in the pipeline to replace players who thrive and choose to take more money elsewhere. That’s what great coaches do, and Saleh is striving to be one.

  19. A very interesting approach to player motivation. Wait until some player can’t negotiate what he thinks his value is.

  20. This is going to be a train wreck. From the moment he wore that green striped tie to paying the players money. Wow, not off to a great start.

  21. Sorry Jets fans, I remember Adam Gase saying the same thing when he was Miami’s coach….

  22. New coach, same ownership group in place. The results will be no different than they have been, not because Saleh isn’t a good coach, but because the Johnsons will find a way to screw things up.

  23. Think I’d rather have a coach more worried about winning . And let my play determine the pay I receive

  24. Everyone relax, he’s talking about player development. That is the job of every coaching staff in the league. At first blush it looks like he’s saying something crazy, but he’s just talking about maximizing their potential. It doesn’t matter if that’s the 1st or last guy on your roster, that should always be the plan.

  25. Hes not saying the Jets will pay them a big contract. He is happy to help reveal a star player and see them ride off in the sunset. He helped increase the value of a lot of players on the niners roster.

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