Mack Wilson avoids fine for hit that knocked out Patrick Mahomes

Divisional Round - Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs
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Patrick Mahomes‘ mother took issue with the hit that took her son out of last week’s divisional playoff game. But the NFL did not see it the same way.

The league did not fine Browns linebacker Mack Wilson for the hit that left the Chiefs quarterback with a concussion, Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports.

An independent neurologist cleared Mahomes on Friday to play in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game. He was limited in all three practices this week, listed with the concussion and a toe injury.

Wilson tweeted his relief at Mahomes’ status Friday, writing, “Prayer has been answered.. Go ball out 15! @PatrickMahomes”

Mahomes liked the tweet.

Wilson answered Randi Mahomes’ criticism earlier in the week after she called it “trash football” and questioned why officials hadn’t thrown him out.

No disrespect mom,” Wilson replied. “I’m just playing hard. This is a dangerous game we play and we take a risk every time we step foot on the field. I’m happy that Pat is okay but mind you.. I’ve never been a dirty player. I just want to win and be great like your son.”

Randi Mahomes accepted Wilson’s explanation, and the league apparently saw the hit the same way Wilson did.

34 responses to “Mack Wilson avoids fine for hit that knocked out Patrick Mahomes

  1. My only comment is “dirty Dan” Sorensen shouldn’t be playing this Sunday due to his helmet to helmet hit on Rashard Higgins.

  2. Here’s how you test if it was a clean hit: Ask yourself whether there would be any question about it had Mahomes not gotten hurt. Exactly.

  3. Not only Dirty Dan. That play gets the proper call and the Browns get 7, the Chiefs whole team aint playing this week

  4. ”What did we do wrong? We did nothing wrong!”

    Another useful A Few Good Men quote.

  5. Mahomes was a runner right at the first down line trying to make a first down and Wilson was protecting that line. Clean hit, legit play. No news here

  6. The Browns fans can cry about the end zone fumble forever. The reality is you played the chiefs for a quarter and a half, with a 35 yo back up who threw an end zone interception and you still lost. Good teams make plays. Losers make excuses

  7. Oh for Pete’s sake, there was nothing dirty whatsoever about the hit that took out Mahomes. No shots to the helmet and his head hit the ground, it was a clean play that resulted in a freak accident/injury.

  8. What was the Sorenson fine? That’s really the story. And….did the NFL send an ‘oops…we missed that one letter’ to the Browns?

  9. I didn’t even think it was that bad of a hit when it first happened, and after seeing it twenty times it’s still a good tackle and a final play. Pat just landed weird or something. I can’t even really see where his head got hit. On to the Bills.

  10. Wilson sounds like a classy young man. Stupid play call by the Chiefs. Risking your less than 100% healthy franchise QB on a run down the line. SMH

  11. Why did they even look at this ??

    Do they have to automatically look at every hit or play that causes a concussion ??

  12. dl101693 says:
    January 23, 2021 at 4:55 pm
    Not only Dirty Dan. That play gets the proper call and the Browns get 7, the Chiefs whole team aint playing this week
    You’re delusional first your assuming that would have went ahead and scored a touchdown, second even if they did score the Browns would have still been down 6 points and third it happened in the first half they had a whole other half of football to play. So yeah let’s whine about a play that wouldn’t have gave them the lead with 30 more minutes of football to play and claim it cost them them the game. Do you want some cheese with your wine too?

  13. I’m a life long 50+ fan of the Chiefs. There was nothing wrong with the hit on Mahomes.

  14. That hit was legit, although it had an unfortunate ending. Loved the way Mack handled it. Seems like a nice bloke.

  15. Part of being a running Qb. Tell Mom to stay of social media. She is going to make him a target.

  16. There is NO question the tackle was legit!!!!! Mom needs to stop using social media, it’s a dangerous game.

  17. Bills fans, look at Mack grab the jersey and roll after he was already tackled. He also tried to start a fight at the end of the previous play. Relax.

  18. This is 100% about the outcome of the play rather than what occurred during the play. Perfectly legal tackle, unfortunately Mahomes was injured. If he pops back up after the tackle no one would remember the play let alone question whether Mack should be fined.

  19. It’s not just the wussification of football, it’s the wussification of our society as a whole. Mack Wilson did NOTHING wrong.

  20. The only reason this conversation even exists is that it draws attention away from the Sorensen “definition of illegal hit” hit……the NFL has narratives and the media plays along.

  21. Andy Reid should be fined by his own team by putting his star quarterback at risk by calling such a play.

  22. I wish the Chiefs had another half dozen Dan Sorensen’s on their defense. Dude is a hard nosed & smart football player.

    At times, it seems like he’s disappeared for most games, but he’ll make one or two statement plays, each and every game. He’s especially noticeable during the playoffs.

    Look at the stats and he’s always got 5 to 7 tackles and he’s either picked off a pass, or caused a fumble or made a tackle on a fake punt.

    Dude is money to show up in crunch time.

  23. NFL network showed the ‘94 bills/chiefs game a couple days ago…the hitS that gave Montana a concussion would have gotten folks banned for the year. Three hits and at least two were questionable.

    My how things have changed.

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