Aaron Rodgers on controversial pass interference penalty: It was a bad call

NFC Championship - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Green Bay Packers
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Officials called only six penalties in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game, but the next-to-last one was huge. It sealed the Buccaneers’ 31-26 victory over the Packers.

Maybe if officials hadn’t kept their flags in their pockets all game the Packers wouldn’t have so vehemently disagreed with the pass interference call on Kevin King on third down with 1:41 left.

But officials did, so the Packers did.

“I think it was a bad call,” Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said in his postgame press conference. “I think there were a few opportunities for some plays down the field for us that weren’t called. Just surprised that call in that situation was made. You know we get the ball back with probably 1:35 and a timeout with a chance to win the game and go to the Super Bowl. It didn’t look like it was even catchable. So, yeah, that was a bad call.”

The Packers never saw the ball again as the Bucs picked up a first down on an illegal participation by Green Bay followed by three running plays, allowing Tampa Bay to run out the clock.

51 responses to “Aaron Rodgers on controversial pass interference penalty: It was a bad call

  1. It wasn’t the best most consistent call ever, but it was acceptable and unlikely to have changed the outcome of the game.

  2. Ah, his shirt was fully extended in being pulled. Also, right in front of the ref… pretty easy call

  3. Bad call is going for a field goal down 8 just north of the two minute warning. My wife doesn’t follow football and said they’re stupid. Stop blaming the refs.

  4. It was a terrible call. Tampa got away with mugging all night, but even then, the Packers did nothing with the two fourth quarter turnovers while the Bucs scored on their earlier ones. That’s the game just like the New Orleans game.

  5. The Packers were 13-3, while the Bucs were 11-5. What happened? Remember the first game how the Bucs blew them out 38-10? They should be thankful that Brady and his receivers didn’t play as great in the second half. Otherwise, the Bucs would have won again by at least 20 points.

  6. Biggest crybabies in NFL history. Doesn’t matter what the name is, as soon as they put that uniform on they become whiny, arrogant, entitled babies. GB is the foster child of the NFL, they constantly get borderline calls in their favor, and they have the nerve to cry about a obvious penalty when the only reason they are where they are every season is because they get favored.

  7. Hear that everybody? Flags shouldn’t be thrown when players commit penalties because of “being in that situation.”

    Oh that’s rich. Change the rules because it’s a big game and don’t throw flags when it doesn’t benefit me despite a penalty OBVIOUSLY being committed.

  8. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….It’s ok Aaron, you can come play with TB12’s team next year after Brady retires after this Super Bowl win. Go Bucs!

  9. Green Bay offensive line held all game. Quit complaining. Your finesse team got shut down yet again. Fluffed your record on an easy schedule in a joke of a division.

  10. If the bucs wr actually caught the catchable balls thrown to them it wouldnt have been close at all

  11. There official had to make that call. The defender was pulling on the jersey as plain as day. If they had not called it, Tampa would have had a huge, and legitimate, reason to complain. Only a sore loser would claim that was a bad call.

  12. hbudgess ,

    Go back and watch the game. That stuff was happening all night. It’s sour grapes for Rodgers to mention it because he had chances to win after the turnovers, but if you didn’t call the handsiness all night from Tampa, don’t call it there. The pass wasn’t in the same zip code even if he didn’t get held.

  13. There were many plays in this game, not just this one. If the Packers had built a lead before this point, we are not having this discussion. It seemed pretty gentle to me too but if you grab the jersey you leave yourself open to calls like this. Time to look to the future. The Packers except for Rogers and Mercedes Lewis are a pretty young team and should be strong for several years. If this opportunity comes up again, don’t wait until the last two minutes to win the game.

  14. Come on Man!! he was yanking the jersey how can he catch the ball?? The right team won today , sorry Erin.

  15. I’m a Packer fan, but I’m not blaming the refs for the loss. Yes, the no-calls were inconsistent, but no team (QB) should advance to the Super Bowl after throwing three picks in the conference championship game. The only way that happens is when the opposing team manages to beat itself, and that’s exactly what happened today. Pettine’s failure to get into a zone D and just prevent that last Tampa score in the first half was as bone-headed as they come. I’m sure Tom Brady is thanking his lucky stars tonight.

  16. Rodgers and Packer fans are silent or say all calls even out when they get calls like this every game then cry like the babies they are when a single call,even a correct call, is not to their liking.

  17. No A Fraud it wasn’t a bad call

    He clearly was pulling his jersey. If it’s that obvious you have to call it.
    There were some other close ones but nothing as obvious as that one

  18. It was PI, he literally switched the undershirt from his right hand to his left, all on camera. They had to call it, anyone remember Rams/Saints??? Of course they had to call THAT PI.

  19. Let the whining begin. Rodgers and Packer fans aren’t used to calls going against them, only in their favor. DON’T PUT YOURSELF IN THAT SITUATION. All calls even out. Isn’t that what Packer fans say when another team gets burned. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.

  20. Call or not, Rodgers woulda choked it away anyway. It’s what he does. He doesn’t have what Brady has. Never did, never will

  21. Hey. I know it hurts bad to come that far and lose. But it’s a terrible look to whine about such a blatant pass interference call. Man up.

  22. The point is that if the referees we’re being consistent they wouldn’t have thrown that flag. Missed calls all day kind but a bad time to get one right.

  23. You pick Brady off on 3 consecutive drives and only manage 1 score while going 3 and out the other 2 times. A pass interference call late doesn’t change the fact that the Packers played like they didn’t want to win. Came out flat and weren’t motivated. Superbowls are for fans, not players. Players don’t really care about the game. They aren’t fans. The Packers window is closed

  24. Complaining about blatant and obvious PI that is correctly called is pathetic.

    Maybe the DB shouldn’t grab a handful of jersey and yank on it in front of the ref in that situation?

  25. 16 years in the league….1 SB appearance (and win) and 1-4 in conference championships

    The other guy 20 seasons….10 SB appearances, 9-4 in conference championships.

    Some guys are winners….some are not.

  26. Saints fan here, so the Bucs are far from my favorite team, but it was a good call. I agree that a lot of penalties went uncalled in favor of both teams. But grabbing the jersey and pulling it to prevent the receiver from getting to the ball is a clear penalty, which if uncalled could have had an effect on the outcome. Don’t like the penalty? Don’t commit it, especially at a crucial moment in the game.

  27. It was literally the first penalty called on the Packers the whole game and he still complains about it. If the guy would have grabbed his jersey and let go immediately, they wouldn’t have made the call. When he holds on like he’s a water skier being pulled by a speed boat, it’s going to get called in every situation. If the call wouldn’t have been made and the Packers came back to win, it would have been considered as bad a no-call as the one between the Saints and Rams a couple years ago.

  28. The Packers LB’s and DB’s literally held our WR’s on every play. That game wasn’t as close as the score was. Too many drops and bad throws by TB12 or it would have been another blowout. AR can keep his worthless MVP trophy.

  29. It was a much better call than kicking a field goal with two minutes left in the game.
    At least this is progress for Rodgers, as he isn’t blaming his coach when his team comes up short.

  30. xxsweepthelegxx says:
    January 24, 2021 at 10:23 pm

    16 years in the league….1 SB appearance (and win) and 1-4 in conference championships

    The other guy 20 seasons….10 SB appearances, 9-4 in conference championships.

    Some guys are winners….some are not


    Some guys are winners….some are LOSERS

  31. again it was pi and oh i think on this play the pack had 12 guys so they could’ve buzzed for that and again let’s see the pick late in the half giving up a 4th and 3 and with 5 seconds left the only place the bucs are going with no timeouts is the endzone so how that guy got beat was beyond me, and oh then the fumble by jones pretty much ended it

  32. He’s right. It was ridiculous to call that after the officials let similar infractions go uncalled all day.

  33. Lucky Tom still thinks he’s the best quarterback. The phantom PI makes him smile.

  34. It’s kind of a moot point. Even if it wasn’t pass interference it was definitely defensive holding. Either way Bucs get a first down.

  35. When Rogers can only muster 6 points off three turnovers complaining about a controversial pi penalty just sound like whining. Best team won.

  36. The guys jersey was pulled back so far you’d think he was getting an atomic wedgie. I hope Rodgers can get a strong team around him. The ball comes off his arm with almost no effort and with so much velocity. So talented.

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