Buccaneers get another takeaway, have 28-17 lead

NFC Championship - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Green Bay Packers
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Jordan Whitehead knows how to force a fumble.

The third-year safety has now gotten Aaron Jones twice in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game. But the second time, the Buccaneers recovered the loose ball.

On the third play of the second half, Aron Rodgers hit Jones with a short pass over the middle. But Whitehead came in with a hard hit to jar the ball out. Devin White picked it up and returned it to Green Bay’s eight-yard line.

Tom Brady sold a hard play-action fake, hitting tight end Cameron Brate with an eight-yard touchdown pass.

This game is starting to look more like Week 6, when the Buccaneers defeated the Packers 38-10. Tampa Bay had a defensive touchdown in that contest and had a fumble returned to the two-yard line.

But the Packers responded quickly, picking up a touchdown on an eight-play, 75-yard drive to narrow the score to 28-17. Rodgers fired an eight-yard scoring strike to tight end Robert Tonyan to cap the possession.

15 responses to “Buccaneers get another takeaway, have 28-17 lead

  1. Rogers (the gloat) has never scored more than 21 in the NFCC game… Might need Jordan Love to get past 21 wall! LoL

  2. tyelee says:
    January 24, 2021 at 5:02 pm
    Rogers (the gloat) has never scored more than 21 in the NFCC game… Might need Jordan Love to get past 21 wall! LoL


    Well this comment didn’t age well.

  3. The Packers OL is losing this game for them. Absolutely dreadful, the worst group on the field. No running game and Rodgers under pressure constantly.

    Rodgers is playing much better than Brady, but his OL is killing their chances.

  4. FIELD GOAL when down 8 with 2 minutes left?!!

    WHAT is LaFleur thinking?!

    That’s two crazy field goal calls in this game. Terrible.

  5. So just like a soap opera Going to be Brady and the Bucs vs Josh and the Bill’s cause Brady and Gronks experience against the Bill’s the NFL will make it as easy as possible for Brady.

  6. Putting the ball in Russell Wilson’s hands to win the Super Bowl is not a dumb play.

    NOT putting the ball in Rodgers’ hands when you’re in goal-to-go and probably won’t get the ball back again is just insane.

    Matt LaFleur, you are guilty of the worst play call in the NFL this year, if not for years.

  7. Do not give a Brady-led team the ball with 2 minutes left. You’re not getting it back

  8. To all of the real Packer fans out there (not the degenerates that regularly post on this site…Phil) I truly feel for you. Being a Vikings fan all I’ve known is the taste of crushing defeats, and it sucks. Rodgers is a transcendent talent…LaFleuer blew it not putting the ball in his hands.

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