Josh Allen: I didn’t perform well enough for this team

AFC Championship - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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Bills quarterback Josh Allen had a splendid season, but he did not have a splendid AFC Championship Game.

Allen went 28-of-48 for 287 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception in the 38-24 loss that sent the Chiefs to the Super Bowl. He also took four snaps and picked up an intentional grounding penalty that illustrated how uncomfortable things looked for Allen on Sunday night.

The quarterbacks’ frustrations were obvious on the field when he threw the ball at Chiefs defensive end Alex Okafor after a sack late in the fourth quarter and said the way things wound up “doesn’t sit well” for him. That’s pretty much the story of a night that Allen would like to forget.

“I didn’t perform well enough for this team . . . We moved the ball well enough. We got down to the red zone but we couldn’t get the ball in the end zone. A couple bad decisions on my part,” Allen said.

Allen said he feels the Bills are close and is “super proud” of how the team performed this season, but it will be a long wait for the start of the 2021 season after a painful ending on Sunday.

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  1. We coached to lose, I don’t fault our players until they lost their heads at the end. Embarrassing finish

  2. I seriously can’t remember the last time I saw a starting QB in the league actually throw the football at his tackler’s facemask after getting rag-dolled to the turf.

    Dude needs to work on maintaining his poise. Obviously he can be made to blow his cool.

    To say that he’s in the same stratosphere with Mahomes is ludicrous.

  3. Josh will be fine.I wish the dolphins had a QB like that. I’m not giving up on Tua….but he better make strides next season

  4. Bad showing by Josh Allen. Reminds of Carson Wentz who played one good season but the Eagles still paid him. The Bills are going to pay Allen and they may end up regretting it.

  5. He was running for ahis life most of the night. His o-line was terrible, and his coaches had some lousy scheme and terrible (or nonexistent) adjustments.

  6. I followed this guy all year, not all games go your way, I have no doubt he will redeem himself when presented opportunity, he’s a bonafied star in this league for years to come, the Chiefs make a lot of teams look bad

  7. Josh, the tuck and run got exposed and showing his true color by throwing ball in defender’s face. Bills are known for dirty and salt which I have ever seen.

  8. All this season was for him was another step. From 50% to 60% to close to 70%.

    Maybe 80% next year?

    He’ll be fine. Learning lesson in this one.

  9. Josh, the tuck and run got exposed and showing his true color by throwing ball in defender’s face. Bills are known for dirty and salty which I have ever seen.

  10. It’s way too early to write off Allen, but really didn’t like how he carried himself this game. Almost every time the camera panned to his face he had this glazed, overwhelmed facial expression. He missed too many makable throws, and then lost his cool towards the end of the game.
    To suggest that he’s nearing the level Mahomes is playing is laughable after this game, the biggest in Josh’s career so far. While Mahomes looked unflappable the whole game, Allen looked and played like a guy who wasn’t ready for the big stage. Great progress year to year, but this is the kind of performance that will leave lingering questions until next year’s playoffs, regardless of how well he plays in the regular season.
    Much like Lamar Jackson, he won’t silence critics until he excels in January.

  11. KC is playoff savvy and they know how to win the big games, which the Bills will learn to do.

  12. The guys at PFF had a good take on the game–Josh Allen and the Bills offense is good when they are playing with a lead. But from behind, he is not the same QB and neither is their offense.

    Compare to Mahomes–Chiefs were behind a few times in the playoffs last year and still came back to win it all. This year, they did get behind 9-0 with a gifted TD to the Bills. Mahomes still could not be stopped for large portions of the game.

    In the end, on the road in a playoff game, the Bills needed to go for 4th downs and go for TDs instead of field goals. They played it safe and had just too much of a deficit when they went for broke. The field go before the half was not worth it, they needed a TD. To beat the Chiefs and that offense, you gotta be aggressive the entire game.

  13. The right side of his line was Swiss cheese all night. Feliciano looked soft the whole game at right guard, including getting punched in the head by Chris Jones late in the game, which tells me that Feliciano had been taking cheap shots.

    The Chiefs recorded ten QB hits on Allen, but it seemed like twenty. And you expect Tyreek Hill to get his chunks of yardage, but doing nothing to contain Travis Kelce is inexcusable by Leslie Frazier.

  14. I thought the 4 best QB’s in the league were playing today. Allen is the youngest, but he’s still improving. He’ll be around for a long time. The Chiefs were a better team today. That’s three championship games in a row for Mahomes. He’s not a lightweight. There’s nothing to hang your head about. They got beat by the world champions. Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay got beat by Tom Brady. There were no losers today. Only winners. Playing NFL QB is probably the toughest thing to do in pro sports. These guys playing today are the best in the world. I’ve seen Roger Staubach get beat by Terry Bradshaw. I’ve seen Dan Marino get beat by Joe Montana. It happens to the best.

  15. Josh Allen plays with huge heart and the fans love him. He’s not done rising. This rivalry is only beginning and I’m psyched for it.

  16. You guys lost to a team with better players at most all positions except maybe Wr Diggs… Then a conservative offensive approach didn’t help at all..

  17. The day was too big for him, but that’s okay. He made some dynamite throws and the season showed that he’s the real deal.

    Just gotta avoid those sacks for 20-yard losses…

    It’s not going to get any easier going forward, with Mahomes at the top, Herbert surging, Lawrence entering the conference, and guys like Mayfield and Jackson likely progressing. This wasn’t a golden opportunity – the Chiefs are clearly better – but I don’t know what the window for the Bills looks like.

  18. He’ll be fine. Chiefs lost their first AFC championship in decades against NE in a gut wrenching fashion, but they learned. Dee Ford didn’t learn, but the Chiefs did. I have no doubts they’ll bounce back stronger, they’re built for sustainable success. The moment was just too big this time. But now they know what it takes. Looking forward to this potential mini rivalry in years to come.

  19. I’m not a Bills fan but followed Allen as he was my fantasy QB. Based on more than just this game, I think he is the real deal. The Chiefs did a great job in coverage this game against the Bills WRs. On the other hand, the Bills couldn’t cover Kelce or Hill. Maybe I’m biased but that looked to me like the difference maker, not the QBs, which actually says a lot for Allen because Mahomes is top notch.

  20. Bills were outplayed and significantly outcoached. The Chiefs are now veterans of big games and have the most potent offense in the league. The Bills needed to be more aggressive and skip the field goals. Only touchdowns can beat the Chiefs at home in January.

  21. I dont like the actions, but i do like the passion. I’ve been an Allen fan from the start. I think he has all the tools and he is in the right situation.

    They are tweak here or there and a player, perhaps an elite LT away. Thats not a bad thing to be.

  22. Get some defensive players and dont be a punk by tossing the football at the opposing players head.

  23. I guess nobody wants to give the Chiefs secondary any credit? They basically won the game. The Bills have arguably the best receiving corps in the NFL and the Chiefs players were blanketing them most of the evening. The problem with the Bills is they need balance. They never really ran the ball well consistently all season.

  24. Putting up FG’s in the red zone instead of TD’s hurt (twice). Having a glimmer of hope and losing their heads was a killer. All should have been cognizant of the situation regardless of whether Allen was tackled after the whistle. Don’t toss the ball at the defender, don’t push or bull rush anyone, get back to the huddle and get ready for the next play.

    All in all, the Chiefs were just the better team all the way around. As a Bills fan it sucks, but I feel this team has a window that just now opened a d it’s been a while since Bills fans could say that with confidence

  25. Shows he’s a punk with no class throwing the ball at an opposing players helmet after a sack

  26. He showed a lot of immaturity yesterday. Besides losing his cool and throwing the ball at the defenders head, he made some really questionable plays, maybe 4-5 of them.

    There is no doubt he has talent and progressed this year. That progression is not always linear, however. Theres no guarantee hes better next year, or even plays this well.

    Finally, when do the Bills pay him? That was year 3 of 4 on his contract, hes not making anywhere near his value. He makes 6 million, he should be making 35-40 and Buffalo has 2.5 million in cap space for 2021 as of today. So, do they kick the can down the road another year and make him play for 6? Or do they reshuffle the team and pay him what hes worth?

    The Bills do have a lot of cap space in 2022. But they only have 25 players currently under contract then so there is going to be quite a bit of turnover.

  27. Allen just flipped it at the guy’s face – come on, people it was no big deal. He needs to know when a play is over. He refuses to get sacked when it is hopeless. Roethlisberger used to do that & all it does is tick off D linemen & get you hurt.

  28. Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills will be fine. They had a great season and no one would be surprised if there is a re-match in next year’s AFC championship game. Sure, Allen looked a little shell-shocked but the Chiefs can do that to teams.

  29. A lot of laughable comments here. Allen had almost zero protection the entire game, and no QB can operate successfully under constant pressure. Credit to the Chiefs.

  30. “Allen just flipped it at the guy’s face – come on, people it was no big deal. He needs to know when a play is over. He refuses to get sacked when it is hopeless. Roethlisberger used to do that & all it does is tick off D linemen & get you hurt.”

    Thanks for a rational perspective. People are talking like he dove for a guy’s knee or something.

    Last night was just a learning experience. We’ve seen a lot of greats go through those early in their career. Today, typically, is hot take city.

  31. Worst part was losing his cool late when, at least theoretically, they still had shot to come back. Weird play because it sure looked like he could have probably thrown the ball away. Maybe wouldn’t have gotten it near a receiver or past the line of scrimmage but worth a try when you’re going to take a 15-yard sack otherwise.

  32. Most of these comments are pretty spot on. Too conservative putting points up, no excuse for
    Kelce running free all night, period. Zone defense has been soft all season – but that is on coaching. Bottom line is that Bills have ZERO run game. Singletary is a bust. He’s soft hitting the line. If Buffalo gets a half decent stud run game to throw some balance into the offense, Allen and the Bills will a the top of the league for some years to come.

  33. I don’t think he has anything to apologize for. It’s not like he was terrible. The Chiefs were just better and when they’re on I don’t know who can beat them. The Bills will be just fine with Allen. I like his fire. He’ll learn from this experience and be better for it.

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