Patrick Mahomes: Great experience to face Tom Brady

NFL: NOV 29 Chiefs at Buccaneers
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Tom Brady was the last quarterback to start in back-to-back Super Bowl wins, but Patrick Mahomes will be trying to change that in Tampa on February 7.

Kansas City’s 38-24 win over the Bills put them in the Super Bowl for the second straight season. The Buccaneers and Brady are standing in their way after a 31-26 win over the Packers made them the NFC champions for this seasons.

After the Chiefs outlasted the Bills, Mahomes said he’s looking forward to facing the six-time Super Bowl winner and threw in a quip about Brady’s age.

“Being able to go up against the one of the greatest, if not the greatest, quarterback of all-time in his 150th Super Bowl is gonna be a great experience for me,” Mahomes said.

It’s actually Brady’s 10th Super Bowl, which still gives him an edge over Mahomes as the Chiefs quarterback heads into his second championship round. He won in his first visit, however, and the Bucs will be trying to make sure the sailing isn’t as smooth this time.

10 responses to “Patrick Mahomes: Great experience to face Tom Brady

  1. That’s not throwing a ‘quip’ about Brady’s age.
    It’s Mahomes acknowledging Brady’s ridiculous playoff accomplishments.
    This is needless pot stirring in a match up that doesn’t need contrived drama.

  2. The Bucs need to do whatever they have to to slow down Tyreek Hill. Not an easy task obviously, but that’s a key. Mahomes is looking like he’d prefer not to run with that toe bothering him. It will take their best game, and it helps that they’ll be at home.

  3. Mahomes is a beast, fun to watch, and a likable player. It’s going to be a great game. May the best team prevail!

  4. It’s strange that more teams don’t do what Belichick always did against the Chiefs: double Hill and remove him from the game. Yes, that means Kelce will put up yards, but Hill can literally score a TD on every play. He’s that fast and talented, putting aside his legal and character issues.
    Kelce can’t do that.
    I think Mahomes is phenomenal and great to have this match up. Brady is absolutely the unquestioned GOAT and his feats will never be matched. Mahomes and Reid are a pretty good #2 to Brady and Belichick, if they keep this up for 18 more years.
    But we’ll see how good they are in 3 years when Mahomes’ salary means they have to get rid of 2 All Pros on the current roster. This offense firepower will not last.

  5. Mahomes really needs this. This is the last year of a rookie deal cap hit (5m). Next year its 24m, year after 30m, year after 40m.

    I think he has an outside shot to catch Brady if he wins this year and is 4 superbowls behind. There’s no chance if he loses and goes 6 behind

  6. It’s a remarkable fear that Brady is 43 and back in the super bowl. I honestly didn’t think he could do it in his first year with a new team. This’ll be a Brady vs. Mahomes matchup from the 2018 AFC championship game. Maybe not in Brady’s mind, but I’m sure Mahomes hasn’t forgotten losing in OT in dramatic fashion. I look for Mahomes to make a statement and prove that he deserves to start being in the conversation of the all time greatest QBs in NFL history.

  7. This is where Belichick may be missed. On route to winning SB 53 over the Rams 13-3 (the second of two Super Bowl contests against the Rams in which Brady produced only 1 TD), the Patriots twice defeated Mahomes. The fact these were both shootouts disguised the fact the defense kept Mahomes behind early, 24-6 after the first half of the regular season matchup and 14-0 after the first half of the AFCCG.

  8. Bellichick’s plan to slow Mahomes and KC worked when Patrick had started 18 games. 18 GAMES And the pats won when KC had ZERO DEF in 2018 AND jumped offsides (KC got rid of that guy). ONLY reason they won in 2018 but it’s another world this time like when they played this year, KC basically stopped scoring in the 2nd Q when they knew it was over. KC will win about 40-7 … though the BUC will score 3 TD’s in the late part of the 4th Q so it will seem closer but they’ll get the 28th point with 1 second left to go.

  9. Both defenses turned in very good performances and were key to their victories. Interesting Super Bowl.

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