Report: Duce Staley asks Eagles to let him out of his contract

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Duce Staley interviewed for the Eagles’ head coaching job in 2016 before they hired Doug Pederson. He interviewed for the offensive coordinator position in 2018 before the Eagles hired Mike Groh. He interviewed for the head coaching job earlier this month before the Eagles hired Nick Sirianni.

Staley now is asking something of the Eagles.

John Clark of NBC Sports Philadelphia reports Staley has asked for the Eagles to let him out of his contract so he might go elsewhere.

The Bears have interest in adding Staley to their staff. The Eagles can block Staley from leaving if it’s a lateral move.

Staley, 45, played for the Eagles from 1997-2003 and joined the team’s coaching staff in 2011. He has served on the staffs of Andy Reid, Chip Kelly and Pederson.

He worked alongside Bears head coach Matt Nagy for two seasons.

10 responses to “Report: Duce Staley asks Eagles to let him out of his contract

  1. EB will leave the Chiefs, the Chiefs will bring Staley in as OC and then he’ll be made HC after a year.

  2. Cue those who say “he has time on his contract! He’s just whining because he didn’t get to choose his head coach!”

    This is the issue with interviewing internal candidates. On the surface, it looks like a great gesture, and in some cases it’s simply to comply with the Rooney Rule. But you’re also telling these coaches who have been with the team for a long time that they have hit their ceiling within the franchise.

  3. knew this was going to happen as soon as they hired another hc. i really wanted him to get hired this time. i dont blame him though. i mean you pay your dues as a player and coach for a team then you get passed up for a hc position…twice…and a oc position. time to cut the duce loose.

  4. There is no reason Duce Staley should be head coach of this team. If the goal of this hire is to “fix” Carson Wentz, there is absolutely nothing in his resume that suggests he can do that, being an average RB coach. He is a popular figure in Eagles history, but that is it. Anyone who thinks he’s good enough to be a HC is just wrong, and anyone who thinks he has earned the chance at HC because he’s “put in his dues” has no idea how businesses work.

  5. If the coaching overhaul is any indication of how the offseason will go for the roster, no one should feel safe.

  6. jimmylikesthat says:
    January 24, 2021 at 4:22 pm
    Is Lane still having more fun in Philly?
    lotsa fun in Philly, to answer your question, not any less than he’d be having if he was in New England, they suck too…and it’s way colder. aka the new old Buffalo, how ’bout them Bills? The new ones.

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