Report: Texans want second interviews with Eric Bieniemy, Leslie Frazier

Atlanta Falcons v Kansas City Chiefs
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Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy and Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier will square off in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

They may also be squaring off for the head coaching job in Houston.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Texans are expected to request second interviews with both men. They could both speak to the Texans after Sunday’s game, but only the coach from the losing team could be hired before the Super Bowl is played.

Schefter adds that both coaches have begun talking to prospective members of their staffs.

Frazier has previous head coaching experience with the Vikings while Bieniemy has interviewed for several openings in recent years. His initial absence from the list of Texans interviews was cited as an issue for quarterback Deshaun Watson, but his late entry into the mix doesn’t appear to have hamstrung his chances of getting the job.

16 responses to “Report: Texans want second interviews with Eric Bieniemy, Leslie Frazier

  1. Love to see Bieniemy get he job and coach this team to the AFC South title his first year – WITHOUT WATSON at QB! #tiredofthedrama

  2. I’d love to see Eric Bieniemy get the job, swing a trade with Detroit for Mathew Stafford and get rid of Watson. They are the built to win now and Mathew can bring that stability to the organization.

  3. I assume this is to placate Deshaun Watson.
    In any case, I’m glad they got the interviews.

  4. The owner is clueless and deceitful, the star QB wants out, the roster is full of holes, they traded away their prime draft picks, the cap situation is a mess, and the defense is a dumpster fire. I respect Bieniemy too much to wish this job on him.

  5. So did Watson recommend Frazier too, I mean he would seem to fit the profile of a coach he would want, if you know what I mean.

  6. If I’m Bieniemy I’m sticking in KC for another year and waiting for a better situation than the McNair-Easterby mess. Better to do it right than do it fast.

  7. Too little, too late. Watson is gone b/c you simply couldn’t do something elementary in living up to your word.

  8. EB better turn down the job if he doesnt really want the job. cuz…if i were a betting man… i would put anything i own on the texans hiring EB. They gotta kiss ass to make watson happy. besides old les has a less than .500 record as a hc. Either way the texans should have their first African American HC. God help them if they hire a white one at the last minute

  9. These guys should pass on this job. With Watson traded, any HC would be set up to fail – it’s not like they were thriving with Watson at QB. With a liar like Easterby running the organization, it is doomed to fail – no integrity starts at the top.

  10. Chiefs fan in LA says:
    January 24, 2021 at 12:33 pm
    i hope they take EB… the extra draft picks will help the chiefs

    Ummmm that’s not how this works.

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