Tom Brady is now 3-1 when throwing three interceptions in a playoff game

NFC Championship - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Green Bay Packers
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Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady played in his 44th playoff game on Sunday. For the fourth time, Brady threw three interceptions in a single-elimination setting.

He’s 3-1 in those four games.

All of Sunday’s picks came after Tampa Bay had built a 28-10 lead, allowing the Packers to make it extremely interesting down the stretch.

Brady’s first three-pick playoff game came in the 2006 divisional round against the Chargers; Marlon McCree’s fumble of Brady’s final interception gave the Pats a chance to steal the game, 24-21. The Patriots lost the next week to the Colts in the AFC Championship.

Brady’s second three-interception playoff game happened the following year, in a 21-12 win over the Chargers for a berth in Super Bowl XLII. The win made New England 18-0; they lost (as you may have heard) to the Giants.

Brady’s only loss in a three-pick game came in 2009, when Brady and the Patriots were blown out at home by the Ravens, 33-14.

Sunday’s interceptions from Brady came on three consecutive second-half drives. Each were his fault. The first one came when he sailed the ball toward a tightly-covered Mike Evans. The ball hung in the air long enough for safety Adrian Amons to run over to the ball and catch it. The second came on a high-throw in field-goal range to an open Evans. The ball went off the receiver’s hands, and cornerback Jaire Alexander made the pick.

The last came when Brady rushed the throw to avoid taking a blitz from safety Darnell Savage. The pass to Evans, both short of the mark and too high, was caught by Alexander.

Yes, the Buccaneers still won. Yes, Brady has gotten to a Super Bowl in his first year as a non-Patriot. Still, the mistakes easily could have cost Tampa Bay a win. But for the defense stiffening — and a questionable decision by the Packers to kick a late field goal in lieu of playing for the tie when down eight — things could have gone very differently.

17 responses to “Tom Brady is now 3-1 when throwing three interceptions in a playoff game

  1. Eh, 3 picks are 3 picks but they weren’t all that bad. Shouldn’t be throwing that much with a lead that big IMO. First one was BAD, easy can’t do that, but the ripped one, whatevs, and the 3rd was 3rd and long, out of FG range and the corner had a free run at him so Brady tossed it up deep, essentially acted as a punt field position wise.

    In the end, he made enough good throws to outweigh the bad ones.

    He’ll definitely have to clean it up to have a chance to beat Mahomes. Chiefs made scoring 38 look easy. Need Ronald Jones to have a strong run game to neutralize Mahomes time on the field.

  2. The defense carried Brady to the SB. The defense will need to play even better to win it all.

  3. After all the drops and picks off deflections the Bucs receivers have committed this postseason they better play the game of their lives vs Kansas City.

  4. Second-half Brady looked more like a cross between Christian Ponder and Spergon Wynn. I can’t remember the last time I saw a quarterback play that bad. Threw it up for grabs on each interception, was ridiculously inaccurate, and even threw that third down screen pass straight into the dirt immediately after I received the snap. Only the ineptness of the Packers prevented the Bucs from losing that game.

  5. Meanwhile Aaron Rodgers is 1-4 in Championship games, and his only win was against a backup, but he did win another individual award

  6. Please, these INTs are way overrated. The last one was 3rd and 2 from his own 48. An unblocked Safety came rushing in and Brady just heaved it down the field. As good as a punt. Big deal. The one over the middle to Evans was high, but Evans got his hands on it. He was not closely covered. He was open. The usual much ado about nothing. Brady won 3 road games to go to his 9th SBowl at home. Please just shut up. If you want to criticize a QB, I suggest you go after the guy in the green jersey, whom everyone thinks is so good.

  7. If Brady throws 3 picks in the next game they will lose and he’ll be 3-2 when throwing 3 picks in a playoff game.

  8. For a minute there I thought the Bucs had Jameis back in at QB. Those were Jameis-esque picks. It just shows even the GOAT can have a bad half of football. But he was so good in the first half, he did his job. And as is always the most likely outcome with #12, he was the winner.

  9. If anything, it makes it all the more impressive. There are quarterbacks that still lose games with good defenses, after throwing three picks. Let’s not forget that he got them an 18-point lead to begin with. Rodgers has thrown eight interceptions in six NFC championship games, and Brady now has just as many NFC championship wins as Brees and Rodgers.

  10. The last pick was Brady’s fault for chucking the ball downfield when he thought he was going to get blasted. The 1st two picks were on the receivers. How many dropped balls were there today- close to double digits? Btw- does Leftwich not have a 2nd-half game plan, ever? Todd Bowles- you don’t have to blitz on every play, especially when up 28-10…

  11. Like others have said, these three picks weren’t too bad. The first was basically a 30 yard punt one down early. The second barely missed Evans. The third was a 30 yard punt. None were thrown in a situation that gave the defender high return potential.

    A big part of Tom’s success has been amazing decision making and situational awareness, which can deflate passing stats while simultaneously leading to W’s. I’ve noticed that the Bucs this year have liked to throw deep on third down VERY often whenever they are not in FG range, even third and short. It seems crazy at first and has annoyed me personally at times. But when you consider it may be complete for a big gain, may draw PI for a big gain, or may be intercepted for opponent field position only slightly better than a punt, the data may point to it being a good decision compared to running a play designed solely to pick up the 1st.

    At any rate, to suggest that Brady’s consistent results over 20 years comes down to luck would be naive.

  12. This has to be the first time a team with 3 picks(on consecutive possessions)in the second half has won a conference championship. Or a playoff game, for that matter.

  13. Brady’s 3 consecutive series INT’s was bad.

    Rodgers only producing 6 points off those 3 Brady INT’s provided to him by the Packer defense is worse (amazingly, Packer fans are blaming the defense and the coaching staff for the loss).

    Brady was only given 2 turnovers by the Packers (Rodgers INT and Jones fumble), yet netted 14 points.

    Brady delivered when it counted. Rodgers, not so much.

  14. Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers in his 9 career playoff losses has thrown 20 TDs and 10 INTs with a passer rating of 90.9 and he has the NFL’s longest string of consecutive multiple passing TD playoff games (9 in a row).

  15. “A big part of Tom’s success has been amazing decision making and situational awareness, which can deflate passing stats while simultaneously leading to W’s.”


    I see what you did there.

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