Brady makes third Super Bowl since turning 40, which no other QB has done once

NFC Championship - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Green Bay Packers
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Tom Brady is the oldest quarterback ever to lead his team to the Super Bowl. And the second-oldest. And the third-oldest.

The 43-year-old Brady will start for the Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV, making it the 10th Super Bowl of his career — and the third since turning 40. Brady made the Super Bowl with the Patriots at age 41 and age 40 as well.

No other quarterback in NFL history has started a Super Bowl past the age of 40. The next-oldest quarterback to start a Super Bowl was Peyton Manning, who was 39 when he won a Super Bowl with the Broncos in the final game of his career. Brady also made the Super Bowl when he was 39, so four of the five oldest quarterbacks to start a Super Bowl are Tom Brady.

When Manning got to the Super Bowl at age 39, he was a shell of his former self. Brady is still playing at a high level. It shouldn’t surprise anyone if Brady is back in the Super Bowl at age 44. Or age 45.

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  1. Amazing to think, looking at, say, Mahomes and the talent he is surrounded by right now, that Brady essentially made it to the Super Bowl with several entirely different teams over the course of his Patriots tenure. For someone like Mahomes to approach Brady’s legacy – and I can’t think of anyone in a better position to do so – he would likely have to “outlive” several generations of his own teammates.

  2. Brady is a shell of himself as well. Just had 3 INTs in his last game. Bucs have an embarrassment of riches at their skilled positions. Brady put up nice numbers but a prime Brady or drop a prime passer and he will throw for near 60.

  3. If you haven’t yet let go of your angst and vitriol towards Brady (and for some, they just can’t), then at this point, that’s just something you need to reconcile with yourself.

    There is no comparison, nothing left to debate. It’s over.

  4. Brady is a shell of himself as well. Just had 3 INTs in his last game.

    Like the earlier post said, the G.O.A.T is 3-1 in games with 3 interceptions.

  5. Are we still having the who’s better Brady or Manning debate? How about taking Rodgers over Brady is you’re starting a team debate? Still think Montana was better even though he couldn’t get it done once he left San Fran? Yea it’s a done deal Brady is the greatest player who’s ever played the game. Yes THE GREATEST PLAYER NOT JUST QUARTERBACK

  6. 43 and the best is yet to come. Go Bucs.

  7. The number of QBs that have made it 3 times in a career is short. And Brady has done it 3 times since 40… he’s just insane. It’s going to hurt watching him play well for another team :/

  8. I didn’t realize Elway wasn’t 40 back in the day. It’s absolutely amazing what Brady has done. So much so that they should almost remove the 5 year Canton wait for him when he retires.

  9. I think it may be wise for Patrick Mahomes to invest in Tom Brady’s method of work out. Plyometrics is it?

  10. That ferocious defense carried Brady to the SB. Tampa defense demolished Brees, Rodgers, and looks poised to demolish Mahomes without his starting LT.

  11. Brady’s amazing but he also benefits from playing in an era where QBs can’t be hit and have better access to supplements and training methods.

  12. How many coaches would have developed Brady like Belichick did?

    1. 6th round compensatory draft pick. Pats didn’t need a QB but Bill was surprised Brady was still available.

    2. Bill normally keeps 2 QBs. He kept 4 Brady’s rookie year and didn’t expose him to the practice squad despite being 4th on the depth chart.

    3. Bill is fond of the Wally Pipp story. The Yankee who sat out a game that gave Lou Gehrig his chance. He reminded Wes Welker of Pipp during a preseason game that Welker sat out and Edelman, a 7th round draft pick, took a punt to the house. No other Head Coach would have replaced Bledsoe with Brady at that stage of Brady’s development. When Brady couldn’t play in 2001’s AFCCG and Bledsoe won it in Pittsburgh, Belichick still started Brady in the Super Bowl.

    4. Belichick personally taught Brady defensive keys and reads during one on one film sessions.

    5. Brady is super competitive, a hard worker and smart. But don’t think for a second that Brady didn’t internalize the Pipp story, his replacing Bledsoe and that it could happen to him as well.

    Brady’s the goat and Bill had a lot to do with his development. Next time Arians takes credit for coaching Brady right, I’ll look askance.

  13. He played like garbage 3 ints in a row opened the door for gb, but the fan boys and media are fawning over him like he wins games alone. it’s a team game give his former and current team the respect they deserve .

  14. surran70065 says:
    January 25, 2021 at 6:13 pm
    Brady is a shell of himself as well. Just had 3 INTs in his last game.

    Like the earlier post said, the G.O.A.T is 3-1 in games with 3 interceptions. More proof he doesn’t win games alone as the fanboys and media portray they won in spite of him not because of him.

  15. 10 Super Bowls. WOW! That is other worldly when you think about it. To put more dimension on the chicken v egg aspect of it. Tampa Bay record 1 year before Brady: 7W-9L. Tampa Bay one year later with Brady:11W-5L, NFC Champs & Super Bowl! NE Patriots Brady’s last year: 12W-4L and close loss in AFC semi finals. NE Patriots one year after Brady departure: 7W-9L. And on to the Draft Lottery! So to 80/20 this: it was 80% Brady and 20% Belichick during that remarkable dynasty IMO. The Buccaneers became the Patriots with Brady. The Patriots became the Buccaneers without him!

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