Duce Staley joining Lions coaching staff

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Duce Staley asked the Eagles to let him out of his contract so that he could pursue coaching opportunities with other teams and it didn’t take him long to land one.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that Staley will be the assistant head coach and running backs coach with the Lions. He held the same titles with the Eagles the last three seasons.

Staley was on the Eagles’ staff for 10 years overall. He also played 10 seasons in the NFL after the Eagles made him a third-round pick in 1997.

The Lions are expected to hire Anthony Lynn as the offensive coordinator on Dan Campbell’s first staff in Detroit.

14 responses to “Duce Staley joining Lions coaching staff

  1. with Aaron Glenn the DC looks like we are getting a bunch of coaches hungary to move up to the next level….yeah that won’t work for us (never does or has)

  2. What the Lions are doing is incredible. Hope it translates to the field as well as it looks on paper.

  3. The Lions are pulling some prime coaching talent this offseason, and that’s with a huge question mark at QB? Looks like the Chris Spielman addition is already paying dividends.

  4. This is a good move. He is the longest serving member of the coaching staff in Philly, players love him.

    For him to take a step sideward says a lot about what’s going on in Detroit at the moment because he had been interviewing for OC positions, so to get Deuce is a huge get.

    It’s starting to look a lot like NOT the same old Lions.

  5. Wish you were either the hc or the oc of the eagles. What in God’s name does Laurie see in Howie. Going to miss Duce. Good luck in Detroit.

  6. Wow another offseason of hope, lets hope this time it finally pans out as wins on the field. Not like M&M, Caldwell, Schwartz, Patricia, Quin ect…ect… once again Lions fans are excited about coaches and draft while Tampa and KC are getting ready to play in the Superbowl. We can only hope, dream and pray we will experience before we all die

  7. We will miss you in Philly. You would’ve gotten a huge ovation if you got the HC job here. Guy is all heart and passion for the game. Good luck Duce!

  8. Duce did not get the serious consideration that he should have gotten for promotion in Philadelphia. He is a good coach and more importantly, a leader of men. Don’t know why he accepted a lateral position in Detroit, except that maybe it was late in this year’s coaching carousel. Detroit is getting a good coach, and I wish him the best there.

  9. Lions fans should be happy with this hire. As an Eagles fan, seeing Duce on the sidelines always gave a feeling of comfort and confidence. WTF, Philly front office.

  10. What you hear is many Eagles fans remembering how hard he played… But really not sure what he did for the offense as a coach. Short memories of the games when in crunch time Duece’s controversial rotation of RBs had left key players on the sidelines. It WAS an issue here in Philly on multiple occasions. But I’m sure I’ll get some negative votes from the short memory fans. Good luck Duece.

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